To Die For Carrot Cake

 A cake unlike any other! This To Die For Carrot Cake receives rave reviews for it’s unbelievable moistness and flavor! Truly the BEST CARROT CAKE you’ll ever try! So easy to make and as an added bonus, there’s no oil or butter! I know this cake will quickly become a family favorite!

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This To Die For Carrot Cake receives rave reviews for it's unbelievable moistness and flavor! Truly the BEST CARROT CAKE you'll ever try! So easy to make and as an added bonus, there's no oil or butter! I know this cake will quickly become a family favorite! // Mom On Timeout


There is nothing like a cake to transform an ordinary party into a celebration. There’s something so festive about cakes that scream it’s time to PARTY! Today I’m sharing a cake recipe with you all that’s a family heirloom. I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to share this recipe with you!

This is my Nana’s recipe – slightly modified – and it is sooo amazing!  I get requests several times a year for this To-Die-For Carrot Cake and made it just last week for my sister’s birthday.  I love this recipe because it’s a one-two-three recipe and that makes it so easy! It also is a one-bowl wonder which I love.

The pineapple makes this cakes so moist and the addition of coconut adds a sweet, delicate flavor that you’re going to love!

To-Die-For Carrot Cake from | The BEST Carrot Cake you'll ever try! #recipe #cake #dessert

My Nana’s recipe is super simple and tastes incredible but what’s a carrot cake without cream cheese frosting?? After the cakes have finished cooling, invert the cake onto a cake plate or stand. Apply a generous dollop of frosting and spread to cover. An offset spatula will make quick work of this.

Gently place the second cake on top and continue frosting.

You can decorate the cake however you want {of course!} and I do it differently every time.  I left out the nuts in this recipe and opted to decorate with them instead.  I chopped up some pecans and then inverted a bowl onto the cake.  I spread the pecans around the bowl and ended up with a nice clean circle on the center of the cake.

I could have left it like this but my family loves coconut so I filled in the center with shredded coconut.  Turned out really pretty!

This To Die For Carrot Cake receives rave reviews for it's unbelievable moistness and flavor! Truly the BEST CARROT CAKE you'll ever try! So easy to make and as an added bonus, there's no oil or butter! I know this cake will quickly become a family favorite! // Mom On Timeout

 What a cake!! I’d love for you to give this recipe a try – it really will blow your mind!  I like to use light cream cheese frosting and then subbing the applesauce for the oil, well, obviously you can now have two pieces of cake ;)

Do you have family recipes that the whole family just LOVES like this To Die For Carrot Cake??  I’m so thankful that I was able to get so many fabulous recipes from my Nana. Every time we eat this cake, I think of her and all the yummy times we had together.



  • I used three 8-inch cake pans in the video. I really like the size of the cake with three layers. These are the pans I used – they’re amazing!
  • These cakes are SUPER moist – amazingly so. Make sure to adequately grease your pans before adding the cake batter. My little brother likes to grease his pans, and line them with a piece of parchment before baking. I’m far too lazy for that. Using the pans above, and some baking spray that has the flour added in (like Baker’s Joy or Pam with flour), I have never, ever had any sticking issues.
  • I’ve had several requests from people wanting to know where I got my cake serving set from… Amazon, of course!


To-Die-For Carrot Cake {Recipe}
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
This To Die For Carrot Cake receives rave reviews for it's unbelievable moistness and flavor! Truly the BEST CARROT CAKE you'll ever try! So easy to make and as an added bonus, there's no oil or butter! I know this cake will quickly become a family favorite!
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 16 slices
  • 1¼ cups unsweetened applesauce (or oil, this is what my Nana used)
  • 2 cups granulated sugar
  • 3 eggs, room temperature
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1½ tsp baking powder
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 2 cups grated carrots
  • 1 cup shredded sweetened coconut
  • 1 cup chopped nuts (optional)
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 cup Dole crushed pineapple (not drained!) {use the pineapple in JUICE not syrup}
Cream Cheese Frosting:
  • 1 cup butter (softened)
  • 16 oz cream cheese (softened)
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 2 lbs powdered sugar
  • top with toasted pecans or coconut if desired
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Combine #1 ingredients. Add #2 ingredients. Stir in #3 ingredients.
  3. Pour into a lightly greased 9 x 13 , two 9-inch pans or three 8-inch pans. (The cake is very moist so cutting parchment for the bottom of your pans will ensure they don't stick. I prefer to use the non-stick baking spray that has the flour in it for easy cake removal.)
  4. Bake for 35-40 minutes for the 9x13 and 9-inch pans and 25-30 minutes for the 8-inch pans. You're looking for an inserted toothpick to come out clean.
  5. Let cakes cool for 10 minutes in the pan and then remove to a cooling rack and let cool completely.
For the frosting:
  1. Beat the butter and cream cheese until nice and fluffy. Add in the vanilla and powdered sugar and beat until nice and smooth.
  2. Invert the cake onto a cake plate or stand.
  3. Apply a generous dollop of frosting and spread...
  4. Gently place the second cake on top and continue frosting. Repeat with the third cake if you made three.
  5. Refrigerate for an hour before serving for best results.
The frosting recipe can be halved if you are not planning on piping a border and adding a lot of frosting decorations to the top of the cake.

