Easy Christmas Peppermint Patties

You’re going to love this Easy Christmas Peppermint Patties recipe!  Super easy to make, fantastically festive, and always a hit with kids and adults alike.  These holiday treats are the perfect addition to cookie trays and make an excellent gift for teachers and friends!

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Can you believe we are 12 DAYS from Christmas?  I know this for a fact because the boys like to ask me hourly….  I never forget what day it is during the month of December :)  The house is finally all decked out and I’m debating whether to put the boxes up in the garage OR just leave them on the floor in the garage since I’ll be putting everything back up in 13 days.

Yikes!  That was depressing :(  No, we’ll keep all the decorations up for at least week after Christmas :)

Well we are finally getting around to planning this year’s cookie trays and teacher’s gifts and I’m sure you are too.  I have the easiest, most delightful recipe to share with you today – Easy Christmas Peppermint Patties.

You're going to love this Easy Christmas Peppermint Patties recipe! Super easy to make, fantastically festive, and always a hit with kids and adults alike. These holiday treats are the perfect addition to cookie trays and make an excellent gift for teachers and friends! | MomOnTimeout.com #Christmas #candy #recipe

These patties take no time at all, don’t require any baking, use only a few ingredients and are guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face.  Yes, guaranteed.  Now for those of you who aren’t peppermint-crazy like I am, consider using a different flavored extract.  Cherry for the red is always delicious and I actually made the green ones with mint extract which I find to be perfect for Christmas time.

You're going to love this Easy Christmas Peppermint Patties recipe! Super easy to make, fantastically festive, and always a hit with kids and adults alike. These holiday treats are the perfect addition to cookie trays and make an excellent gift for teachers and friends! | MomOnTimeout.com #Christmas #candy #recipe

The dough is made up with just a few ingredients that you knead together with your hands.  This is where you add in the extract of your choice.  Start with just a couple drops to start and add more as necessary until you reach your desired intensity of flavor.  If you want to do three different colors like I did just separate the dough into three balls.. Or four.  Or two. Your choice :)  Add food coloring of your choice.  I find the gel and paste work best.  If you only have liquid food coloring you will have to add in more coloring and more powdered sugar so that the dough isn’t super sticky.

Roll into small balls and then roll in the sugar.  Place on a parchment lined cookie sheet and press down with a fork.  It’s really that incredibly easy.  Keep going…

You're going to love this Easy Christmas Peppermint Patties recipe! Super easy to make, fantastically festive, and always a hit with kids and adults alike. These holiday treats are the perfect addition to cookie trays and make an excellent gift for teachers and friends! | MomOnTimeout.com #Christmas #candy #recipe

And going…

You're going to love this Easy Christmas Peppermint Patties recipe! Super easy to make, fantastically festive, and always a hit with kids and adults alike. These holiday treats are the perfect addition to cookie trays and make an excellent gift for teachers and friends! | MomOnTimeout.com #Christmas #candy #recipe

Until you are done!



These little candies will be the easiest treats you make all season and your kids will have fun helping AND eating them when they’re ready to go :)

Easy Christmas Peppermint Patties
Prep time
Total time
You're going to love this Easy Christmas Peppermint Patties recipe! Super easy to make, fantastically festive, and always a hit with kids and adults alike. These holiday treats are the perfect addition to cookie trays and make an excellent gift for teachers and friends!
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 5 dozen
  1. Combine butter and corn syrup together in a small bowl.
  2. Stir in your extract of choice.
  3. Add 2 cups powdered sugar and mix until well combined.
  4. Stir in an additional cup of powdered sugar.
  5. Knead the mixture until the powdered sugar is absorbed and the dough is completely smooth, adding additional powdered sugar if needed.
  6. Divide dough into three portions.
  7. Tint one portion red with the red food color/gel and one green. Leave one portion white. If the dough gets sticky, knead in more powdered sugar, ¼ cup at a time.
  8. Shape into ¾ inch balls and roll in granulated sugar.
  9. Flatten gently with a fork.
  10. Let candies stand, uncovered, at room temperature for 1 day.
  11. Store in an airtight container.

You're going to love this Easy Christmas Peppermint Patties recipe! It's been a family tradition for YEARS! Super easy to make, fantastically festive, and always a hit with kids and adults alike. These holiday treats are the perfect addition to cookie trays and make an excellent gift for teachers and friends!

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  1. Such a amazing idea! Not only do they look delicious but also easy to make, gotta make these!

