Cherry Coke Fudge + Giveaway!

Because we can… Cherry Coke Fudge! A decadent cherry fudge topped with a Coca-Cola chocolate frosting! This irresistible fudge is sure to be a hit this holiday season!

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Because we can... Cherry Coke Fudge! A decadent cherry fudge topped with a Coca-Cola chocolate frosting! This irresistible fudge is sure to be a hit this holiday season! // Mom On Timeout


The holiday season is upon us and before we know it, it’ll come to an end. With two young boys that are rapidly growing up, every single holiday season is so important to me. I try to relish each and every moment, capture as many pictures as possible, and enjoy the time I have with them when Christmas is just so magical.

One of the ways we enjoy the holidays is by making treats together. We don’t eat them all ourselves, of course not! Half the fun is handing them out to friends and family so they can enjoy them too.

Because we can... Cherry Coke Fudge! A decadent cherry fudge topped with a Coca-Cola chocolate frosting! This irresistible fudge is sure to be a hit this holiday season! // Mom On Timeout

Today I’m sharing this Cherry Coke Fudge in honor of one of my dear friends who inspires me each and every day. Let me tell you about Ann. She’s the hardest working person I know. She’s a mom, a nurse, a friend, a daughter, a wife, and so much more. Her schedule is NUTS. Nuts I tell you! I’ll see her in the morning and she’ll have just got off her hospital shift a few hours before and amazingly, shockingly, manages to have a smile on her face and a kind word for me. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention she’s hilarious.

She’s always there to listen to me complain about the little things and to offer support. She lets me bounce recipe ideas off of her and is somewhat of a genius in coming up with recipes for me to share with you all. She makes it to her daughter’s swim meets in spite of only getting a few hours of sleep the night before.

Because we can... Cherry Coke Fudge! A decadent cherry fudge topped with a Coca-Cola chocolate frosting! This irresistible fudge is sure to be a hit this holiday season! // Mom On Timeout

She takes care of her mom who just had back surgery and drives an hour to work each way. She does it ALL… and somehow manages not to make me feel like the laziest person alive. You guys, she does all this… with a smile.

There’s a lot more I could say but I’m sure I’ve embarrassed her enough with just this. She’s my hero, and she deserves the very best. I have a special treat for Ann this week and I know she’s going to love it.

Because we can... Cherry Coke Fudge! A decadent cherry fudge topped with a Coca-Cola chocolate frosting! This irresistible fudge is sure to be a hit this holiday season! // Mom On Timeout

You guys. I am IN LOVE with these personalized Coca-Cola bottles! I ordered THREE separate times because I kept thinking of names and different words I wanted on the bottles. I ordered one for everyone in my family and I’m going to put the bottles in our Christmas stockings this year – so fun!


Oh, yes I did….


Got a six pack of these babies sitting on my desk right now. Loving it!

Have you heard of Coca-Cola’s #ShareaCoke program? This holiday season, Coca-Cola wants to shine the spotlight on those who make this time of year extra special for the people around them. People like my friend Ann. You can order special personalized #ShareaCoke glass bottles for loved ones this holiday season using this special discount code (Holiday40) just for my readers on!


Make the season extra special and personalized with these fun Coca-Cola bottles!

There’s more! Share the story of an “unsung hero” in your life in the comments below for a chance to win a #ShareaCoke prize from Coca-Cola.  I want to hear about who makes your holiday season brighter!

I’m giving away:

• One (1) six-pack of personalized “Share a Coke” glass bottles on

• A $100 Visa gift card to use towards a gift or celebration for your unsung hero

So exciting right? Almost as exciting as this Cherry Coke Fudge! I used cherry gelatin and maraschino cherries to pack a serious cherry flavor. I topped it all with m favorite Coca-Cola frosting – it’s SO GOOD. Like, don’t “taste test” it too much or you’ll never stop :)

The great thing about this recipe is it’s made in a 9×13 baking dish so you’re going to have a TON of fudge! Great for sharing with friends and family this holiday season!


