Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies

These gorgeous Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies are super easy to make and are so much fun!

These gorgeous Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies are super easy to make and are so much fun! | MomOnTimeout.com

It’s rainbow mania! Seriously, I can’t get enough of rainbow recipes right now and I’m hoping you feel the same way :)  Otherwise, you’re probably like whatevs Trish.  Enough with the rainbows already.

Buuut, I’m just going to assume you’re on board here…

These cookies are pretty much perfect in every way.  Pretty. Fun. Easy. Showstoppers. Ya get me?

These gorgeous Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies are super easy to make and are so much fun! | MomOnTimeout.com

These cookies were so fun to make and even more fun to eat.  They are kind of mesmerizing to look at actually.  I was staring at the pics I took and was totally zoning. Had to snap myself out of it before I got sucked into Rainbow World.

Rainbows are cool all year long but especially around St. Patrick’s Day and Spring time.  I mean, seriously! How can you not love rainbows??

These gorgeous Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies are super easy to make and are so much fun! | MomOnTimeout.com

You know how the other day I made the Easy Rainbow Pretzel Wands? Well, I had enough for both boys to take to school…then they came home and wanted a snack, and then I wanted a snack, and another…anyways, long story short – we only had enough left for one class so I ended up sending them to school with Bryce, much to Reece’s dismay.

I promised Reece that I would make it up to him.  I told him that I had a few more cookie recipes planned and he could take either of them to school. If neither cookie was up to his standards, I would make another batch of Rainbow Wands.

These cookies totally did the trick.

These gorgeous Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies are super easy to make and are so much fun! | MomOnTimeout.com

So let’s talk about how easy these are to whip up.  I started with refrigerated sugar cookie dough (Pillsbury, of course) and then threw on the colored sugar. Lots of it.  I was shy a few colors, so I just made my own. Easy peasy.

Roll up the dough just like you would for cinnamon rolls and then slice and bake.  I gave each cookie a little smoosh with my palm to flatten it before baking and then tada! Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies!

These gorgeous Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies are super easy to make and are so much fun! | MomOnTimeout.com

If you’re in a jam and need a treat fast – these cookies are totally calling your name! Or maybe you just love rainbows as much as I do and these beauties are the perfect excuse you’ve been looking for :)  Time to get baking!

Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies
These gorgeous Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies are super easy to make and are so much fun!
Recipe type: Dessert, Cookies
Serves: 16 cookies
  • 1 16.5 oz roll refrigerated Pillsbury sugar cookie dough
  • ⅓ cup flour
  • rainbow colored sugar
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Knead flour and sugar cookie dough together until well combined.
  3. Generously sprinkle cutting board with additional flour and roll out sugar cookie dough into a rectangle approximately ¼ inch thick.
  4. Sprinkle colored sugar in stripes across dough. (Refer to picture.)
  5. Gently roll into a log. Just like cinnamon rolls.
  6. Slice dough ½ inch thick and place on parchment lined baking sheet.
  7. Gently press cookies with the palm of your hand, flattening slightly.
  8. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until edges are light golden brown.
  9. Cool for 2-3 minutes on cooking sheet before transferring to cooling rack.
  10. Store in an airtight container for up to a week.

These gorgeous Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies are super easy to make and are so much fun! | MomOnTimeout.com

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  1. I so heart all of your rainbow treats! They are so pretty and make me so happy!! :) And I bet they taste great too!
    Nancy P.@thebittersideofsweet recently posted..Coconut Chai Latte Bars (Guest Post)

  2. These are beautiful, Trish! They would totally be up to my boys’ standards as well. :)
    Blair @ The Seasoned Mom recently posted..10-Minute Beginner’s Workout: Perfect Postpartum Exercises for Moms and Babies — No Equipment Necessary!

  3. These cookies are so fun, they made me smile! Pinned :)
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  4. I see these and I am instantly happy! These are so stinking cute and FUN! Love these Trish!
    tanya recently posted..Meal Plans Made Simple #8

  5. These pinwheel cookies look so gorgeous! Brightens my day just looking at them!
    [email protected] recently posted..Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

  6. I LOVE all your rainbow ideas, Trish! These cookies are so much fun….we will definitely be making them for St. Patrick’s Day! Pinned!!
    [email protected] recently posted..Spring Citrus Collection – Saturday Night Fever Features!

  7. I LOVE THESE. So much!! Rainbows rock.
    Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust recently posted..Small Batch 45 Minute Dinner Rolls {with Maple Butter}

  8. Trish, these are amazing. Seriously so darling. I love how fun, but simple they are. My kids would love these. Can’t wait to try them out. Saw you on Link Party Palooza!
    Rach @ EazyPeazyMealz recently posted..Greek Yogurt Lemon Cupcakes with fresh strawberry glaze

  9. These look super amazing! I love the colours! :)
    whatjessicabakednext recently posted..Creamy Porcini Pappardelle (Fresh Pasta Recipe)

  10. What a clever idea and so simple. I love the colorful cookies! Pinned.
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  11. Julie Wood says:

    These are such wonderful recipes to make, and I like how easy it is to make the Rainbow Pinwheel cookies. They are so pretty and a nice cookie to make for Easter of St. Patrick’s Day! Thanks for sharing.

  12. These are super cute cookies!! I’d love for you to come share at Simple Supper Tuesday.
    Cindy @ Hun… What’s for Dinner? recently posted..Irish Apple Cake

  13. Adorable! I love the bright colors!
    Tonia recently posted..Flower Pot Cookies

  14. Did you use the larger raw sugar or the smaller granulated sugar for yours? They are really lovely!

  15. These are SO pretty! I love the rainbows!!! And they are so easy – perfect!

    Know what else I love? The straws!! They are so bright and cheery! I want those straws! My littlest would LOVE them! Apparently milk tastes best when you use a straw! Who knew? :)
    Gretchen @ Two Healthy Kitchens recently posted..A Healthier Take on the Shamrock Shake (Surprise Superfood Ingredient!)

  16. These are so fun!! I will be making these soon!
    Kristen Duke recently posted..Picture Plaque

  17. How fun and gorgeous is this line-up of goodies!! I’ll definitely have to make a few with my kids :)
    Holly @ Life in the Lofthouse recently posted..Southwest Chicken Pizza

  18. Thank you so much for posting this. I am going to make them for my daughter’s first birthday–a rainbow party, of course :)

  19. Lindsey Speers says:

    I have tried to make these twice and both times they have been extremely difficult to roll up. Do you refrigerate the dough at any point during the process? Do you have any other tips? I feel like it should be easy but the rolls just fall apart when it roll them (I do use flour the prevent them from sticking also) Thanks!

    • I had the same experience! If raw sugar makes it easier, then it would have been helpful to know that!

    • I just tried this and am so disappointed. I let the dough sit at room temp for 10 mins so it was pliable enough to knead flour into. But when I tried to roll it it just riped into a huge messy pile of sugar that could not be saved. I’m a baking novice but feels like the dough needs to be refrigerated before rolling….at the very least before cutting. I was trying to make these for my daughters first bday and now I have nothing but a wasted pile of sugar

  20. These are so cute! Thanks for linking up at Best of the Weekend!
    Amy @ Ms. Toody Goo Shoes recently posted..BEST OF THE WEEKEND 94… AND TIME TO “SPRING FORWARD!”

  21. Hello.
    I see you really like the rainbow. I want to show you what I did in 2013, I hope you like it too.
    A greeting.
    Rainbow Hojaldre

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