  2. How would you make these if u wanted each color a different flavor? It says add extract then divide. Def want to try. Thanks.

  3. I want to eat them all!!! And that’s an Ikea fork, right? I miss those! :)
    Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust recently posted..Butterscotch Squares copycat recipe {Amazon giveaway}

  4. My aunt used to make these every Christmas and I totally forgot about them until I saw this post! I love this recipe – thanks for sharing!
    Kristen recently posted..The Happiness Report #25

  5. Do you happen to know if this dough is a good consistency to use in a cookie press? :)

  6. Can you freeze them? How long do they stay fresh for? I’d like to use these for a cookie exchange… Thanks – they look so yummy and festive!

  7. Think you could dip these in chocolate? I love chocolate peppermint patties!

  8. These sound amazing! Since it has butter, and it’s not cooked, how do they hold up? Do they have to be stored in the fridge, and also how long are they good for?

  9. Those are some photogenic mints – gorgeous pics. They look and sound so tasty.

  10. Hi! I have a question! It says I’m the ingredient list only regular sugar but in the directions it says to add more powdered sugar if you have liquid food color. Could you please elaborate on this for me, I’m not very practiced in baking so please help a sister out! Thank you!
    Merry Christmas!

    • 3rd item on ingredients list – 4 cups powdered sugar, divided. I make these myself at Easter in pastel colors. Love the idea of dipping in chocolate!!

  11. These are so cute and colorful! They look really fun to make and they sound delicious :D
    Allie | Baking a Moment recently posted..Chocolate Peppermint Meringue Christmas Trees

  12. These were an instant favorite! We did a triple batch and ended up with approx 285 mints. They will add a great pop of color to my trays this year. The flavor is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe.

  13. These are too cute for words…and sound so delightful and yummy!!

  14. I’m in the UK and we don’t have ‘corn syrup’ what’s a good substitute?? Many thanks!!

  15. Have you tried using almond or vanilla extract in place of the peppermint?

  16. These definitely look like a winner! I can’t wait to try these fun little guys out!
    Shawn @ I Wash You Dry recently posted..Eggnog Cheesecakes with Gingerbread Cookie Crust

  17. WOW! I can see why everyone is flipping out about these! I could devour the entire batch I’m pretty sure :)
    Julie @ Julie’s Eats & Treats recently posted..Chocolate Almond Cheesecake Dip

  18. Sheryl Aman says:

    I don’t understand the Christmas Peppermint Patties…….. Do you use flour, do you use a cookie recipe. I follow the recipe showing —- 1/4 cup butter, softened, 1/3 cup light corn syrup, 4 cups powdered sugar, divided
    1 – 2 tsp peppermint, food coloring and 1/2 cup granulated sugar —- and it don’t make anythiing like your picture. ————– I’m usually pretty good with recipes but this one I can’t get……….. I don’t understand…..

    • No flour is needed Sheryl. The granulated sugar is for rolling the balls in before flattening. Did you maybe add that to the the buttery, corn syrup and powdered sugar mixture?

    • Had the same issue Sheryl Ann – did you ever figure out what you did wrong?

      • Hi Connie! Did you add the granulated sugar to the entire mixture or use it to roll the balls in before flattening? It’s hard for me to know what went wrong without more information :)

        • I just tried to make these and did it as the recipe called up to the knead on board part because the mixture was too sticky to knead. I tried adding more powdered sugar and that did not really help. Not sure what I did that was different. It tastes good but just tasting the little bit hurt my tummy because so much sugar. Like the idea but not if they wont set correctly to be more than frosting.

    • I personally would call them butter mints, not “cookies” but don’t let the name scare you off. I made them last night and they are a terrific addition to a COOKIE tray because they are cute and minty and colorful!

  19. Just a question, I want to try these but I’m from aus and we don’t have corn syrup? Is there an alternative?

  20. Allison Daniels says:

    Just made them, they are delicious! Would I be able to freeze them? If so, how long do you think they’ll stay fresh? Thank you!

    • Awesome Allison! Definitely freezable. Just layer the mints in single layers in a dish, with waxed paper or parchment paper in between. They are good for at least a couple of weeks not frozen so I’m guessing at least 2-3 months frozen Allison. I’ve never done it before but I think you’ll be fine. Enjoy!