Because we can... Cherry Coke Fudge! A decadent cherry fudge topped with a Coca-Cola chocolate frosting! This irresistible fudge is sure to be a hit this holiday season! // Mom On Timeout


Cherry Coke Fudge
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Because we can... Cherry Coke Fudge! A decadent cherry fudge topped with a Coca-Cola chocolate frosting! This irresistible fudge is sure to be a hit this holiday season!
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 117 pieces
Cherry Fudge
  • ¾ cup butter
  • 3 cups granulated sugar
  • ⅔ cup heavy whipping cream
  • 2 tbsp cherry gelatin (Jell-O)
  • 1 12 oz bag white baking chips
  • 7 oz jar marshmallow creme
  • 1 tsp cherry or vanilla extract
  • 1 10 oz jar maraschino cherries, drained
Coca-Cola Frosting
  • ½ cup unsalted butter
  • 3 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 6 tbsp Coca-Cola
  • 1 lb powdered sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
Cherry Fudge
  1. Cut the cherries into quarters. Pat with a paper towel over and over again to remove as much moisture as possible. Continuing patting with a paper towel until there isn't any more moisture. Set aside.
  2. Line a 9x13 baking dish with non-stick foil. Set aside.
  3. Combine butter, sugar, and heavy cream in a heavy bottomed saucepan.
  4. Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring frequently.
  5. Once at a full boil, continue boiling for 3 minutes, stirring continuously.
  6. Add cherry gelatin and stir continuously, boiling for another 2 to 3 minutes or until gelatin is completely dissolved.
  7. Remove from heat and stir in white baking chips. (I use a whisk to get out all the lumps.)
  8. Stir in marshmallow creme and cherry or vanilla extract.
  9. Fold in dry maraschino cherries.
  10. Pour into prepared pan and let cool to room temperature and then refrigerate.
Coca-Cola Frosting
  1. Place powdered sugar in a heat-proof bowl and set aside.
  2. In a small saucepan, combine the butter, unsweetened cocoa, and Coca-Cola over medium heat.
  3. Bring just to a boil and pour over powdered sugar. Whisk until combined and smooth.
  4. Add vanilla extract and continue whisking or stirring to combine.
  5. Immediately pour over chilled fudge. Use an offset spatula to gently spread the frosting over the top of the fudge.
  6. Chill for 20 minutes or until frosting has set.
  7. Cut into small pieces and serve.


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Disclosure: Coca-Cola has provided me with the products used within this project. I was compensated for this blog post. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Mom On Timeout possible!

*The prize was provided by The Coca-Cola Company. The Coca-Cola Company is not a sponsor, administrator or connected in any other way with this campaign.


  1. My husband is our unsung hero. He had a vasectomy after our 2nd child was born, but 2 years after that we regretted our decision. He was brave enough to have reversal to make me happy. We have had 2 more children since. He is willing to go to the moon and back for us.

  2. Amy Orvin says:

    My mom is my unsung hero. She is always giving and has so much amazing love to give everyone. She stayed in a bad marriage just to keep her family together even though she didn’t want to be in it anymore. She stayed for her kids and sacrificed her life and happiness. Her kids are grown and she is free from the bad marriage now. I think that makes her a unsung hero!

  3. Yum! Those look delicious and so pretty! My guardian angel, my precious Nana is my unsung hero. She passed this past May 2nd, just 14 days shy of her 81st birthday. Growing up, she was basically my mom,dad, grandparents all in one. Meanwhile keeping up a big house, taking care of her disabled son who later passed because of an assault injury and taking care of her husband who passed after their son. She is the absolute strongest one person I have ever had the blessing of knowing and although this year has been the worst of my life, I must keep going knowing that she is with me all the time. I know she is no longer suffering and that is what allows me to keep doing life here without her. She loved the holidays so I am trying my best to live within her! xo

  4. My husband is my unsung hero. He was by my side when I was sick and basically saved my life. He is always there for me