This To Die For Carrot Cake receives rave reviews for it's unbelievable moistness and flavor! Truly the BEST CARROT CAKE you'll ever try! So easy to make and as an added bonus, there's no oil or butter! I know this cake will quickly become a family favorite! // Mom On Timeout

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To-Die-For Carrot Cake - The BEST Carrot Cake you'll ever try! (...and it's made with applesauce!)| |#recipe #cake #dessert


  1. Oh wow! This look fantastic! I haven’t had carrot cake in ages.

    • Mayet Doria says:

      Thanks for the recipe! I made it today for our wedding anniversary and it was so delicious! I just reduce the apple sauce to 1/2 cup oil and 1/2 cup applesauce and still taste delicious!

    • I just made this but my results were not so good. It was for my dad’s birthday but one of the layers ending up sticking really bad to the cake pan even though it was sprayed with cooking spray. The oil makes is very heavy and I had no applesauce. Wonder if it should be tweaked better to balance out the weight? Guess I will only be icing one later instead of 2. The results would be better if left in a 9×13.

      • Hi Michelle – I’ve never had a problem with removing the cakes from the pan before. In the future you could always try lining your cake pan with parchment paper. Hope that helps!

        • I’ve lined my cake pan s with waxed paper since I was 10 years old, as did my mother and grandmother before me. It always did very well in the oven. We lightly grease the pans, including sides, before putting in the waxed paper.

      • This cake is amazing! To lady who’s cake stuck to the pan, always use a baking spray that has both flour and oil in it.

      • Kristi Pierson says:

        First of all what a FANTASTIC CAKE!! Secondly, unfortunately, I had the same problem with my cake sticking to my layer pans. Now I have very heavy, expensive pans, and I also took the extra precaution of both oiling and flouring the pans, just because the ingredients were so sticky. My first layer was destroyed, but I pieced it together and used it for the bottom, so no one noticed. The second layer, I cooled in the pan for a few minutes and then worked a spatula under and around the cake before holding my breath and tipping it upside down. That was much better. I will also use a 9×13 next time. But did I tell you that this is one FANTASTIC CAKE? I didn’t have pecans,, my cake was no worse off, and I added a cup of golden raisins. I used 1/3 cup of canned orange frosting, (it was too terrible tasting to use any more of it), I whipped it with a pkg of cream cheese, a few drops of orange extract oil, for a WOW, frosting. This recipe is a keeper and I am not easily impressed with cakes.

        • My Mom used a wet paper towel to sit her cake pans on out of the oven. It has always worked beautifully for me. Since this cake is sticky, I don’t know how that would work. I used the 13X9 inch glass pan so no problems about removing. I love the icing so much. Its even better the second day.

        • I have a set of 2 cakepans with a built in knife that cuts side and bottom at the same time. Never have a hard to release cake. You can google self cutting cake pans or go to Amazon and look for cake pans with knife, although there are cheap ones than Amazon!

      • Peggy Sue says:

        I’d like to suggest a solution that has worked perfectly for me over the years. If you have a heavy cake, I’d put the cake pan on a paper grocery bag, trace size, cut out and put in the bottom of the pan BEFORE you put the batter in. I never grease my pans anymore. You can also use waxed paper. I have not used parchment paper but I would imagine it works the same. After the cake is baked and cooled about 15-20 mins.. run a butter knife around the inside edge of pan. Place cooling rack over the top of the cake and invert. The pan should come right off. If it does not, put rack back over the cake and while holding the side give the cake one sharp shake (downward motion). When its on the cooling rack you can carefully peel back the paper. Good luck!

      • I found cutting a circle out of parchment paper and putting it on the bottom of your cake pan helps with moist cakes. It’s easier to peel it off the top of the cake. You can lightly flour the parchment if you like. I use it with all my cakes and I’ve stopped cursing at cakes sticking.

      • Deb Leugers says:

        I have used applesauce in ALL of my cakes, (no oils)! It does make the cake lighter, but also more waist friendly and healthier!! 😊

    • Instead of grated carrots, I use 4 of the small jars of baby food, makes it so moist , I love carrot cake my favorite, going to try this recipe but with the baby food carrots. .

    • This is not q good recipe. Cake was way too flimsy and wet.

      • I made this cake last week and it was perfect and wonderful. I have another cake baking right now? I followed the recipe exactly…no problems.

    • Did you use salted butter or unsalted butter?

    • I am just about to make this cake ,thanks for recipe..but is 2llbs of powdered sugar correct??How much is that approx in cups? Thanks :-)

    • Does anyone know how much icing sugar I actually need to use for the icing?!?! As in cups? It says 2lbs. But everything I’m reading is giving me different answers?!?!

    • Teresa Gleason says:

      What would be the cooking time for cupcakes???

