Coin-Covered Cross – Paid In Full {Easter Craft}

Wooden crosses are covered in coins – “Paid In Full” Easter Craft.


 Easter is less than three weeks away and the boys are getting so excited as I take out Easter baskets, plastic eggs, and other fun decorations.  Easter crafts are so much fun and I love to involve Reece and Bryce in making our home beautiful and fun for Easter.
It’s easy to get caught up in the chocolate bunnies and egg hunts so I like to remind the boys early on about what we are REALLY celebrating – the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  When Jesus died on that cross, he paid the penalty for all our sins and by doing so, he purchased eternal life for all who believe in him.  These Coin-Covered Crosses are a beautiful way to illustrate the price he paid and the variations are endless.  Because the coins are metallic, the Coin-Covered Cross looks so beautiful when the sun shines on it.

Materials Needed:
Copper paint (or your choice of metallic paint)
Wood cross (I ordered mine from Mr. Woody’s Etsy shop )
paint brush
coins (your choice)

The first thing I did was raid my children’s piggy banks – literally.  I was trying to find “pretty” pennies and those are apparently hard to come by in our house.  This was an excellent opportunity for me to explain what this craft and Easter was all about to Reece and Bryce.

Next step was painting the crosses.  You can paint them any color you want.  I knew I was going to be using pennies, so I used a Martha Stewart copper metallic paint that worked beautifully.
They really only needed one coat but I had to wait for the first area to dry before I finished painting. Since this is multi-dimensional, should anyone be viewing it from the side it will look cohesive.

The next step is to lay out your coins. Figure out if you want heads or tails showing, or both.  If you want all of one type of coin or different colors.

Once you have the coins laid out you can start gluing them on. Having the cross painted allows you the option to not cover the entire surface should you desire.

I really liked the look of the copper pennies by themselves but you can add dimension and color by adding another layer of a different coin – I used nickels.

I think these turned out really beautiful and I love the symbolism.

 Paid In Full.  I am so thankful for that.

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  1. Love your thoughts on this craft!

  2. this looks so cool! I think I want to do this now. Great Idea!

  3. Thanks Jennifer! They come together really quickly – AFTER you’ve found your pretty pennies :)

  4. They look amazing! I definitely want to try this.

  5. Cute idea Trish!

  6. A great idea and a great message! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Love this. I’ve pinned it and hope to do it. Thanks so much. I’ll link back.

  8. love this!! just pinned it:)

  9. Hi! Visiting from the party at Ginger Snap Crafts – I love what you did with these crosses! Such a neat idea!

    sara @

  10. That is beautiful!

  11. So awesome!! I can’t wait to make them with my kids.

  12. Wow… incredibly awesome way to teach our children about Who and How Jesus paid our sin debt. I will definitely be making these this weekend. Thank you and God bless..
    Abiding in Him,

  13. Trish — These came out great and I’m sure the boys loved getting to spend time with you to help with the decorating for an important holiday. Thank you for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays.

  14. I REally LOVE THIS!!! How WOnderful!

  15. I ABSOLUTELY love this!! I just did a post on Faith Based Easter crafts! It was pretty hard to find crafts like this! If you don’t mind I would LOVE to add this to it. If that’s ok?

  16. neat idea, would be great for a craft at church

  17. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful! what size cross did you use? Do you hae the item# from Mr. Woody? what glue did you use? Also, pennies can be cleaned with mayonaise! THANKS! i dont have a blog spot so have to publish as anonymous. Robin

    • Hi Robin! I used 4X6 crosses from Mr. Woody is various styles. I ordered (25) 4 x 6 Inch Wooden Cross made from 1/2 MDF, (Styles C20, C6, and C2) there are lots of styles to choose from.
      I used a combination of tacky glue and hot glue and did not know that pennies can be cleaned with mayonnaise – brilliant! Hope this helps!

    • Anonymous says:

      Pennies can also be cleaned with 1/4 c vinegar & 1 tsp salt in a plastic or glass bowl. You just put them in there for a few minutes, & they come out clean.