  5. Kristy Tidwell says:

    My unsung hero is my mother in law. She has and is still raising nine kids, she has two still at home and she works as a cafeteria lady at the local high school. Her husband works based on an hourly basis and they live very simply. However she will bend over backwards and give every cent she has to her children. For example, we drove to Utah for thanksgiving and she wouldn’t let us buy anything for thanksgiving or the wedding luncheon for my brother in law. She spoiled the kids with a new toy for the long drive home, she gave me money to help with the trip and she volunteered to watch all three kids while my hubby and I spent a couple hours at the nearest lds temple. I know they have no savings and a very small income but she does everything in her power to provide for her children and me by marriage 😄. She truly is wonderful and always sacrifices her needs

  6. My mom is my unsung hero! She is my best friend! She is so giving of herself to me and to others! She is always finding someone in need and always does things to help them out! Even if it is just praying for them! She is the best Mommy in the world! She is Godly, caring, loving and so very unselfish! She deserves the world!

  7. Auntiepatch says:

    My mother was, and still is, my unsung hero. She made clothes for my sister and me from Kindergarten to junior high school. She served on the PTA board as President, Vice President, and Secretary. Living in a small town that she loved, she decided to become the “welcome hostess” to new families to the valley with gifts that she picked up from local merchants. In her spare time, she picked up puppies and kittens from the local shelter and took them to retirement homes to brighten the day of the old people living there.
    One time when she heard on the radio that a local shelter was giving away dogs for free because of over crowding, she called me to drive a second car 80 miles to help her collect 25 (Yes, 25) dogs. We had them in new homes in less than 4 weeks. I will never forget the look on my father’s face when he got home from work!
    She always had a smile on her face and everyone wanted to be her friend. The front door was never locked and there was always a chair at the table for anyone visiting or just hungry. I could go on and on. As I said before; is was, and still is, my hero.

  8. I am in love with this!!! And this post, it’s amazing.

  9. Peggy Bauer says:

    My unsung hero is my husband. We have raised five children. A daughter and two sets of twin boy’s. I have always been able to rely on him for the smallest of things like changing a diaper to the biggest of things like our first born daughter leaving home. He has always put us first. He’s our unsung hero!!!

  10. D SCHMIDT says:

    My unsung hero is my husband, he has been going through some serious medical issues and still manages to work full time and attend college. He literally dedicates his life to being a good husband and father, I am amazed at all the challenges he tries to overcome.

  11. My husband is my unsung hero, he helps with lots of chores at our new home. I don’t think I can ever get them all done by myself.

  12. this fudge seriously look legit trish!!! oh and eric is doing the dishes right now so yeah… hero!

  13. My parents are my unsung heroes. This year has been really difficult for me medically, and they have been there every step of the way, with it affecting them more emotionally than it did me. I don’t think I would have made it through without them, driving me to appointments, doing laundry, cooking for me, and letting me recuperate at their house.

  14. Susan Broughton says:

    My husband is my unsung hero. We have been married for 35 years and he’s always been there for me through everything!

  15. Tabathia B says:

    My mother is my #unsunghero. She is a survivor of domestic abuse, has lost her mother, aunt, 3 brothers and 1 sister to cancer and her other 2 sisters years ago. She lost 3 siblings within 5 years of each other. She was really sick a few years ago when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter and she was supportive of me and was so strong during her illness. She doesn’t have a bitter bone in her body.

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  16. Soha Molina says:

    My unsung hero is my husband, He is our protector and provider and all around stable rock in our family.

  17. I have to say it is my husband that is my unsung hero. He provides and protects the family. He is always doing things for the family and hardly ever puts himself first and never complains about it. He has worked some over time to help make the holiday a little easier to make special. I couldn’t ask for a better husband or father.

  18. carol clark says:

    seeing my family makes me happy the joy on there faces the love in the air i love christmas

  19. Glynis Evans says:

    My Dad is my unsung hero. He taught me so much about love and faith. He was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer last Fall and passed away shortly after. During his last days his faith helped our family cope with this fatal diagnosis. I miss him so much but I know he is still guiding me through my days.