  21. These look delicious! Definitely trying these this weekend. Hopped over from Melt in Your Mouth Monday. Will be your newest follower as soon as I get to my home computer. :-)

    Julia @ Mom on the Run x2
    Julia recently posted..Christmas Memories

  22. Ok I followed the directions exactly and I do not come out w/ a dough type mixture at all. It just keeps falling apart into powdered sugar clumps (if I’m lucky) or just powdered sugar all over my counter. I’ve kneaded like crazy but no luck. Hoped it would stay and tried to add food coloring. Now I just have clumps of red and white powdered sugar all over my counter. what went wrong?? Thanks!

    • Hi again Connie :) It sounds like you didn’t have enough wet ingredients. Before you added the last cup of powdered sugar, what was the consistency of your dough? It should have still been a bit sticky. The last cup of powdered sugar makes it more manageable for rolling into balls.

      • Yeah it was not sticky at all before the last cup – it was clumpy even then and I thought to myself “another cup of powdered sugar??” :)

        I used 1/4 cup butter and 1/3 cup corn syrup. There weren’t any other wet ingredients were there? Guess I’ll try it again tomorrow and hope for better results – thanks!

        • How did it go Connie? Make sure you’re really working that powdered sugar in before going to the next step. Good luck!

        • I got the same results. Wasted time & money trying to make these mints.

          • catherine says:

            I made these last night! I used the same exact recipe and they were a sticky mess. I ended up having to add about 2 cups more powered sugar while kneeding and they ended up great! I just used a lot more sugar. I made 2 batches and they look great. I hope this helps anyone.

          • Glad you worked it out Catherine! Humidity and variations in ingredients can alter the recipe slightly, as well as how you measure the powdered sugar. The trick is just to keep adding until you get the right consistency. Thanks for your feedback!

          • I’m not really sure where you encountered issues Linda but I’d be more than happy to help with more information. If your dough was still sticky you can just keep adding powdered sugar until it’s not. Hope that helps!

          • First batch I mixed the corn syrup & butter w/hand mixer. Then powdered sugar by hand, it was dry after adding first 2 cups of powdered sugar, not even grainy after the 4th one. I did work in extra corn syrup to save the batch. Tried a 2nd batch all by hand & it was still a dry mess & added quite a bit more syrup while trying to work I the last 2 cups of powdered sugar. I’ll try again using my stand mixer but I doubt it will be any better w/ the measurements listed.

          • I am at a loss Linda. I’ve made this recipe dozens if not hundreds of times and literally have NEVER had a problem :) I do not use a mixer, ever. And really, just add enough powdered sugar to have your mixture smooth and manageable.

          • LOVE how easy these were! I made a batch on my own and they turned out exactly like the picture! That DEFINITELY doesn’t happen often! I did add a little more corn syrup after mixing cause the mix was a little dry. It worked perfectly. I used a hand mixer to combine everything. It was crumbly, but as you start to work with the mixture the heat from your hands helps it to come together. I will be doing a triple batch this weekend with the kids. Thanks so much for this fun recipe!

          • Excellent Michele! Glad you had so much fun!!

          • i made them in tonight. I mixed by hand and the consistency was perfect. I actually kneaded inside a plastic bag (my 3 year old helped). We tried to add gel food coloring and it got really sticky but adding more sugar fixed it. I didn’t want them too get too powder-sugar-tasting, so we skipped coloring the red ones and instead rolled them in colored sugar. I wonder if people had trouble with the consistency due to the temperature of the ingredients?

          • I am SO doing the plastic bag next time Sharrie – you are SO smart!!!

  23. Hi. I came across your blog on Pinterest and was intrigued. I have 4 boys and a girl and I wanted to try these fr Christmas. When you say powdered sugar – do you mean icing sugar or normal sugar that has been powdered.


  24. I made the mints. I want to try a butter mint, with butter flavor. Do you think this will work? Maybe even a little bit of yellow food color?

    Can you use the baking flavors or oil?

  25. These look adorable and the colors are great. I really need to invest in some higher quality food coloring so I can get more vibrant colors.
    Cookaholic Wife recently posted..Cinnamon Crunch Braided Brioche Bread

  26. I just made a batch of these using brown rice syrup rather than corn syrup (forgot to get some at he store and was NOT going out again lol) and they re brilliant!!!