  2. I love carrot cake and yours looks heavenly! Love how you did a circle of pecans around the edge.

  3. This cake looks fabulous!
    Love your recipe. It seems to be a really rich and delicious cake.
    I’m pinning this

  4. That looks delicious …..pinned it for later : )

  5. Looks divine! Great pics!

  6. Looks absolutely delicious!!

  7. Mmmm … carrot cake is my absolute favorite cake!

  8. Yum! That looks delicious! Thanks for sharing! XO

  9. Hello.
    Visiting from Serenity Saturday.

    My wife and I love carrot cake and the ingredients you use are regular staples in our pantry. I hope you won’t mind if I print it out and give to my wife to try. I’m having a couple of virtual slices with my favorite coffee right now (LOL). Nice instructions and presentation. Thanks for sharing.

    Trembling With Desire

  10. We love carrot cake in this household and your recipe sounds amazing!

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Pinned it and can’t wait to try it! Kathy Penney @ Pinner Takes All

  12. Tri-fold show board for a fun {and cheap!} backdrop. put out the TCBY Orange & Vanilla Bars, the Orange Creamsicle Lollipops, crazy straws and set up a Creamsicle Float tasting station with three different orange sodas and Classic Vanilla Bean Frozen Yogurt.

  13. OH MY GOODNESS!!! This looks amazing! I can’t wait to try it! Your pictures of it are gorgeous as well. :)

  14. This looks so Amazing – I Love carrot cake! My latest post was a recipe for carrot cake ice cream – we should put the two together for carrot cake extravaganza! Pinning! Have a wonderful week :)

  15. it look fabulous and sounds fantastic!!!

  16. This looks terrific!! I would love for you to link up to Tasty Thursdays at The Mandatory Mooch.


  17. Oh,my! That looks heavenly, Trish! I will give it a try. New follower for you! Hoping you will stop by my place for a visit~Angie

  18. This looks so HEAVENLY!! Thank you so much for sharing! I just pinned it and can’t wait to make it soon! I love that the cake has applesauce instead of oil and pineapple too, what a nice surprise! Thanks again for sharing your Nana’s delicious recipe!

    ~Jen @

  19. Carrot cake is my favorite! I’m pinning this to try later! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  20. It definitely is to die for cake. :) A friend of mine once made a carrot cake and since then I have been dying to make one at home! Thanks for the recipe. Have a nice weekend!
    Pinning it.

  21. This looks so delicious!! I love the carrot cake but I love the frosting even more! Thanks for sharing this at The Creative Spark. I’ll be featuring it today. Enjoy your Sunday!
    Jenn :)

  22. sounds yummy!

  23. Wow! I am a HUGE carrot cake fan, have been my entire life. This looks amazing!

  24. I am not a sweet eater, but I do love carrot cake. This looks beyond yummy, and the frosting sounds so darn good. Thanks for sharing all your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

  25. That does look to die for!

    Visiting you from MIUM blog hop.

  26. My husband is allergic to coconut, have you ever made this recipe without?

  27. Mmmm, I love a good carrot cake. This looks fantastic!

  28. This is almost identical to my carrot cake recipe, so I can vouch for the fact that it is over the top delicious!

  29. This does seem very easy! But – lazy me – would definitely opt for the pre-made cream cheese frosting! Pinning…

  30. Yum!! My mouth is watering looking at it. I have a ‘thing’ for carrot cake…could you drop a small piece over??

  31. This was good but did not taste like carrot cake at all. The pineapple is the most dominant flavor. I made it for my Mom’s birthday and was a little disappointed.

    • I’m so sorry you were disappointed! I hardly notice the pineapple flavor myself – it just adds a lot of moistness. You could always omit the pineapple or use less if you would like to try again :)

      • Lise Laroche says:

        I made this cake yesterday for a family get together. We love carrot cake but I had never made carrot cake with pineapples and coconut and since we love both of those as well I was excited with this recipe. Plus, I had just made some homemade apple sauce which isn’t called for in my own carrot recipe so I was pleased to be able to use it this way. I made the cake in an 9 x 13 pan. It was delicious but quite a bit denser than my regular recipe. I didn’t use any oil at all in this recipe so am wondering if I had used some, if it would be lighter? The icing was to die for. Strangely, though, the carrots completely disappeared, we couldn’t see any orange specks at all, but that doesn’t make any difference to the taste of course. Everyone said it was delicious and some went for seconds.

  32. That is a stunning cake Trish!

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Hi Trish,

    You were the spotlight feature from last week’s party. :) I can’t wait to try your recipe.
    Have a nice weekend!

  35. Thank you for sharing your recipe! It looks wonderful, and your cake is very pretty. Looking forward to trying it. :)

  36. Thank you for sharing your recipe. It was fantastic. I made one for my family and one for a gathering we have to go to. Not sure the second one will make it to the gathering! It’s such a wonderful cake. Great recipe and thanks again!

  37. I want to make this for my moms birthday this friday, she LOVES carrot cake but I’ve never made it before. Will one batch of the frosting cover the whole cake and inbetween the layers? Or do I need to double it?

  38. What kind of chopped nuts do you use inside the cake?

    • Judith McBride says:

      I use walnuts as I like them better than pecans. This has always been my go to recipe for 35 years because it is so delicious.

