Strawberry and White Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies

Super moist and delicious Strawberry and White Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies! This recipe uses a SECRET INGREDIENT for the moistest cookies EVER! So pretty and pink! Perfect for Valentine’s Day, baby showers and more!

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Super moist and delicious Strawberry and White Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies! This recipe uses a SECRET INGREDIENT for the moistest cookies EVER! So pretty and pink! Perfect for Valentine's Day, baby showers and more! // Mom On Timeout


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner {eek!} I’ve been trying to come up with some fun Valentine’s Day cookies.  We make and decorate sugar cookies every year but I wanted to try something new.  I love baking with M&Ms – especially for Valentine’s – but I wanted a “prettier” cookie than my go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe.  I was looking through all the yummy treats I’ve shared and was trying to figure out how I could adapt one of my favorite recipes.

Super moist and delicious Strawberry and White Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies! This recipe uses a SECRET INGREDIENT for the moistest cookies EVER! So pretty and pink! // Mom On Timeout

I absolutely adore quick and easy recipes and cake mix cookies are a go-to favorite of ours. This particular version uses cream cheese for an incredibly moist cookie that stays that way for days. It’s amazing!


Just a few minutes are all you need to whip this recipe together. The dough chills for about an hour (or not at all if you don’t have the time) and then just 9 minutes in the oven. So easy!  I tried to lighten up the recipe a little bit by subbing in light cream cheese…and then counteracted that by adding in loads of white chocolate and of course, M&Ms. OMG!  They are soooo good!


Bryce was eager to stake a claim on the cookies with the most M&Ms…

Strawberry and White Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies from

I do hope you give this one a try! You won’t regret it!


Strawberry & White Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Super moist and delicious Strawberry and White Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies! This recipe uses a SECRET INGREDIENT for the moistest cookies EVER! So pretty and pink!
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 3 dozen
  • 1 box strawberry cake mix
  • 8 tbsp butter, melted
  • 1 egg, room temperature
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 4 oz Neufchatel cheese {light cream cheese}, room temperature
  • ¾ cup white chocolate chips
  • ¾ cup M&Ms
  1. Combine butter, egg, vanilla, and cream cheese in a bowl. Mix together thoroughly.
  2. Add cake mix, half of the box at a time, mixing until well combined.
  3. Stir in chips and candies by hand.
  4. Refrigerate for at least one hour and then roll dough into 1 inch balls.
  5. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  6. Place dough balls onto parchment lined baking sheet and bake for 9 minutes - you don't want the cookies to brown at all! Set a timer.
  7. Let cookies cool on a baking sheet for several minutes before removing to a wire rack to cool completely.
  8. Cookies can be stored in an airtight container for 4-5 days.
  9. Makes 3 dozen cookies.

Super moist and delicious Strawberry and White Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies! This recipe uses a SECRET INGREDIENT for the moistest cookies EVER! So pretty and pink! Perfect for Valentine's Day, baby showers and more! // Mom On Timeout

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Have a great day!

Super moist and delicious Strawberry and White Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies! This recipe uses a SECRET INGREDIENT for the moistest cookies EVER! So pretty and pink! // Mom On Timeout


  1. Trish I love these! So pretty and perfect for Valentines Day!

  2. Yummy! These sound so good.

  3. Yum!!! What a fun pink version of my mint cookies!! I love it!!!

  4. Trish, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “you’re killing me”! LOL Your recipes are fantastic. I might just have to try these (I think we might make strawberry cake mix over here but I’ll adapt a vanilla one somehow.)

    Anne xx

  5. Trish these are just perfect for valentines day!! will have to make some of these with the kids

    Natasha @

  6. Jennifer H says:

    I was looking for a cookie I could make for my daughters Head Start class for Valentine’s Day! These are PERFECT! I just LOVE how they’re PINK! Instead of M&M’s…I chopped up dried cranberries (alittle more kid friendly) and they turned out delishious!!

  7. Those are super gorgeous Trish! I need to get on the Valentine’s Day. I don’t know where time went!

  8. Your cookies look and sound wonderful! I’d love to try them – pinning!

  9. These look amazing!
    Sorry if my questions are ‘dumb’ but I’m just starting out in the baking world lol…
    1. What is tbls?
    2. Can you use margarine instead of butter?

  10. Those look so yummy! Love your little helper, too! :) My kiddos always love choosing their own cookie, too!

  11. The cutiest and prettiest cookies. There so cheery. I would love for you to come share on my link party at

    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

  12. I love these! They have the perfect Valentine look, and I know my family’s going to love them!

  13. Delicious!! These are perfect for Valentine’s Day!

  14. These look yummy. I’ve pinned them for a late night craving! :) Thanks for sharing.

  15. SO yummy looking. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Wow, these are so pretty! Almost too pretty to be eaten. :)

  17. They sure are pretty! Beautiful pics…and your recipe sounds fun. Lynaea @

  18. love these they look so festive super cute as well
    come see us at

  19. YUMMY! They’ve been pinned! So cute and festive for Valentine’s Day! Thanks so much for sharing and have a great weekend!