  27. These are so bright and cheerful! Perfect for a holiday treat :)
    Nicole recently posted..Simple Chocolate Fudge Recipe

  28. i’ve always wanted to make these. so festive!
    Dina recently posted..Strufoli, Italian Honey Balls

  29. Ashley Amo says:

    Overall I liked the recipe. I think people may be having an issue with the consistency of the “dough” if they are using a hand mixer. I think a free standing mixer probably would mix it together much better. For myself, while I did use a hand mixer and found that I didn’t get the “doughy” consistency I was looking for, I just added a touch more of corn syrup to help mix the powdered sugar in a little better and more powdered sugar when I kneaded. They came out perfect! =)

  30. These are fantastic! Super easy and so yummy! They remind me of the inside of a peppermint patty. I used honey instead of corn syrup and the candies turned out perfectly. I also dipped half of the batch in dark chocolate. Thanks for an excellent recipe! I will definatle make these again!

  31. Hi, these are super easy and quick. I’m from South Africa so I substituted confectionery sugar with icing sugar and the syrup with golden syrup and it was fine. The only boo-boo I struck is that the icing sugar packet comes in 500 grams, so I decided that was 2 cups. Of course 250 grams is not the same as 250 milliliters of icing sugar so the first lot was a little crumbly. (on my side of the world 250ml = 1 cup)

  32. Just wondering if you use real butter or “Blue Bonnet” type butter?

  33. christy yates says:

    Made these tonight (triple batch). LOVE them. This will be a regular Christmas treat. My 11 year old son said they look exactly like your picture and they taste awesome! My 2 year old daughter ate too many. :) Merry Christmas!

  34. I have a green, runny mess!!!! What am I doing wrong???

    • Yikes Melanie! There’s really one one liquid component besides the extract so my guess is that the corn syrup might have been measured incorrectly. Have you tried adding more powdered sugar? It shouldn’t be runny at all :(

  35. These tasted like stale taffy. Or like peppermint fondant. If you like the consistency of cookies I would not recommend these.

  36. Super fun and easy to make, but didn’t taste good. It was like eating peppermint-flavoured icing sugar, and after one bite, it was too much.

  37. I never thought of making peppermint patties but these sound yummy!
    Kristen Duke recently posted..2014 Goals

  38. Hello! I have a question…: if I let them dry at room temperature, are they going to get hard like candy or less, or not at all?
    I’m looking for a recipe where they get hard almoust as candies (but not so hard to break a tooth…).
    Thank you very much for your answer!!!!!!!

  39. I have been looking for some ideas of what I could make my family for Christmas and post back to them as I live in a different country. These look a really cute idea, and nice and light for posting. Only question is if you know how long they stay nice for? Was thinking to make at the start of December, pack them into airtight containers and ship for opening on Christmas day.

  40. My family has been making these since I was a little girl. We use cream cheese and powdered sugar only. Mom always flattened them with a fancy bottomed glass dipped in sugar. I roll them into ball. freeze and dip in chocolate. They freeze just fine. I’ve made many different flavors besides mint. Orange is a favorite in our family. You can also press them into small candy molds.

  41. These sound delicious, but I don’t eat dairy. Do you think it would work to sub coconut oil for the butter?

  42. Maria- Delicious Designs says:

    I made my first batch last night and they look adorable and taste great. But after sitting at room temp overnight I put some into a ziploc to bring to my moms and when I got there a half hour later they were all super soft and sticking to one another. They lost that stiffness. What should I do? Constantly keep them in the open air? Otherwise ill have to always coat them in chocolate. Help!

  43. Any suggestions for how to package these to look pretty? None of the pictures on the post show closed packages! They’re perfect to give to my daughter’s teachers, but they need to “travel” to school… Thanks!

  44. I just made a batch and my kids don’t want to wait until tomorrow to eat them can I put them in the fridge or anything so they don’t have to wait a whole day before they are done?

  45. So bright and festive. They look delicious!

  46. I don’t usually post but I also had some trouble with this recipe. I love peppermint and wanted to live this a try. Mine was very dry, so I added so extra corn syrup, stil too dry, finally I added 2 tablespoons of soft butter. It worked the dough was more like “play dough” and was great to work with. How can you go wrong with butter, and three types of sugar!

  47. These look so festive and delicious! I’d love to have you add them to this week’s Party Time Link Party: http://tikkido.com/blog/link-party-23
    Nikki @ Tikkido recently posted..Chestnut Roasting Tutorial, A Traditional Christmas Treat

  48. Got this recipe from my husband’s grandmother 50 years ago. It’s been a Christmas tradition here for that long. I use cinnamon oil for red, peppermint for green, and clove oil for white. It’s exciting to see it being circulated anew.