  39. Gotta pin this one because carrot cake is my hubby’s favorite.. This does look to die for!!!

    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!
    Wildly Original linky party is open

  40. I’ve never been a huge fan of carrot cake, but you might have convinced me to try your recipe:) came over from thenymelrosefamily and can’t wait to get more recipes!

  41. I bought a little piece of carrot cake at the grocery store today but I know it won’t be as good as this. I think I will make this for our Halloween party and top with little orange candy pumpkins. Do you think this would work as mini cupcakes?

  42. That looks very very good! I made a carrot cake for myself last year for my birthday – it’s one of my very favorite cakes!! :)

    Stopping by from Chef in Training

  43. Ohhh wow!! Carrot cake is my favorite, and the addition of pineapple AND coconut… pretty sure this will be a little slice of heaven! I’m pinning it now :) New follower via Tatertots & Jello. I’m loving your blog and {only because I bring my boys to the zoo ALL THE TIME} I recognize your picture on the extinct American Lion and I think we’re both in America’s Finest City! :))
    Laurie @ Gallamore West

  44. Really tasty looking carrot cake.I think i will try this receipe to my sons birthday:)

  45. Looks yummy, and wonderful pictures! I’ve had fun looking around your blog. I would love to have you stop by and share ‘Your Great Idea’ in my link party! You’ll find it every Saturday, and it usually runs until Tuesday. I hope to see you there…and, I know my readers would love you!

  46. I made this today…it was fabulous!!!!!!!

  47. In your opinion is the apple sauce or oil better? Which version did your gran use? Looks so yummy, defiantly going to try yours :) Thanks so much for sharing :)

  48. Thanks so much. I actually like your option of using rather apple sauce, as it makes it healthier and often found carrot cake has that oil taste. I’ll let you know how it comes out :)

  49. This looks almost too beautiful to eat! Visiting from B&N…Sarah @

  50. this looks amazing!!!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Im making this now…will let you know how it turns out tomorrow with the fam.-Carly

  52. I’m thinking that crushed pineapple in juice would be best…that pineapple in heavy syrup might be too much. I bet that’s what happened to Siennajunie. This cake will be added to my Thanksgiving menu. I’d like to suggest toasting the nuts in the oven at 350* for about 8 minutes…it really brings out the flavor.

    • Yes! Yes! Yes! Definitely in 100% juice – that syrup stuff is not good at all! I just clarified that in the ingredients list so thank you for pointing that out :) Toasting the nuts is a fantastic idea! I’m so glad that you will be serving this on Thanksgiving :)

  53. as a huge fan of carrot cake, i was so excited to try this, but true to my character i completely went my own way. I used 1 c honey + 1/4 c sugar – I went half/half on the oil/applesauce option and used whole wheat flour. i’m pretty sure i did everything else right but WOW it was so moist and delightful! and as much as i love cream cheese frosting, it wasn’t for any occasion so I opted for sifted powdered sugar with nutmeg… it was quick and easy. Thank you for sharing your Nana’s cake recipe!

    • I’m so glad you liked it Sherry! I love all your tweaks :) That’s how I am too! Thank you so much for letting me know!

      • Kristin Dittrich says:

        Mine was a little overly sweet (used 1 cup coconut sugar and 1 cup agave) so good to know less sugar still comes out good!

        Did you mean to write 1LB powdered sugar for the frosting? I used a half cup and it was still too sweet…isn’t a pound a few cups?


  54. Hi Trish,
    I found this blog and yummy looking cake from pinterest. You have me as a new follower for sure :)

  55. Great recipe. Definetly my favorit carrot cake.

  56. I’m late in telling you, but I wanted you to know that I made an adapted version of this for the 2012 State Fair and won a blue ribbon for it! Not only that, but I also won Sweepstakes, meaning it was judged best of all the cakes submitted for judging, not just carrot cake. So you have some bragging rights about the cake for sure! I won’t be blogging my own version for a year or more as I’m offering it to those willing to make a donation for a friend who needs surgery, and I want to keep it more special for them, but I will be linking to you when I do blog it! I also have a link to this post at the bottom of my own version so everyone knows who was my inspiration. Thank you so much for this fabulous recipe!

  57. Ja, what a cake!

  58. My mom makes THE BEST carrot cake! :-) So I never try another recipe, but I love how you added nuts to the top. That’s a change I could get behind.

  59. Hi! Sounds like a great recipe but I’m not a huge coconut fan. Will it turn out ok if I don’t add the coconut?

  60. This recipe looks so yummy, I have never made carrot cake before but I love it and this looks easy! I am going to do it without nuts and put a thin layer of cheesecake in the middle then frost with your frosting. Planning on bringing it to Thanksgiving, can’t wait to try it!

  61. I baked your carrot cake with its cream cheese frosting for Thanksgiving. It was a big hit with my husband and family. I even used your technique inverting a small bowl on top of the frosted cake and spreading crushed walnuts around it. Thank you for this delicious recipe.

  62. Thank you for sharing this AMAZING recipe. I made it for Thanksgiving and my family thought it was the best dessert. They are now requesting it for Christmas and for it to be our special dessert for ALL special occasions. The cake itself was SO good. I loved that it had no oil and all the ingredients felt so healthy for an indulgence. The frosting was really the only “bad” part but it was so delicious. Thanks for the tip to double the frosting recipe, I was pretty popular for the next few days as the kids had extra frosting to put on all sorts of things. I will make this recipe for many years to come. Thank you again!