  20. My mum-in-law is the unsung hero. Despite recuperating from a car accident, she is always around to help.

  21. Lisa Brown says:

    My husband is my un-sung hero: he works terribly hard to support and provide for the two of us, never complaining. He is my best friend and I couldn’t imagine life without him :)
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  22. I don’t know how you would ever pick from the list above. It is wonderful to know that there are still so many unsung heroes left in this world. I think sometimes we forget that amidst the media.
    My unsung hero is my friend. She was my on-call mother when my kids were young and got sick at school and I worked full time. After my husband died she called me almost every single day for over a year to make sure I was doing ok. She is an only child and her father passed when she was young so she has always there for her mom, aunt, uncle, in-laws and everyone else. Giving tirelessly even when she doesn’t feel well and she has been through her own issues. I am very grateful to have a friend like her in my life.

  23. My mom is my unsung hero. She is a two time breast cancer survivor. Throughout the battles, she never faltered, never gave up. She made Thanksgiving dinner in a wig and a bathrobe because she just couldn’t muster up the energy to get dressed. She takes care of all of us, dad, me, 2 brothers, 2 grandchildren and my grandmother who also battled breast cancer the same time my mother was battling. They went to chemo together and it was simply amazing how my mother was stronger for my grandmother than she was for herself. I can’t imagine my life without her. I never saw my mother as a strong woman. I just saw her behind the scenes taking care of everything. It wasn’t until I saw her literally fight for her life that I discovered what a truly amazing woman she truly is.

  24. Bridget Heiple Reich says:

    My mom is our unsung hero! She has five kids and now she has grandkids. She and my dad always take the time to make sure we are all taken care of. They run all over town watching all their grandkids so none of us have to pay babysitters. They are the best parents and grandparents ever! :)

  25. My dad is one of my unsung heroes. He is a Korean War veteran with 88 years of healthy living. He used to be affected by the memories of war but he has always been a man of prayer and studied God’s Word. This has made him strong. He is so kind and loving. I love him!

  26. My son’s teachers. I am so thankful for their support and love of my kid. He entered kindergarten with a bang and instead of labeling him a troublemaker, they basically stood on their heads to figure out how to help him succeed. They never made him seem like anything other than a kid who just needed some extra help adjusting and continue to tell me how much they love him, even as he still has rough days here and there. I am so thankful they decided to pursue education and continue to stick with it.

  27. Debbie Edwards says:

    My mom is my unsung hero. No matter what the situation good or bad she is there no judgment, unconditional love and always self sacrificing. She has taught me to be that way. But she is amazing.

  28. My husband is my unsung hero. He works so I can stay at home with our kids. He also is there when I need him, especially during times when our kids might be sick and I need him to rearrange his work schedule to help get them to various appointments. He listens to my intuition and doesn’t dismiss anything I say or think.

  29. My unsung hero is, without question, my spouse. He works incredibly hard, even when his heart is breaking because of the uncertainties and upheavals in his company. He never complains that he’s the only one of us who can work; he just shoulders the burden and carries on. He keeps the roof over our heads, he keeps the dogs’ tails wagging, he keeps food on the table, he keeps the smile on my face. And he’s always supportive of his friends, too, doing whatever he can, being there for them. He’s my rock.

  30. My husband is amazing he takes such excellent care of kids

  31. My unsung hero is my ex-mother-in-law. She has always been there for me even though I’m not her biological child. She’s the BEST grammy in the world. When my son was born she was there. Holding my hand, calming me. I just cannot tell you how much she means to me and so many others. She worked as a teacher for 30+ years and has had countless former students come back to tell her how important she was in their lives. I am blessed to have her in my life.

  32. Julie Cutshaw says:

    My dear husband is my unsung hero. A naval veteran and still serves at the veterans hospital to help others after battling colon cancer himself. thank you and Merry Christmas. Your post photos are so festive and pretty.

  33. My aunt is one of the kindest people I know….always reaching out to help a neighbor, a child or a family member.

  34. Debbie Whitman says:

    My hubby is my unsung hero. He has provided for our family in so many ways. He has been at his job for 45 years, waking up at 4am every morning. A few years ago he got into a pretty bad motorcycle accident, losing his left leg and basically the left side of his body is now steel. Not one time complaining through all of his therapy and even now I haven’t heard one word of how that has changed his life drastically. He still manages to get up at 4 am and go to work. He is the hardest most dedicated person I know. Bless his beautiful and loving heart!

