Hi there!  I’m so excited that you’re here!  I love my timeouts and this blog is where I like to share all my fun :)  I am *almost* a full-time food blogger but sometimes I like to let my crafty tendencies break out so you’ll find lots of fun kid crafts and the occasional DIY project as well.  I love coming up with family-friendly recipes that other busy moms can make in their kitchens.  I don’t do the super-fancy, long-ingredient list recipes.  I’m a mom and let’s just be honest, I don’t have the time :)

I started this blog in July of 2011 on a whim.  I was staying at home full-time with my two little boys Reece (age 10) and Bryce (age 8) and needed something that was just for me. Once I got started, well, I just couldn’t stop!  I think I was meant to be a blogger because I enjoy every minute of it :) The design, the actual baking and cooking, the photography and then sharing all of it with YOU!

Blogging soon turned into a full-time career which is a far cry from the Electrical Engineer that I started out as and boy am I thankful for it!  I still get to stay home with my boys AND do what I love.  I am incredibly blessed and thankful for all every single one of my readers that makes this possible.

I live in the suburbs of Sacramento, California and I’ve been a California girl my whole life.  Our family is crazy about anything Disney and we love taking vacations and just having fun together.  I love sharing little tidbits of our life with you and I am so happy that you decided to stop by!

If you have any questions about me or my blog, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Have a wonderful day!

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