    • Do you use essential oils for this? Was wondering if there was a way I could incorporate my essential oils into this recipe!

  49. These were delicious and so easy to make! Although my almost 3 year old made quite the mess with the confectioner’s sugar, haha. Even the dog was covered (he didn’t mind though, and now he smells delicious!:)

  50. Are you using real butter or can I use stick margarine????

  51. This recipe looks amazing!! Was thinking about trying lemon extract for the white ones, do you think that would turn out ok? Thanks, in advance!

  52. Love these little guys! Made them last year and came back for the recipe to make again this year!! They really are fantastic! And a nice addition to put on a dessert tray, to break up all the fudge and chocolate treats.
    Ashley A recently posted..15 weeks, mostly ramblings about nothing.

  53. I just made these today. They are so good. Thanks for the recipe!!! And you are right you will want to make more than one batch!!!

  54. Those candies are definitely a feast to the eyes. Love the colors and they definitely look delicious! Will try making a batch and see how it goes. :)
    Jenetta Penner recently posted..Earn Target and Walmart Giftcards with Tellwut

  55. What are your favorite extracts to use? I was thinking cherry for the red, almond for the white, and peppermint for the green??

  56. These are so cute! I would love to just have them sitting out in a bowl for a decoration just because they are so cute!! :)
    Marti @ SewliciousHomeDecor recently posted..DIY Smores Christmas Tree Ornament

  57. Hi! I love the treats you have here! Do you mind if I post your pictures on my blog? Of course, I will give a link redirecting my readers here, with your permission. If you could let me know, I would be delighted! Thank you and Merry Christmas :)

  58. I tried to make these tonight and it was a fail :( I used a stand mixer mix the corn syrup and butter and first 2 cups of powdered sugar. By the 3rd cup of powdered sugar it was already seeming a little dry. By the 4th it was just crumbles that barely stuck together. Trying to knead in coloring was a joke and my hands just ached from kneading and kneading. I kept thinking it would get soft but it never did. :( I’m sad because they taste and smell so wonderful.

  59. THANK YOU for this awesome recipe! I made these last night and they haven’t had the full day to set up, so I may be speaking prematurely but I’d call these mints, not cookies, but if YOU hadn’t called them cookies I probably never would have some across them on Pinterest so THANK YOU!!! They are a perfect accent to a cookie tray because they are colorful and different and so easy to make, and I will even let my 4 year old and 6 year old help with the next batch. I only used a drop of regular red food coloring and they are perfect pink. I also used a crystal wine glass with a starburst pattern on the foot to press them instead of a fork so they have a beautiful star design.

  60. I tried these! And mission FAILED!! I have ate them before and loved them so when I found the recipe I was so excited. When I put them on the cutting board to knead out, it just all stuck to me!! Where did I go wrong?

  61. Do they HAVE to sit out for a day? We have a cat I don’t trust to stay off the counters at night when we’re sleeping and I don’t want cat fur in them lol. Oh and instead of leaving some white I dipped them in chocolate candy melts. :)

  62. I’m planning on trying maraschino cherry juice for the red ones as it will give both colour and flavour – I know I will end up having to use a lot more powdered sugar in the red ones, but other than that, I’m assuming it should be okay? What do you think?

  63. I have made a recipe similar to this one for many years. Yours looks easier though– I may give it a try for Christmas :-) Peppermint is wonderful in this, but I love cinnamon, lemon, or orange flavors, too.

  64. Made these a couple of days ago! LOVE the peppermint! I decided to dip them in chocolate and they turned out AWESOME!
    Alisha recently posted..The Birth of Bianca Eva

  65. hattie carter says:

    thank you so much for sharing. they were very simple to make :) just got done making red cherry 1’s, since my daughter & i dont like peppermint. then i made green spearmint 1’s. i just divided it b 4 adding the flavor & color. i will b making these again!! merry christmas!!!

  66. Trish, I wanted to let you know that most of the content of this post has been collaged and is posted on another blog. This other blog takes tutorials from other sites and collages the images to create a visual tutorial. While they do provide a link, there is rarely an attribution, and rarely a reason for a reader to click over to the content owner’s site, since most of the info is available as a visual tutorial. http://diyallthings.blogspot.com/2014/12/easy-christmas-peppermint-patties.html
    I found this when I was investigating content stolen from my own blog.
    Amanda Lee recently posted..Make a Wire Wrapped Crystal Pendant!

  67. Hey these look great and fun to make with kids but I was just wondering, are these hard like candy or do they stay sort of soft.