  35. What an absolutely fun and creative fudge flavor!!! This looks awesome!

  36. Heather Hirst says:

    My 22 year old son is my unsung hero. He has made it his life’s mission to help me improve my health and does a wonderful job of keeping me motivated. All of this as he works and attends classes online. I may have given him the gift of life but really he gives me life!

  37. Susan Christy says:

    My boss is amazing. She has been extremely sick and away from the office for several weeks yet made sure that local charities received their donations from us, and that all of the employees received their Christmas gifts and bonuses. No matter how she’s feeling, she puts others first.

  38. Manda Shank says:

    My mom is my unsung hero. Always traveling where she is needed for her adult children. I couldn’t do it without her.

  39. My dad is an unsung hero. He worked very hard outside in the cold, I don’t know how he did it. We never lacked for things, and I realize now that I’m older how hard it must have been, he didn’t ever want anything, it was hard to ever get him a present!

  40. My brother is an unsung hero, not so much to me, but to his family. He works over 70 hours a week with his own small business, and is onlyu off on Christmas and Easter. His life is very routine and mundane, but he does it for his family.

  41. My dog is my unsung hero! I suffer from depression, she knows when I,m felling sad and hugs me and wont stop until I play with her. She makes me laugh with her funny expressions. She does her best to do as I tell her, even though shes deaf. she is very devoted and dose n’t leave my side. She loves me unconditionally.

  42. Between steps 9 and 10 is when you pour this in the prepared pan, right? Or do you pour it in and then add the cherries?

    BTW, my Mom is my hero. She is still living on her own, cooking, driving, shopping, etc. at 92 years of age. I wish I could keep a house that clean!

  43. Barbara WilliamsBar says:

    My Mom is my unsung hero. She worked so hard while I was growing up to make sure that I was taken care of. She helped me raise my children. She was my best frienId. I watched here bravely fight the losing battle of lung cancer,never once complaining. She is the bravest person I have ever known. She is now my angel in heaven and I miss having her here with me every single day.

  44. Barbara Williams says:

    My Mom is my unsung hero. She worked so hard while I was growing up to make sure that I was taken care of. She helped me raise my children. She was my best frienId. I watched here bravely fight the losing battle of lung cancer,never once complaining. She is the bravest person I have ever known. She is now my angel in heaven and I miss having her here with me every single day.

  45. Maria Glenn says:

    My husband is my unsung hero. Around this time last year he literally saved my life. My liver was failing and I didn’t recognize him or even my children. When he came home from work, he found me in the bathroom babbling, not even able to talk. He promptly got me dressed and rushed me to the ER. The ER Doctor said if he had not have found me when he did, I would have been dead in a couple hours. I spent 2 weeks in the hospital and was still bedridden when I finally was released was the hospital. My husband, James, went to work, came home cleaned house, cooked, took the boys to their football practice and took care of them. He would bring me my meals in bed and took amazing care of me. He had to be Mom and Dad and work a full time job. He was and is amazing and most definitely my unsung hero!!

  46. My unsung hero is my sister. She is living with kidney disease & is on peritoneal dialysis, but she never complains. She is such a hard worker & often goes into work on the weekends to make sure things run smoothly. She is a single Mom who raised a wonderful son that now has three kids of his own. So she is now a fabulous grandmother who will drive the 2 hours to help out with them at the drop of a at. My parents are older now & she is their go to for just about everything. I am half way across the country & she does my share & hers as well. She is 9 years older than me & has taught me so much in life including how to cook & bake. She has always been my inspiration in life and I love her to pieces.

  47. Ellen Casper says:

    My son is my unsung hero. At only 20 years old is a nationally certified EMT and a firefighter for the city of Charlesto, SC.

