13 Game Day Dippers

13 Game Day Dippers for the ULTIMATE game day experience! Chicken strips, pizza twists, mini corn dogs and so much more! Something for every one!

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13 Game Day Dippers for the ULTIMATE game day experience! Chicken strips, pizza twists, mini corn dogs and so much more! Something for every one! // Mom On Timeout


I think kids are born with the innate desire to dip. Chicken nuggets. French fries. Bread sticks. Yes, even carrots.

I think most of us never grow out of that phase. I personally think everything is better with a dip. Something cool. Something spicy. A little something extra that adds so much to the dipper. Today I’m sharing 13 recipes that are made for dipping! Each one is a personal favorite and is made even better with dip!

Now for the dip! Heluva Good! Dips are found in the dairy aisle of the supermarket and are made with real sour cream and flavorful spices with flavors including French Onion, Bacon Horseradish and Jalapeno Cheddar – yum!

After whipping up all these amazing recipes, it’s nice to be able to make things easy with Heluva Good! Dips. I know my family loves the bold flavors and I love that they are made without oil and water – so good!

To really wow your guests on game day, give one of these snack stadiums a try! A snack stadium is the ultimate game day entertaining experience and every snack stadium starts with a really good dip.  I love to make it easy with Heluva Good! Dips. Cause, ya know, I gots other things to do :)

Check out these fun snack stadiums from Heluva Good! Dips!

Visit HeluvaGood.com for full product info and to find out where you can buy Heluva Good! dips in your neighborhood!

Now I think I mentioned something about a giveaway… How does a $250 American Express Gift Card sound? I know, so exciting!

Entering is easy!  Leave a comment below letting me know which game day snack is your favorite and let me know which flavor of Heluva Good! Dips you think would go best with your snack. Easy, right? The giveaway ends January 27, 2017 so enter today!   ***GIVEAWAY CLOSED*** Winner is Comment #62

Time to check out my favorite game day dippers! I’d love to know which is your favorite!


Honey BBQ Chicken Strips

Buffalo Wing Pretzel Sticks

Cheesy Bacon Ranch Bread

Poppy Seed Pretzel Dogs

Sriracha Almond Crusted Chicken Strips

Mini Corn Dogs

Pepperoni Pizza Twists

Baked Mozzarella Sticks

Baked Beef Flautas

Philly Cheese Steak Potato Skins

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Teriyaki Bites

Rosemary Buttermilk Ranch Chicken Skewers

Spiral Wrapped Sausages on a Stick


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Have a great day!

 Disclosure: This blog post was sponsored by Heluva Good! Dips! but the opinions are all my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Mom On Timeout possible!


  1. My favorite snack is potato chips. I would serve them with Heluva Good Ranch dip

  2. I love Sriracha Almond Crusted Chicken Strips and Heluva Good! French onion Dips would be great to go with it.

  3. Poppy Seed Pretzel Dogs have my name written all over them. I would smother them with the Jalapeno Cheese dip. Sinful!

  4. carol clark says:

    Buffalo Wings are great jalapeno cheddar dip is what i use i love it on nachos im weird with taste so i like peanut butter and pickles but never had any when pregant go figure

  5. Baked Beef Flautas with Helluva Good Jalapeno Cheddar would be soo good…wish I had some right now

  6. kathy donley says:

    French onion dip with hot wings

  7. Amy Orvin says:

    My favorite game day snack is potato chip. I think the French Onion Heluva Good! Dip would go best with that.

  8. JoeyfromSC says:

    The honey bbq chicken strips look AMAZING!!! My fave HELUVA GOOD dip is french onion!! SO delicious!!

    Thanks for the chance!!!

    Joey J.