    • Anonymous says:

      Soak pennies in Coke and they clean up real pretty.

  18. i love this! i love this! i love this! pinning it, sharing it on my blog fb page, and would love it if you linked it up to my tip-toe thru tuesday party!

    andie @ crayonfreckles

  19. I love the message in this! thanks for sharing.

  20. God bless you and your family. Totally awesome and rare these days to find the real meaning of Easter mentioned. I made the empty tomb planter for my granddaughters but I don’t think the grass is growing. You are all awfully talented

    • Thank you Becky and God bless you and yours :)

    • God bless you and your family. Totally awesome and rare these days to find the real meaning of Easter mentioned……………………if you want to be real about Easter, its a pagan holiday, melded into christianity. Easter is always the first sunday following the spring equinox. a pagan tradition. the Holy Bible tells of king Herod preparing to celebrate Easter when word of Jesus birth was brought to him. easter has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus until the council of nicaea… which picked what books went into the bible in the first place

  21. I LOVE when the real meaning of Easter is mentioned, too! We don’t always see that in blogging land! :) Very sweet idea. Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  22. so appropriate! Thanks for sharing! Visiting from Bacon Time…

  23. I love blogging because it makes me think about things that I would not have otherwise. This Easter I have seen multiple posts about focusing on the real meaning of Easter… it has really helped me to stay focused and to think more about where my family’s focus needs to be. This is such a beautiful idea (though I’m sure I’d have trouble finding shiny coins in my house!!)

  24. LOVE this idea! This is one of the first “unique” activities I’ve seen this year!

    I’m doing a compilation of Easter activities for families and wondered if I could use one of your images (and link here, of course). Let me know….thanks!!

  25. I LOVE these! I was thinking about doing some work with finding area by covering a cross with squares and counting the number of squares but I think we’re going to have to do this too. maybe some estimation? Let them guess how many coins it would take to cover. These are just so cool and so great to keep and talk about the meaning behind them.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I’m going to do this as a 2 week project with my Sunday School class. I am going to take the first week to have the students clean the pennies and talk about how Jesus “cleans” us when we except Him as our Lord and Savior. The second week we will glue the pennies on. Thanks for this wonderful idea.
    I love it

  27. These look great!

  28. I so love the coin covered crosses, I favor the one with all the same copper pennies. It is great to have projects that are centered on our faith. Love it. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday’s Best!

  29. What a great idea and so true! I am so glad that Jesus did pay it in full! What a wonderful and loving Saviour He is!!! Thanks for sharing your idea!

  30. What a beautiful illustration! Will be making these with my little boy this week for sure!

  31. Beaautiful!

  32. This is beautiful is so many ways!

  33. What a post! Love what these crosses represent! I’d love you to link up this post too!

  34. I saw your craft on Pinterest and used it for the craft project as part of our mission study for my 3rd graders that I teach at church. They (and their parents) loved it! It was perfect for reminding them why we pray for and give to missions, and that they can always be missionaries and tell their friends about Jesus. I also love the timing being so close to Easter. (Isn’t God cool!)
    First, they wrote “Jesus Paid it All” on the back and then they painted the front of the crosses in spring pastel colors. It was so neat to see how unique each turned out with the same supplies. Most of the girls wanted to keep theirs, but a couple asked if it was OK if they gave theirs to someone? Of course!
    Thanks for the great idea.

  35. Thank you so much for sharing this. I will be making these with the kids this week as we prepare for Easter…love, love, love it! I will post pictures and link back here when we are done.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I would like to do this for a group of 13 fourth graders. Has anyone used anything other than pre-made crosses? I need an expensive base for these. I was thinking of tongue depressors, but need more suggestions.

  37. Anonymous says:

    You can clean the pennies by placing them in cola for a while.

  38. Found you on pinterest, and I love this idea. Just wanted to give you a heads up. The link I followed wasn’t to your blog, but some sort of sales blog:
    Fortunately, the picture still had your water mark and I found you.

