Captain America’s Sweet Shield Cakes

My boys are really into superheroes.  Like, REALLY into superheros.  I’m sure many of you moms with little boys can totally relate here :)  We have everything – masks, capes, toys, figures, and they still can’t get enough!  Reece had an Avengers party for his last birthday and of course my boys were super heroes […]

Stuffed Peppers

Easy-to-make Stuffed Peppers for an amazing dinner any night of the week! My very favorite element of our Avengers Party last weekend was the Pepper Potts’ Stuffed Bell Peppers.  My hubby gets full credit for this one.  I was trying to come up with dishes for various characters like my Black Widow Spider Bites and […]

Black Widow Spider Bites

Sunday we had an amazing Avengers party in celebration of the release of The Avengers.  I served up a variety of Avengers-themed food items and I’ll be sharing a few of them with you this week.  First up are Black Widow Spider Bites.  These are perfect for Halloween parties or Avengers parties! Ingredients: Oreo Cookies […]

Calling All Avengers! #MarvelAvengersWMT

My family loves the Avengers.   Like LOVES the Avengers.  I could tell you about all the toys and merchandise we own but I will just tell you that right now, in my guest bathroom, we have an Avenger soap pump.  There.  Enough said.  The excitement has been building in our household as each Marvel […]

Lemon-Lime (HULK) Party Punch Recipe

Lemon Lime Party Punch Recipe that is so delicious and refreshing!   Last month we had Reece’s Avengers birthday party.  We had lots of cool Avenger-themed food and drinks including this fabulous “HULK PUNCH“.  This punch is simple to prepare and so refreshing and delicious – perfect for any party! You can make this punch in […]

Captain America Birthday Cake!

This tutorial for a Captain American Birthday Cake is sure to delight all Avengers fans!  We celebrated Reece’s 6th birthday this past weekend.  It’s hard to believe that my little boy is already six!  Reece really wanted an Avengers birthday party and so I did my best to make that happen for him :)  He […]