  63. I did the recipe with the cheesecake in the middle for Thanksgiving and it was a big hit! It turned out really well I did the cheesecake about half the thickness of a normal cheesecake so that it wasn’t too much! Next time I will probably reduce the amount of carrots since my husband doesn’t like carrots but likes carrot cake, so the full amount was too much for him. Thanks again for this yummy recipe :)

  64. THIS is seriously the best carrot cake ever. I’ve shared it on facebook, and probably will be sharing it on my blog too (fully giving credit to you) it’s just so good!

    I added just a bit more cinnamon and I also added some dried fruit (because we had it in the fridge still) and it was really lovely. I could have done without the dried fruit, but I needed to get rid of it somehow.

    My husband was a lover of this cake too, thank you so much! :)

  65. Fantastic cake Trish,
    I made it with the oil, used only one recipe of the icing, followed the photos to the T,
    And I am ready to make another for my next party which is on Saturday. I wanted to ask you if I could
    freeze the cakes for about six days? This would allow me to be able to do other cooking that has to be done last minute. I would of course make the icing the day of the party and assemble the cake.
    I like to make the cake with applesauce, but I am a worried it might be a bit heavier.
    So I will do this when it is just imediate family.
    Thank you so much for sharing this delicious recipe.

  66. Trish, the flash freezing method worked out really well.
    Again the cake was beautiful in presentation, and soooo delicious.
    My guests thought I bought the cake.
    Do you have any hints about baking with gas?
    I recently switched to gas from electric. I am having a hard time with the transition.
    I am not sure if I should lower the temperature at the start, and by how much, or bake it at a shorter time?
    Thank you for all your help and kindness

  67. Absolutely Delicious and beautiful. Will most definitely make again and again! Thanks for sharing!

  68. I made this carrot cake to take to a friend’s house for dinner last night and it was a hit~ My usual “go to” recipe uses oil and always falls in the center but this cake was moist, delicious, and perfectly shaped! It is healthier by replacing the oil with fruit. It is now my new “go to” recipe.

  69. Hi I’m from Jordan I made this recipe today for my family in law, it is soo nice and yummy but it is too sweet for me actually I felt that two cups of sugar is too much but I liked to follow the steps. Next time Ill use 1 1/2 cup of sugar.
    I didn’t use the pinable too bcz I don’t have it
    Thank u for the recipe.
    I’d like to ask if there z another dressing bcz I’m not a cheese lover?
    Thank u again

  70. Trish, this cake is just gorgeous!!! I’ll have to make this for our next special occasion. :)

  71. Oh Carrot Cake is one of my faves…I will have to try this for sure.

  72. Hey Trish:)
    I’m making this for my daughter’s birthday tomorrow cuz it looks sooooo yummy, and I have a stupid question, is it 1 CUP or 1 CAN of pineapple? I know that I’ll pick one way or the other and I’ll have messed the whole thing up:)

  73. I have the same question. Is it 1 can or 1 cup pineapple? And applesauce is an unsweetened or sweetened one?
    Thank you

  74. Wow! This cake looks AMAZING! My day’s birthday is on the 28th and he loves carrot cake. I’m meeting him for dinner so want to bring him something to take home….I thought cupcakes would be easier. Do you happen to know about how many cupcakes this would make or how I should adjust the baking time if I make cupcakes? I’m looking forward to use this recipe!! :)

  75. Zuena Odhiambo says:

    Thanks for sharing this lovely cake recipe Trish. I made the cake a while back and the middle was not baked. I removed that and we ate the rest of it which was well baked. I figured out that the cake tin I had used was small. I really liked the mixture so today I baked again using the same ingredients although I did not put in the carrots and bicarbonate of soda because I react to it. The cake came out beautifully!!!!!!! As I type this, I’m having a huge piece with a cup of green tea…..Thanks a lot.

  76. hi
    when you say 2 c of sugar is that a cup ??
    thank you

  77. I am gonna try this one out looks great.

  78. Love carrot cakes i am going to try this one.

  79. I tried this recipe (with applesauce and 1c pecans) for my fathers bday it was AMAZING! I never made carrot cake and my dad who is a total dessert king raved about it! Def a keeper recipe!!!

  80. Made this cake today. It was wonderfull! Finally I have a great carrot cake recipe! thnx

  81. I found the icing nowhere near thick enough, causing major problems when trying to ice the cake. I had to try and thicken it up with even more icing sugar and shortening. I may suggest a different cream cheese icing in the future.

    • I’m wondering if your measurements might have been off? I’ve made this no less than 100 times and it really is fool-proof. If ever you have icing or frosting that isn’t thick enough – just add some more powdered sugar until it gets to your desired thickness. Hope that helps!