  68. If I made different flavors and stored them together, would the flavors mix?

  69. I was so excited about this one, but I was so disappointed by it. Definitely not enough powdered sugar, I had to add at least 5 cups, and then I lost count. Mostly just tasted like mint frosting inside of peppermint patties.

  70. My mom always made these every Christmas for us, loved them. I have made the many times myself. This year I tried something different. Instead of rolling them into balls and pushing them down with fork. I laid parchment paper on my cookie sheet and rolled the mix onto the sheet to about 1/8 thick. I then melted a bag of Mint chips (chocolate chips) and poured over top, let dry and cut into squares. Now I have peppermint patties …. Just wonderful

  71. Do these harden? What is the texture like? They kind of look like the inside of a York pattie.

  72. So Im assuming UNSALTED butter then…. or what’s the word on that

    • I used unsalted butter on these and they turned out beautifully, though most of my baking I use the same. Good luck! :)

  73. Made these tonight for my daughter’s teachers for a Christmas gift! They came out great! I made some peppermint ones and also some cherry flavored with a chocolate drizzle! Thanks for the recipe!

  74. Thanks for the recipe, I just finished them now :) I made them and divided them into 4 portions with mint, lemon, rum, and almond extracts. The mint and the lemon turned out the best.My rum extract was rather strong, I might threw those ones out. But otherwise, very easy (kids could do it) and yummy!

  75. I read all the comments and then made another batch of peppermint candy’s and they turned out great. I think the problem with peoples candy being crumbly is that they have misunderstood the amount of powdered sugar to use. The ingredient says 3-4 cups and that is the mis-understanding. You only mix in 3 cups of powdered sugar and the 4th cup is just to add what you might need from it to make it smooth and hold together, by no means do you dump the whole 4th cup in. If I do not color my patties, but choose to dip them in choc later, I only need 3 cups plus 1 rounded tablespoon, plus 1 level teaspoon of powdered sugar for my mix. If I do color my patties, I use 4-5 drops of liquid coloring and just a little more powdered sugar. This receipt adjusts for what your doing and you have to adjust with it.

  76. Don’t know if anyone will ever see this but if you melt your butter first, you shouldn’t have a problem with your mixture being too dry. I have seen that many of you are having an issue getting 60 patties. I got 72. If you divide mixture into 3, make a disk, divide disk into 4 then take a forth, make a rope divide in 6 for total of 24 per color.

  77. These taste wonderful! However, I ruined my wooden cutting board with red and green gel food coloring stains. My hands are also bright beet red which although appropriate,will not be attractive for Christmas! I tried soap and water(obvs) and then a vinegar/salt paste rub and it barely took any off. This is embarrassing…I got the cake icing coloring from Michaels craft store because I couldn’t find gel or passé at my grocery store. Did I maybe use the wrong stuff?!

  78. I love this recipe. It isn’t costly, difficult and doesn’t require a candy thermometer! These mints are so impressive & make me look like a Christmas chef. Thank you so much, Trish.

  79. I made a double batch of these last night and they turned out GREAT! i definitely used more powdered sugar than it called for since all i had on hand was the liquid food color drops, but they are wonderful! i can’t wait to share with everyone at my cookie swap!

  80. These were fantastic!!! I started making them and then realized I had no peppermint extract. UGH! So, I turned to my Doterra essential oils and tossed in a few drops of peppermint essential oil. Oh. Yum. Then I rolled them out and used little 1″ candy making Christmas cut-outs (Christmas trees, angels, mittens, etc) to make them. SO pretty! I think after drying them, I may drizzle some chocolate on them. They taste JUST like a peppermint patty! Thank you for this recipe!!! Merry Christmas!!!

  81. This is truly fantastic.
    Nosesecret recently posted..Nose Magic Secret, The Instant Nose Reshaper, Nose Up Lifting Clips


  83. Nancy Heab says:

    I made three batches and none of those yielded 60 patties, even making small ones. Lucky to get 40 out of a batch and they were smaller than a quarter. I wish you would have put a more approximate number down. Had to make three batches instead of two so I could have enough for a cookie party.

  84. Hi – These look wonderful. I can’t wait to try them. Do you think they would still work if I cut the recipe in half?

  85. Just found this site and decided to make these mints. I thought that they would get hard sitting out all night. But they stayed soft. They tasted good. Will they stay soft or get hard later? Either way will definitely make these again. Maybe for other holidays. Thank you for posting.

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