  39. You know after a while you see the same crafts over and over with only slight changes. I love this because it is 1) such a great object lesson and visual reminder of what Christ did for us and 2) it’s just doggone original and creative!! Thanks so much!!

  40. I am finding a lot of stuff on your blog that appeals to me. The “Paid in Full” says so much and I am off to my local craft store. I am going to add a simple tag tied to the cross with ribbon with the paid in full message.

    I found this on Pinterest too and am so glad that it linked to your site. Happy Easter

  41. Love this! I have a shoe box full of pennies. Now I know what to do with some of them! I just shared with my readers today how I want to keep the real meaning in Easter for my kids. This is a project that is getting added to my list! Thanks for sharing :)

  42. I made some! I had some trouble finding crosses, but I got a few at Hobby Lobby. I posted my pictures here: (and I linked back to your post!)

  43. I also made one and here’s the link. I added my picture but clicking on it links back to your post.

  44. I would like to do this with the kids next Easter and I love the message BUT I’m not the best when it comes to the Bible or scripture. Dh and kids go to church anytime the doors are open but I struggle……anyway, can someone recommend where I can find scripture or a simple book to read with the kids that would relate to the cross/sin debt message? Or maybe I can have grandma do the craft w/ them….

    It looks very very pretty!

  45. Aww, these are beautiful Trish. And so many combinations to play with too.

    I’m not religious (just my upbringing) but I’ll pass along this idea and help out to my childrens’ elementary school. Would make the perfect Easter craft (with cardboard bases) and I have a ton of pennies and small change saved. :)

  46. Lisa Oswald says:

    Does anyone have a suggestion on what type of glue to use besides hot glue? Will be working with 1at graders.

  47. crazywoman/Billie says:

    I too love this idea!! So wonderful to find Christian crafts! I also re-pinned it!
    I recently bought a wooden cross at Michaels (or Hobby Lobby), and wasn’t sure just what I was going to do with it. Thought I might just leave as is. But now, I think I will make one of these crosses. It is just a little bigger than the ones you bought, but i think it will work fine. Mine is 4 1/2″ X 8″.
    Now to round up some pennies!
    So glad I found this!! Thank you!!
    I wish I had one of those fancier crosses. Maybe I’ll get one of those one day.

  48. Great idea for Good Friday/Easter! Thanks! I went through the trouble of trying to clean the dirty pennies, only to get dirtier pennies from not washing REALLY thoroughly. To avoid the trouble of cleaning pennies, you can get SHINY, BRAND new pennies from the bank!! Makes beautiful crosses and totally shiny!! No cleaning necessary!! Also, painting the crosses is costly and a bit of a pain. I don’t think that part is necessary if you are pressed for time or $$, since the coins cover the front of the cross nicely. Thanks for the brilliant idea! Now just trying to figure out to get a sign “Paid in Full” on it…maybe I’ll put it over the cross, taped on the wall. =)

  49. Rebecca says:

    I am making these now as gifts and took the time to find pennies with the year that our family members were born!!!!!

  50. Samantha Robbins says:

    I love these crosses! They look even better with a bit of cranberry juice splashed on them to remind us of the blood he spilled for us. My sons loved making them.

  51. For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

    1 Timothy 6:10

  52. Those are so pretty! And covering them with coins brings home the “PIF” message!
    LuAnn Braley recently posted..A to Z Challenge Reveal Blogfest!

  53. Hey Trish
    Lovelovelove this project! Im an “old” homeschool mom and these kinds of crafts still catch my eye. =) More then the actual project (which is awesome) the thing I love the most is the clear presentation of the Gospel you gave in you description. Everyday is about our debt being paid, so when I make these with my grandbabies…and I DEFINATELY will, they wont come down off the wall, fridge or wherever we hang them when Easter is over. Thank you for the idea and especially the message!
    1 Corintians 15:1-4

  54. Wow. I see where you were going with this, but you really think it’s appropriate to cover a cross in money?

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