    • Jan Carmichael says:

      I would hope she did not use shortening in this frosting….yik! I bake and decorate cakes and my go-to buttercream is actually cream cheese based. It makes enough to frost a two layer cake nicely and is very similar to your recipe but it’s not as “loose” as a regular cream cheese frosting. My recipe is 1-8 ounce box of cream cheese, 2-sticks of real butter (8-ounces), and two pounds of powdered sugar. You don’t even need the vanilla. Beat softened cream cheese and butter until smooth and creamy and well combined, then slowly add the powdered sugar. That’s it. Add liquid only if you need it. This frosting pipes well and crusts nicely and goes wonderfully well with carrot cake. It might be a good alternative for those who want a “sturdier” frosting. I can’t wait to try your recipe…it looks just like the one the bakery I used to work for used and I’ve been looking for one like it since!

  82. Believe it or not, I’m 28 years old and has never had carrot cake in the past. I was feeling adventurist and wanted to try something different, so i Pinterest carrot cake. Your recipe caught my eyes, so I pinned it. Today, I had time to bake so I gave this cake a go and omg…….this carrot cake is soo yummy, moist, and flavorful. I didn’t have applesauce, so i used oil….still, sooooooooo out of this world delicious!

    • Ahhh! I am SO glad that you enjoyed the recipe! My Nana used to make it with oil so I know how good it is like that :) This is definitely my favorite carrot cake recipe and I’m happy you gave it a try. Thank you for your sweet comment!

  83. This carrot cake was delicious! I followed the recipe but added some ginger, subbed some honey for some of the sugar and used cool whip frosting in the tub instead of making my own, it turned out so good and my mom loved it for her 60th birthday! I blogged it and linked back to you for the recipe, thanks for sharing!

  84. this looks delicious, but I don’t like pineapple in my carrot cake – can you substitute? (if so, any recommendations on what to subs?)

  85. Have you ever done this recipe in cupcakes instead of cake? Your recipe was delicious but I would like to try cupcakes next time. This cake was super moist so I’m a little worried how it will turn out. Do you need to cut any ingredients or change bake times? Do you know how many it makes?

    • It is VERY moist. Hmm, I’ve never tried it a cupcakes but you could check the back of a cake box and see roughly what the difference in bake times are and also how many cupcakes it would yield approximately. Let me know if you give it a go and how it turns out!

  86. Charlotte Moore says:

    This is beautiful and looks so tasty.

  87. Jeannette Shields says:

    This sounds so very good! I’m going to make it as soon as I get all the ingredients. Thank you! I’ve been craving carrot cake! I found your recipe on Li’l Luna.

  88. Found this on Pinterest and will be making it for Easter. Is the coconut unsweetened or sweetened? Thank you.

  89. Made this for Easter and everybody LOVED it! It was so simple to make and so very moist- love the idea of using applesauce instead of all that oil! I ended up having enough batter to make 3 layers and just 1 batch of the frosting was enough to cover it all.

  90. Your carrot cake looks amazing! I nearly licked the screen. I can’t wait to make it. Thank you

  91. Meggan says:

    I made this today and it’s so delicious and very moist! I’ve been craving carrot cake and this recipe popped up on my Pinterest feed, so I decided to try it out! Thank you for sharing!

  92. So my mom is begging me to make this for Mother’s Day, since I shared it on my FB. The guys are in charge of putting the food together for the holiday, but no one bakes and quite frankly, we’re a little nervous lol. So I may come in and save the day with your cake. YUM!

  93. Hannah Johnston says:

    With the exception of the applesauce instead of oil, I cooked this cake last Christmas and it is out of this
    world great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will try the applesauce next time. Thanks for your recipe. I could not wait for another
    occasion to cook this cake. I craved it after Christmas and when an occasion arose I thought of this first.

    • Definitely give the applesauce a try – I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised :) My Dad who has been eating this cake his entire life thinks it’s better with the applesauce! Thank you so much for the sweet comment Hannah!

  94. Michelle says:

    This looks amazing must get some ice person to make it for me

  95. Krystle says:

    I’m making this cake for my daughters second birthday this weekend, but I just thought I’d ask a question.
    That being, do you do anything to get these to bake up so nice and flat (meaning level.) They look perfect!

    • They typically just bake up that pretty Krystle :) This is one recipe that I never have finagle – thank goodness! If, for some reason, they don’t bake up perfectly, you can always use a long, serrated knife to trim the tops so they are nice and even. I don’t like doing that because then you for sure will have to do a crumb coat with the frosting, but if it’s necessary, then that’s an option. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Second birthdays are SO much fun!

  96. hi when u mix in the wet ingredients do u just mix it with a spoon like for muffins or do u beat the eggs and sugar ?

  97. Hi, this recipe looks delicious and I have just made it. We will see how it tasted but it may be excellent. From the Patagonia, Chile

  98. I made your cake today for my boyfriends b-day… it came out so moist and so delicious. THank you, you are a lifesaver.

  99. My mother used to make me a carrot cake every year for my birthday after she found a recipe just like this one and I said it was the best cake I had ever tasted, which it was. It is still my favorite. It has been many years since I have tasted a really good carrot cake. I have looked up recipes til I just about came to the conclusion there wasn’t one out there until today. My grandson has asked me to make him a carrot cake or his b’day (23rd) Aug. 30th, so I have been really frantic. Thank you, thank you, thank you for rescuing me. Carrot cake is also his favorite. I will be making this today, calling it a trial run, so I can have once again a great piece of carrot cake with the yummy cream cheese frosting.

