Rotisserie Chicken Casserole

Rotisserie Chicken Casserole is a family-favorite recipe that I have been making for years!  So easy to prepare and my family just loves it!

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Your family is going to love this easy Rotisserie Chicken Casserole! An incredibly easy and delicious recipe you'll find yourself making again and again! | |#dinner #recipe #chicken


One of my all-time favorite comfort meals is Chicken Casserole.  I have been making this casserole since I was about 10 years old.  My husband can’t stand casseroles… BUT he eats this one up and LOVES it.  He always wants the leftovers for lunch the next day :) The boys clean their plates every single time and the great thing is – it’s SOO easy!  I have modified this recipe over the years cutting down on the mayo and using a rotisserie chicken to save time.

I usually use corn flakes for the topping but seasoned bread crumbs, Ritz crackers, and panko could also be used. This recipe is great for using up leftover rice and chicken and can be assembled ahead of time. Pop it in the oven when you get home!

Your family is going to love this easy Rotisserie Chicken Casserole! An incredibly easy and delicious recipe you'll find yourself making again and again! | |#dinner #recipe #chicken

This delicious and easy casserole recipe is one of several that inspired my new book 100 Creative Ways to Use Rotisserie Chicken in Everyday Meals. I love using rotisserie chicken to create meals that my family will love. You’ll find casseroles, bakes, comfort food, soups, sandwiches and more!

I have an entire chapter devoted to meals you can can create in 20 minutes or less and another devoted to recipes with 5 ingredients or less. This cookbook is filled with simple and fast recipes that your whole family will love.  Check it out!


My Tips:

  • Mix up the ingredients right in the baking dish.  When I’m trying to save time, I don’t mess around :)
  • Pour cornflakes into a bag and crush away.  They don’t have to be crushed to dust or anything – just break them down into smaller pieces.
  • Sprinkle the cornflakes over the top of the casserole.  Drizzle melted butter over the top. Mo’ cornflakes, mo’ bettah. My boys love the crunch!

Your family is going to love this easy Rotisserie Chicken Casserole! An incredibly easy and delicious recipe you'll find yourself making again and again! | |#dinner #recipe #chicken

My family asks for this casserole at least once a week. I’m not even exaggerating here. It’s just so easy and leftovers are amazing the next day! Do give it a try!


Rotisserie Chicken Casserole
Recipe type: Entree
  • 3 cups of diced rotisserie chicken {or any other cooked chicken}
  • 1 can cream of chicken soup {can use low-sodium or Healthy Request}
  • 2½ cups cooked rice
  • ½ cup sliced almonds
  • ½ cup mayonnaise
  • ¾ cup diced celery
  • ½ cup crushed corn flakes
  • 2 tbsp butter, melted
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine all ingredients into a greased 9x13 baking dish. I use a 9x13 because we like extra room for our corn flakes {more crunch!} but this recipe will fit into an 8x8 or 9x9 baking dish.
  2. Mix up the ingredients right in the baking dish.
  3. Pour cornflakes into a bag and crush away. They don't have to be crushed to dust or anything - just break them down into smaller pieces.
  4. Sprinkle the cornflakes over the top of the casserole.
  5. Drizzle melted butter over the top.
  6. Bake for 30- 40 minutes or until casserole is heated through.
  7. This casserole is excellent for lunch the following day should you have any leftovers. Yum! A really easy and delicious meal that can be pulled together quickly!

Your family is going to love this easy Rotisserie Chicken Casserole! An incredibly easy and delicious recipe you'll find yourself making again and again! | |#dinner #recipe #chicken

What’s your favorite casserole?  Is it a new recipe or one that you grew up with?

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  51. Trish – this looks YUMMY!

  52. I am new to your site. I love it. I can’t find a way to print some of your recipes such as snickerdoodles or rotisserie chicken casserole. I found it on the olive garden zupa soup.
    Am I missing something?

    • Nope! I just recently started making the recipes printable so I’ve had to go back and edit the other recipes. I moved these two to the top of the list and they’re ready to be printed now :) Thanks for letting me know Jenny! Have a great weekend!

  53. I’ve been making this casserole for about 18 years and it is my favorite comfort food. I sometimes add onion…sometimes not. It’s excellent for breakfast!

  54. I have this in the oven right now. I added red onion and mixed italian bread crumbs with cheddar cheese instead of corn flakes.

  55. Is it an either / or on the rice? I would work either way with cooked or uncooked rice?
    Thanks – Sounds like some good winter yummy comfort food!

  56. Christopher says:

    I love comfort food like this. Since I don’t eat butter, margarine or anything else like that, I use a pump sprayer with a good quality vegetable oil and spray that over the top of the corn flakes.

    Wow, has Chicago Cutlery come a long way. I still have my 40 year old “CC” butchering knives and 10 in. Chinese cleaver. They’re all high carbon steel with wooden handles.

  57. This sounds delish!! Pinning and trying :)
    Jessie recently posted..51 Things To Do with Pool Noodles

  58. This sounds delicious! My hubby is allergic to Almonds/tree nuts, is there something else I could add or would it be okay to omit the nuts altogether?