  48. My kids! Love watching them open up their gifts!

  49. Heather Sebastian says:

    My husband is an unsung hero! He works so hard so I don’t have to work and can go to nursing school. He’s our families hero! :)

  50. Lori Williams says:

    My stepmom is my unsung hero. She has continued to stay by my Dad’s side thru so much amd now Alzheimers. Then yesterday he had a stroke and is paralized on his left side. She continues to love and care for him. She is such a blessing to us. I thank God every day for her.

  51. carol clark says:

    #ShareaCoke My Aunt Debbie she lost her father when she was 16 i was 2 she helped my grandmaw till she passed she has always been there for me she went through so much and helped me as a person as she helped many others she became a sunday school teacher and she is just the best i know of she is a true blessing

  52. I would like to make this but I need to change the chocolate frosting. My grandson is allergic to chocolate. Could we substitute with a white frosting?

  53. Angie Gerardy says:

    How much powdered sugar do you use for this recipe??? Does that say 1lb??? I am just double checking…let me know cause this cherry coke fudge looks yummy!

  54. Cindy Thomas says:

    My unsung hero is my daughter. My husband and I took the view that teachers had “great” jobs. They get summers off, never really work an 8 hour day because there is recess, lunch, and other classes the children go to, and then there are the days off. Then our daughter became a teacher. She is constantly working to give her students a great school and learning experience. The things she deals with on a daily basis are mind boggling. Not only does she work more than 8 hours a day during the school year, taking work home and working during the weekend from time to time, but she works throughout the summer to get ready for the new students she will teach when school begins for the new year. We also found out that she is not just a teacher, but also a counselor, parent, friend, and advocate. We now realize, by knowing the work she does to teach well, that good teachers do much more work than most people realize.

  55. Christine Giannone-Hurley says:

    My son is my unsung hero. He is 10 years old and is the most positive, energetic, boy I know. He has overcome so much and is doing so well in school now. He now wears 2 hearing aids, and gets special help in school. Though he has a hearing loss, he has found ways to communicate with people, and he even plays on a soccer team. He has taught me so much about being ok with who you are, and I love him so much. He teaches me things all the time.

  56. I came here for the RECIPE. I’mhiking you should edit 10. Shouldn’t it say “pour into pan, let coolong to room temperature then chill…”
    I hope to make this tomorrow. If it is as yummy as cherry cordials ( my favorite) I’ll make a 2nd batch for friends. Cherry coke is an awesome flavor idea!

  57. Roni Travis says:

    My unsung hero is my 14 year old niece Jaedyn. She has been a very sick child for many, many years. She has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis which has caused her much pain. Countless amounts of medications, including shot on a daily basis. She also has an autoimmune disease which was almost the death of her a couple of years ago. This girl is a fighter and hardly ever complains about how her life is. She is my hero!

  58. Our granddaughter is 18 and makes time for us no matter what, she is such a ray of sun shine, every time she visits we get plenty of hugs, kisses and laughs, thanks

  59. Could you use the drained Marciano cherry juice in place of the cherry extract in the bottom layer of fudge?

  60. My unsung hero was my former foster mom (Gram), she passed away several years ago ( been in her foster family for over 40+ years- they even helped with raising & advice with my 2 sons)…Gram had 7 natural children, many grandchildren, & great grandchildren. She was already over 60 years old (when her natural youngest child went to Viet Nam) and she decided to become a foster parent…She had several foster children, some were not allowed to stay with her & her family, some stayed with her & her family well after we were no longer a foster child =like me…and Gram even adopted one of the foster child…………..She taught many things including the basics, cooking, cleaning & such, (I grew up with Gram’s children as my Aunts & Uncles -later becoming my Sisters & Brothers) and Grams grandchildren were all my cousins…..Even now over 40+ years I still feel Gram’s family is my family, we still stay in touch, visit when we can & especially stay in touch through Face Book…….That is why Gram is my Hero & Guardian Angel because I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for Gram becoming a foster parent…..