    • Oh Mary! You just made my day :) We are celebrating my sister’s birthday today and guess what we’re having? Yep! My brother is making it for her and I am SO excited to have a slice :) Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend Mary!

  100. Rachel Weinblatt says:

    Thank you so much for the carrot cake recipe. This is the best one I’ve ever tried!!

    • Oh I am SO thrilled that you enjoyed the recipe Rachel!! I will actually be eating it today too :) My brother is making it for my sister’s birthday! I’m definitely looking forward to that :) Have a great weekend!

  101. What other garnish could be used besides anything with nuts? My son is highly allergic but I want to try this cake and your bowl tip!
    nusra recently posted..Free Ramadan Printables

  102. Hello .. I am a chef an this has to be the best Carrot Cake that I have made , I hope you don’t mind that i made it an served it to everyone at the Res.. that I work for , an everyone so ENJOYED it to the Fullest .. I will be making it again ..

  103. rose in Toronto Canada says:

    Ciao Trish, I have just discovered your blog and I LOVE IT….LOVE IT….LOVE IT…..
    I will be making the carrot cake, it’s a favorite of mine, but I have never seen a recipe as delicious as this one
    Your boys are adorable….
    God bless

  104. Karen Halliburton says:

    Hi and thanks for the post. Today is my hubby’s birthday and carrot cake is his fav so I will be making this for him. Love your site!

  105. Hi Trish, I wanted to stop by and thank you for the recipe. I made your cake and it was amazing! When I read the ingredients list and did not see any butter or oil I was skeptical, but decided to trust you, and the cake turned out very nice. I also reduced the sugar a bit, and used more shredded carrots instead of the nuts. So it ended up a really low-calorie version, but still absolutely delicious! And it’s so easy to make! Thank you!
    p.s. I posted it on my blog and linked back to you.
    cooking rookie recently posted..Fat Free Carrot Cake

  106. Thank you soooo much for this recipe! We were invited to a dinner party at school and everyone had to bring a dish so I decided to bake this carrot cake. I got so many compliments on this cake, even from the teachers! Some of my classmates told me that my cake was the best out of all the cakes, and they even had two pieces!

    This is indeed a cake to die for ;D

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  108. Sounds divine. Love carrot cake and this seems like it would be very moist and delicious.
    Was wondering if I used oil but substituted the applesauce for the eggs it would still turn out? I might just have to try and see.
    Need some good eggless cake recipes for a vegetarian family member and thought this could be adapted.

  109. Hi! Iam going to make this for my birthday as soon as I have made it in to gram and dl . Thank you so much for thees great recipes :D

  110. Hello Trish,

    I am a huge fan of your recipes. I’ve made 4 of them so far & haven’t been disappointed.. ever! I going to make this cake later. (Soo excited!!) I wanted to know if I can swap 1c of granulated sugar with 1c of dark brown sugar?

  111. Great, easy recipe!

    I tried it out today and wrote a review on my blog! My family really liked it and I am sure I will be making it again. :)

  112. Hi!
    I have a question, my sister doesn’t like the pineapple,¿what do you suggest me for replace that ingredient?
    Thank you… It’s a great recipe

  113. I just made this for my Dad’s birthday. He loves carrot cake. It was so moist and delicious and I like knowing it is not full of oil because the taste is decadant. I omitted the coconut and nuts and just used 1/2 lb of sugar in the frosting. It was amazing. A new family favorite recipe for sure!

  114. I made this cake today for my dad’s birthday. The cake was sooooo moist that it wouldn’t bake. I had it in the oven for over an hour and it was still raw and the outside was starting to burn. With the apple sauce and the pineapple/juice it was just to much. The cream cheese frosting came out good tho! Now I just need to bake a new cake. Lol

    • Hi Amanda! I’ve never had this cake not bake up beautifully so I’m trying to think of what might have happened with yours. Did you use just one cup of the pineapple? There’s not really that much liquid in the recipe so I’m not sure where else to look :) Glad you enjoyed the frosting though!

  115. My husband always requests carrot cake for his birthday so I decided to bake your recipe this year. I used the apple sauce which is a first for me, usually I use oil and I have to say it baked and tasted wonderful! Another Good Job!

  116. Although healthier with applesauce instead of oil I am sure it’s not as tasty. Oil is the most often used fat for carrot cake so why not use coconut oil to extend and compliment the coconut used on the icing?

    • I’m sure that would be find Lorraina. I personally don’t think oil tastes good and it is really used to keep the cake moist. The applesauce does the same thing and lends some sweetness. Let me know how the coconut oil goes!

  117. Hi, the cake looks SO tasty – I can’t wait to try it. Have you ever made the cake without the pineapple? My husband hates pineapple… Thank you!

  118. Leah Arthur says:

    Does it make a difference if the coconut is sweetened or unsweetened?