    • Just omit the nuts Sue – no problem there! Let me know what you think after you give it a try :)

    • We don’t have nut allergies, but I omitted the nuts & used sliced mushroons, instead. It was very tasty. Since I wasn’t in a hurry I cooked my own chicken – and it was a lot cheaper than buying a Rotisserie Chicken at the supermarket, but I definately understand the ladies who work outside of the home, and still want to make a nice dinner for their family. This is a very delicious dish, and I’ll make it again & again.

  59. Jewel cooke says:

    I would love to try the paring knife Thank you, jewel

  60. Am going to try your recipe today as it looks great! Question, what are your thoughts on freezing a batch? Any tips or pointers? Thanks!

    • Hi Shari! I haven’t frozen this casserole but you absolutely should be able to. I would assemble all of the ingredients without the topping and freeze. Then when you’re ready to bake, thaw first and then add the topping before throwing it in the oven. Let me know how it goes if you give it a try!

  61. I have been doing your chicken casserole for years, but I do sour cream instead of mayo and 1/4 cup of chicken broth mixed with cream of chicken soup ,then i put ritz crackers over top with a little melted butter . I haven’t tried the corn flakes yet but i will . would love to try any of the knives .

  62. Do you think this would work with baked potato slices (or diced pieces) instead of rice? I have potatoes on hand and would really like to use them, I’m just wondering if the casserole would hold together like yours does (how each portion comes out as a perfect sturdy square).

    • Hi Alice! I think the consistency would be different but it sounds like it would be super yummy! The only thing that you’re going to run into trouble with is that the potatoes (I’m assuming…) are raw and everything else in the casserole is cooked. The time in the oven just kind of brings everything together and heats up the ingredients. Maybe pre-cook the potatoes? Honestly, now I want to try this myself! Good luck!

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  64. I think I’m going to try this but with French fried onions instead of corn flakes. Yeah, you heard that right, French.fried.onions.

  65. I am eating this casserole as I type. Delicious! And so easy. I had everything but the cornflakes already. So I subbed some Ritz crackers mixed with French fried onions. Thank you for a new recipe that I will use often.

  66. Hi,
    Totally want to try this dish, thank you. Just wondering what size can of soup you used though.

  67. Did you use quick cooking rice like minute rice or long/short cooking regular rice in the chicken casserole recipe?

    Thank you,

  68. I wonder if this will freeze???

  69. this looks really great! makes me hungry looking at it. just wondering-could this be made in a microwave?
    because lets just face it, I’m lazy when it comes to cooking. Sounds like it could be made in the micro, tho.
    Thanks so much!!

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  71. Jennifer says:

    Do you know how many servings it makes and what a serving size would be?

  72. Could you use orzo pasta or other types of pasta instead of rice in your chicken casserole

  73. Should be called uncooked rice casserole ! yuck!!!

  74. I made the Chicken casserole today. Not sure I did it right. Rice is to be cooked before mixing with other things isn’t it?
    It was some what dry but no liquid was listed. I did add a little milk. It tasted good.

  75. I made your Easy Rotisserie Chicken and rice casserole. Was the rice supposed to be pre-cooked? The way the recipe was written, I assumed raw rice (equaling the 2 1/2 cups of cooked rice). However, the rice was not done when my casserole should have been completely cooked. I like the combination of ingredients, but it would have been much better with cooked rice! Did I miss-read the recipe? Help

    • Yup Carolyn – the rice needs to be cooked before hand: 1 cup uncooked rice, cooked {about 2½ – 3 cups cooked rice}. There’s just not really any liquid in this recipe that could cook the rice while it’s baking.

  76. Hey, you should CHANGE your recipe instructions. It’s confusing people, why don’t you switch the instructions around. 2.5 to 3 cups of COOKED white rice (using 1 cup of uncooked rice will yield 3 cups once cooked)

    Instead of your: 1 cup cooked rice, cooked {about 2 1/2 – 3 cups cooked rice}

    If you are going to write recipes, you have to consider all levels of folks, those new to cooking, those where english is a second language.

    • Hi Vero – It actually read 1 cup uncooked rice, cooked. I’m not sure how that is confusing since it asks for the rice to be cooked but thank you for your feedback. I have updated the instructions. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  77. Everyone modifies to their own taste. I love this recipe but I used a brown rice mix uncooked. Added a can (soup can) of chic broth and cooked everything for about 30 min then put on the crumb topping to cook about 10-15 min or until crunchy.

  78. Sounds delicious! I found this and your broccoli cheesey chicken casserole on Pinterest and can’t wait to try them! Quick question though…I’m not a huge fan of mayo…is it necessary? Would it still taste good without it?

    Thanks in advance 😀

  79. Serena Jones says:

    Hi there-

    Your recipe calls for sliced almonds when your pictures show slivered almonds. Slivered almonds is, for sure, the better choice for this dish. Can’t wait to eat it tonight. Thank you for the recipe.

  80. Lucy W Woods says:

    Oh!!!!! I used uncooked rice.

  81. Hi everyone,
    Made this casserole on Sunday. It was a great dish. I doubled to 9 x 13. Everyone loved it and wanted some to take home.
    Will make it again.

  82. Would noodles work in this recipe instead of rice? I’m unable to eat rice, so I wondered if noodles would work.

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