  61. Renea Yarolim says:

    My unsung hero is my daughter-in-law. In 2003 my son married this wonderful girl who also had the most adorable daughter who was 2 yrs old. My son has loved this girl who was his best friend since he was 14 yrs old. This girl was his best friend for years. When my son told me that this girl was pregnant at the age of 20 the first question I asked him is if the baby was his. He said no but I would lie and say the baby was his. Well, after the baby was born and they started dating officially that baby did become his daughter. After they married they did have a baby boy born in 2004. Life was good. She became our daughter. In 2006 our son was diagnosed with a brain tumor (containing 3 different cancers) and he we all lost him 6 wks after the diagnosis. My daughter-in-law refused to leave his side any minute of his last days. She did everything for my son. He loved her so much! She has made sure she is still in all of our lives and that we get to see our grandchildren whenever we want. She sitll misses my son every minute of the day but is strong for our grandchildren and for us.

  62. The unsung hero in my life is my mom. She’s been through quite a bit in her lifetime and yet never lets things keep her down. There isn’t a time when she’s not there to lend a helping hand, be it with me, my wife or our kids. Rarely taking time for herself, she relishes in the time spent with her grandchildren. If I am half the person she is, then I’ll be on the right track! #ShareaCoke

  63. Like most people, I would definitely say my mom is an unsung hero. As a mother now, I can see how much my own mother sacrificed for us without complaint while I was growing up. It’s clear that even now, my brother and I and our kids all come before her. She doesn’t live near either of us, but she give so much to us of her heart. She sends packages each month to the kids just to hear them squeal when they open them. She flies out to watch them as often as she can. My mother has never asked for anything but love and is so frustrating to give gifts to. How do you show the immeasurable love you have for your mom?!!? I wish I could buy the house next door and have her live there.

  64. Sherry Compton says:

    My family makes the holiday brighter. This year I am going to spend the first part with my two grandkids, and kids definitley add cheer to holidays. Then, I will be watching Christmas movies with my husband and daughter. They are all amazing and really add to my holidays and life.

  65. Clara Watts says:

    My daughter is my hero. For the past year now she’s been dealing with depression, eating disorders, anxiety, self harming, and other issues due to treatment when she lived with her father. Despite everything and only weighing 68 pounds a year ago (mind you she just turned 17 this past October) she’s doing amazing 😊. She’s come from such a darkness to overcome unbeatable odds and is now a sophomore in high school, takes dance lessons, is in choir, and weighs close to 100 pounds. I thank god every day that he’s blessed me with such a strong amazing daughter that’s totally giving and loving and is just a pure joy to all that meets her!

  66. Pam Denham pde says:

    My unsung hero is my boyfriend. Bill is a police officer who has been with the same dept for 24yrs. His normal work week is 4days/ 10hr shifts. However, he has been putting in 5-6 day work weeks of 60-70 plus hrs. He also puts in alot of research to make recommendations to make it safer for fellow officers. He has also spent thousands of his own money to buy safety gear and other items to make his job safer.

  67. I didn’t know where else to comment about the coca cola fudge recipe. I started making this last night and let the cherry “fudge” chill over night. This morning I made the chocolate frosting and chilled 20 minutes. The chocolate hardened as expected but the cherry is still runny. It’s not hardening at all. What could I have done wrong?

    • Shouldn’t be runny at all. Either your fudge didn’t boil long enough or your cherries were wet. It doesn’t take very long to set up.

      • Jessicamomontimeout says:

        Trish doesn’t do this for us she does it for the money. My comment and another comment just like it were deleted without a response to mine. The complaint was the fudge was gritty which her response to the other person was that she did not dissolve the jello enough. Well i know my jello was dissolved. My theory was the recipe called for too much jello since the pink color was way darker too. I had to throw away the entire pan! What a waste. Btw, my unsung hero is myself for not being a selfish, censoring, basic bitch. Tip: use the website name with your name when you sign on with your email on websites and comments that require it. So you can see who is selling your email address. Your trashy ads suck too and are horribly positioned and hardly exitable and they pop up right over where I need to see the screen! You suck! I’m a peace loving mindful hippy who does yoga and even i am going to say, get a real job amateur! At least I gave you a good reason to delete this comment!

  68. Beverly Youngblood says:

    I Love these Recioes

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