  9. Deborah Beyer says:

    I make killer beef brisket sliders with carmelized onions and provolone cheese on hawaiian rolls and use Heluva Good Bacon Horseradish dip as a spread instead of mayo or mustard. People beg me to make these for game-day gatherings or any gathering for that matter. I also stir in your horseradish dip into the au jus and serve that as dipper for the sliders. I would love to share recipe if anyone is interested. Thanks for the opportunity to win $250! I have tried and love all Heluva Good Dip flavors! Go Packers Go!!! 💚💛💚💛💚

  10. Heluva onion is awesome with pretzel chips.i also think it would be good with the buffalo pretzels.

  11. Our family loves wings on game day and I think the French onion dip would be yummy with them!

  12. Hi! My favorite is definitely Bacon Wrapped Chicken Teriyaki Bites yum yum and more yum. Can’t get enuf girl. Thanks for all your great sharing! Jami

  13. love potato skins stuffed and baked/grilled in all forms…reckon the Bacon Horseradish dip woul be a great accompaniment

  14. The buttermilk ranch chicken skewers would be divine with Heluva French onion dip!

  15. Lisa Peterson says:

    Hi there, I have a problem with your website. When I want a recipe, I will click on print. Then when the window comes down to print and I click on it, it goes back to the website page so it will not print it. I have talked to AOL and Support.com and they all say it is your problem. I would love it if you can figure it out and fix it. I want some of your recipes. If you need to you can call me at 1-801-224-9125. I will be glad to work through this with you. Hope this makes you aware of the problem.
    Thanks so much,
    Lisa Peterson

  16. My favorite game day snack is Chicken wings and I would love to try them with Heluva Jalepeno Cheddar dip.

  17. Peter Mathis says:

    French Onion on Ritz!

  18. I love an assortment of fresh veggies and a tub of each kind of dips: Heluva Bacon Horseradish, Heluva Jalapeño Cheddar, and Heluva French Onion!

  19. Betty Saboe says:

    My favorite is the Honey BBQ chicken strips. Would use the Heluva French onion dip with chips.

  20. Spiral Wrapped Sausages on a Stick with Jalapeno Cheddar Dip! Yum!

  21. We love taquitos and taco bites to snack on and the jalapeño cheddar or Siracha dip would be fantastic with them

  22. Spiral Wrapped Sausages on a Stick with White Cheddar & Bacon dip. Thank you so much for offering such a great giveaway!

  23. We do alot of wings , love the Bacon Horseradish !

  24. We do alot of wings , luv the Bacon Horseradish !

  25. Barb Pulido says:

    baked mozzarella sticks, like the bacon horseradish dip.

  26. I would go with potato chips and French onion dip.

  27. Wendy Browne says:

    I LOVE their French Onion dip and would like to try your baked mozzarella sticks with it.

  28. Oh those Baked Beef Flautas look so yummy! I have never made flautas before. I have to try these! They would go so well with the jalapeno cheddar dip!!! That would be great with oven baked chicken nachos too!

  29. I like to make a bread bowl with spinach dip. I would use the Buttermilk Ranch dip.

  30. Kim Henrichs says:

    Oh my gosh the pretzel dogs for sure!! I would love to have their French Onion on hand because it’s so good and goes with so many things.

  31. I like the onion dip with my chips and the honey bbq chicken looks yummy.. Your making me want all of it..

  32. oh boy everything looks good. I’m not a good cook and I think I could make some of these. I think I would try the chicken teriyaki bites and the corn dogs look to be my favorite… I also like the onion dip.

  33. I like onion dip with fresh veggies like carrots, celery, but I have to say the almond crusted chicken looks very nice. I think I would make that and make honey mustard to eat with it..

  34. Debbie Welchert says:

    Our favorite game day snack are hot wings served with bacon horseradish dip. Yummy!

  35. Rebecca Drake says:

    Pretzels with French onion! Yum!

  36. Philly cheese steak stuffed potatoe skins with Bacon horseradish dip. Fabulous!

  37. Meg Marchand says:

    My favorite game day snack are Tex Mex egg rolls. I think the jalapeño cheddar dip would be perfect with it! I’m going to your pepperoni twists this superbowl!

  38. I have always likes onion dip but boy these snack look good. I think I need to try out the mini corn dogs they look really good and dip them in mustard. oh yeah I’m going to the store…. thanks for sharing these great ideas.

  39. Tracie Cooper says:

    I love fried cheese sticks with French Onion dip!

  40. I like tortilla chips, and I’d serve them with the Jalapeno Cheddar dip!

  41. Angela Paris says:

    The almond crusted chicken tenders look amazing!!

  42. Your Mini Corn Dogs look great, and I’d try them with Sharp Cheddar dip!

  43. Erma shrock says:

    Plain Prato chips with French onion sour cream dip.