  20. Yummy! I might just have to make these today!!

  21. SO pretty & delicious!! Pinning ..thanks for sharing!! :)

  22. YUM i love the look of the popcorn balls too!

  23. Thanks so much for submitting your strawberry and white chocolate cookies to Sugar & Slice Sunday. You’ve been featured! :)

    Hope to see you at todays party.

  24. another great recipe =) And so easy too. I think I’m going to try these out this weekend.

  25. Can you use regular instead of lite cream cheese?

  26. WOW!!! I have been looking at your recipes for a good while this morning. You have picture perfect bakes. I just don’t see how you do it. They are beautiful and delicious looking too.

  27. These look beautiful! Just adore all your gorgeous photos. Had to pin it!

  28. can regular cream cheese be used, instead of light?

  29. These look really good! I have a bag of Cherry Cordial M&M’s in my pantry. I think I might try this but with cherry chip cake mix and cherry M&M’s!

  30. do the cake ingredients need to be beat with an electric beater or just by hand?

  31. Trish, these look delicious! Definitely pinned and featuring in this week’s Inspire Me Wednesday.:)

  32. they look deliciousTrish! I will try to make it and thanks for sharing. I definitely pined on my cookie recipe board.

  33. Wow, these look beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing. I can’t wait to try :-)

  34. WOW! Three of my favorite things together in one cookie? Be still my heart! These look delicious.

  35. These look amazing! I’ve had this recipe bookmarked for a while so I can try it out, but the recipe seems to have disappeared! Have you got a link somewhere maybe? Or would you mind reposting? :)

  36. Dying to try this recipe! Not only is it good for Valentines day, I’m thinking of layering the dry ingredients in a mason jar and giving them out as gifts to my guests for my baby shower! (I’m having a girl so the pink is very appropriate!) Love this!

  37. I never thought I’d use the word “lovely” to describe cookies, but it fits here! Have you tried freezing them, and if so, how do they last? I’m trying to plan a dessert bar for my son’s wedding but can only do it if I can bake everything well in advance and freeze them. Any ideas on other items would be great too!

  38. Your kids are so cute! After much deliberation, I’ve decided to make these cookies for our Valentine’s Day dessert. They’re so cute and look very tasty.

  39. I am in the process of making these cookies. Was wondering if they can be refrigerated overnight before baking.

  40. Hello Trish… I made these cookies … they are fabulous, but they don’t come out looking like the ones you made.. the color comes off the m&m’s and also my dough was sticky and i was not able to roll the balls, so I had to use a teaspoon and scrape it off that way… I used margarine instead of butter… would that be the problem?

  41. I used regular cream cheese, and red velvet m&ms. Delicious! Thanks for the recipe :)

  42. I made these for v-day. They were very good but did bake strangely for me. I baked for 15 minutes and they were still almost “raw” but then firmed up when cool. If I had taken them out sooner, they would not have been done at all. They look pretty too!

  43. will it still taste the same without cream cheese? :)

  44. We don’t have strawberry cake mix here in Canada, at least not in my city. Any suggestions on what I can use instead? Maybe I can add some strawberry flavored syrup… you know, the kind you put in milk….I think its called Quick???

  45. Cynthia says:

    I’m wondering if you know of a way to make a strawberry dough from scratch while still achieving this pink color?

  46. Can you use regular light cream cheese as I don’t know where to get the other..

  47. Hi Trish – I found your blog while searching for recipes and crafts to share with the readers of our blog and online Christian women’s magazine, Ruby for Women. I would like to include these cookies in our recipe roundup for our February issue, using just one image and a link back here so our readers can find you and all your amazing recipes. Please let me know if that would be OK, and I will send you a link when the magazine is published. Thanks so much! Nina @ Ruby for Women

  48. Thanks for finally writing about >Strawberry and White Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies
    | <Loved it!
    google recently

  49. Audrey Johnson says:

    Hi there, bet these smell amazing fresh out of the oven.
    Just wondering if they would be freezable?

  50. These are so perfect for Valentine’s Day!
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  51. What is the secret moisture ingredient in your pink cookies? I somehow missed it & certainly would love to use that moisture trick in appropriate future recipes. Thanks, I really love your luscious posts. You’re an amazing cook & you share so we can all keep our families happy!

  52. These will be perfect to surprise my co workers with on V-Day

  53. Jamie Pitchford says:

    I’m making these right now. I totally forgot to melt the butter so I’m hoping they still turn out. I’m making them for my son’s preschool valentine’s day party!

  54. Tristin Lovett says:

    I made these with my daughter this weekend and we used the cherry chip cake mix since we couldn’t find Strawberry Supreme and just put pink food gel…so I don’t know if that was the difference but oh god they were waaaaay to sweet (like an extreme Splenda or Sweet & Low artificial sweet taste). The colour was great and the texture was good and they were really moist but unfortunately they did not taste good :( We may give it another try if we can find the correct cake mix but I think the cake mix is too concentrated for us, maybe halfing it with flour…will try playing around with it.

  55. Angie Dixon says:

    I made the cookies with white cake mix they taste great but did not cook completely baked for 14 minutes and still feel somewhat raw. Will try to cook longer next time not sure what went wrong.

  56. Cookies are smelling yummy, baked it for 9 minutes, and cooled but still doughy like its not done so going to bake longer. Any other suggestions as to what to do?

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