  44. Mozzarella Sticks with French Onion Dip

  45. New to you site. Thanks for all the great recipes. I’m going to make a few of these for game day at my house!

  46. Taquitos would go well with the Jalapeno Cheddar dip.

  47. Nicole Vosburgh says:

    The cheesy bacon ranch bread looks perfect for our Super Bowl party! We’d love the French Onion dip!

  48. jeremy mclaughlin says:

    Would make wings and would like to try the french onion dip with it.

  49. Those Philly Steak potato skins look amazing! I will try those with the Bacon Horseradish dip!

  50. I love chips on game day and I think they would go great with french onion dip.

  51. Lyndsey R. says:

    Well this is a hard choice but I would have to say the Cheesy Bacon Ranch Bread would pair really well with the jalapeno cheddar dip. Yummy!

  52. Christina Z says:

    I love the Bacon Wrapped Chicken Teriyaki Bites & I think the Heluva Good Bacon Horseradish would go great with it! I can’t wait to try it!

  53. I like cheddar dip and french onion dip. I want to try out the mini corn dog and the baked mozzarella sticks but everything look good.

  54. So many good ones but I like the looks of the cheesy ranch bread – yum!

  55. My favorite game day snack is chips and pretzels and I think onion dip with taste delicious with that.

  56. Vicky Thornton says:

    Mmmmmm!, all super yummy, but I would dip Triscuits (Thin Crisps so I could have more of them!) into the Heluva Good Bacon Horseradish Dip and top with an extra piece of bacon and a little tomato! Doesn’t that sound like a great combo? I could eat appetizers & dips for dinner so I love your Game Day recipes!

  57. Rachel Travis says:

    I love french onion dip for potato chips! YUM!

  58. I love ranch dip with chicken wings or veggies. It’s not fancy but its delicious and my family enjoys them.

  59. I am all about the cheesy bacon ranch Bread. Love that combo and can’t wait to try the recipe.

  60. I love soft pretzels and I could totally put the bacon horseradish sauce with it! YUM!

  61. Heather B says:

    Pepperoni Pizza Twists with Jalapeno Cheddar sounds delish!

  62. LOVE that jalapeno dip! and want to dip all the things

  63. Samantha Murch says:

    That cheesy bacon ranch bread looks amazing! Thanks for the recipes! They all look good!

  64. Deborah Beyer says:

    Heluva Good French Onion on loaded potato skins! Yum!

  65. Jackie Reini says:

    The cheesy bacon ranch bread sounds awesome, and I would love to try the bacon horseradish dip…YUM!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  66. For a special snack, I love homemade pretzels with an assortment of dips, particularly Heluva Good’s Bodacious Onion Dip. But I’ve got my eye on your Buffalo Wing Pretzel Sticks (simpler to make, but packing a big flavor punch), and I think Heluva Good’s Herb Ranch Greek Style Yogurt Dip would be great for cooling down that Buffalo heat.

  67. Marilyn Nawara says:

    My Game Day favorite is the Poppy Seed Pretzel Dogs with Heluva Good Zesty Bacon Horseradish Dip. YUM-YUM!

  68. I want a cheesy bacon ranch bread with the bacon horseradish.

  69. I want to try the poppy seed hotdog. We love homemade pretzels and the bacon horseradish would be a perfect dip on it

  70. I would do the rosemary buttermilk ranch chicken skewers with ranch dip!

  71. My favorite is the French onion dip! My go to game day snack is salsa dip with chips! It’s so good!

  72. deb demers says:

    so hard to decide everything looks delicious. I would try the bbq chicken and mozzarella sticks. Although the French onion dip @ chips would also be a hit at my house.

  73. Christopher says:

    I like mini corn dogs with mustard. and I like french onion dip with celery and carrots

  74. I eat all the dips with pretzels… I love them. I would like to try pizza twist. look nice

  75. Thomas Murphy says:

    I like potato chips with Heluva Good french onion dip.

  76. Love the buffalo pretzel sticks!!
    And also the jalapeño cheddar dip is delicious!

  77. Those buttermilk ranch chicken skewers look awesome! Got my thinking some steak skewers would pair well with the bacon horseradish dip…

  78. Super Bowl Sunday is not complete without chicken wings served with a side of Buttermilk Ranch Heluva Good Dip. Why wait until Super Bowl Sunday. Dinner tonight check.

  79. Yum everything looks good! My favorite is french onion dip with veggies and chips. So good!

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