  119. So after weeks of admiring this recipe I finally made it today, with some adaptation. . I substituted coconut oil for the applesauce and cut it down to 1 cup. I was low on white sugar so I used 1 cup white granulated and 1 cup brown sugar. I added a little maple syrup, nutmeg, ground clove and ground ginger too. But the biggest change was I substituted goat cheese for cream cheese. When you don’t have on hand what recipe calls for you have improvise and it turned out great, especially the frosting, Thanks for sharing I have posted it several times already or others to enjoy.

  120. Trish, This cake looks very good. i tried to make it but it came out very dense, I mean not cooked dense.

    I have to admit I did change few things. I made my own apple sauce. Also I had a pineapple at home so used that. Not sure if that id why. Is there anyway I can make this with homemade applesauce and fresh pineapple and not canned? Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Mina! Yeah those changes would definitely make a difference and would be a brand new recipe. You could try playing around with it some more on your own but I wouldn’t really know where to start :) Good luck!

  121. Rachel Garcia says:

    Have you ever made cupcakes out of this recipe?

  122. Amy Janis says:

    This cake is absolutely delish. Thank you for sharing.

  123. I love, love, love this cake! I made this cake for my Birthday 3 weeks ago and everyone just at it up! Today I am making it for a second time and am so excited for it to be done! Today I did a variation, as large muffins, and also used my brownie magic pan which divides the cake into 12 pieces. Thanks for this recipe!

  124. I’m thinking about making this for a bday party for my daughter. How many people do you think it would serve?

  125. Carolyn Williams says:

    Could you please tell me how much is a cup in ounces/mls? Thankyou

  126. Hi could u please tell me what does people use baking soda in cookies and cake. Thank you

  127. I love how beautiful and enticing this cake is! Surprisingly have never made a carrot cake for my family. They love banana bread, I figured why not try this with the littles. Thank you! I’ll definitely be checking out the rest of your recipes.

  128. Best carrot cake I’ve ever made. Incredibly moist. I didn’t have quite enough applesauce so topped it up with 1/4 cup of oil and it worked just fine. When I make it again, I think I’ll double the cinnamon and add a pinch of nutmeg. But recipe is fabulous – and my cream cheese icing addicted teens agree that this is the best one I’ve made. (And one recipe was enough to more than generously cover a 9 x 13″ pan.) Thanks!

  129. I’m allergic to pineapples is there something else i can use?

  130. i have been making carrot cake for years .. but would love to try this recipe..thing is..i dont care for applesauce and detest pineapple..any good substitutes?thanks!

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  132. Made this over the weekend for a party and everyone gave it RAVE reviews! It was so delicious and I will be sure to make this again and again :)

  133. I’m so happy to have found this beautiful recipe. I used to have a very similar one that I’ve been searching the internet for since I lost mine in the 2013 Queensland floods.
    My question is regarding the flour used. I’m from Australia and we use either Self Raising or Plain flour. Could you tell me what type this recipe uses?

  134. I made it and my son said it was really good. It was really good. Thank you.

  135. This sounds fantastic. Would it work as cupcakes? How would I adjust the baking time? Thank you.

  136. definetely going to try it!!!

  137. Going to make this for my bunco ladies. Looks absolutely delicious. I am also going to add some raisins as well. maybe 1/2 cup?

  138. Your recipe is Great!!! Thank you so much! Its delicious n moist, i use 1/2 cup oil and 3/4cup applesauce. I reduced the amount of sugar to 1 1/2 cup , but it was still too sweet for my taste, especially because this cake also has frosting, n gets additional sugar from pinapple. Next time ill try to reduce the sugar to 1 1/4 or probably 1 cup sugar is enough. walnuts in cake make the cake taste even better, n i think to make the cake taste more like carrot, i suggest to reduce the amount of coconut and add more carrot. Thanks again for the recipe.. I definitely will make this cake again! :)

  139. I tried this. Ingredience are simple followed it step by step. How ever the cake came out more of a bread pudding consistancy and tough. I didnt over mix it at all and stirred in the carrots and all at the end.. Baked cakes they toothpick came out clean cooled it, put the frosting and all cut it and it was tough like.. Taste was awesome though.. Can u give me some tips please on what may have gone wrong?

  140. This recipe did not work for us. We tried to make cupcakes for Halloween and as someone else said, without the oil, it stuck horribly to the cupcake liners. It was also WAY too sweet. With applesauce, coconut and pineapple, you do NOT need sugar. I have a sweet tooth and this was too much. I even cut it down to 1 1/2 cups of sugar, but should have made it zero. Sadly, it they ended up in the garbage :-( At least my 3 year old enjoyed helping.

    • Sorry you had a bad experience :( This recipe is for a cake not cupcakes and is very moist so it I can see how it would stick the liners. If I was going to make cupcakes from this recipe I would just spray the cupcake pan and maybe even reduce some of the liquids.

  141. christine says:

    hi, i have a question though, if i don’t drain the juice does it make the cake heavy are super moist or soggy? but yours looks amazing and delicious! looking forward on your response thanks for the recipe too.(:

  142. Wonder how this will come out when the baker (who shall remain nameless) gets in too big a hurry and dumps 1 CAN of pineapple into the batter instead of 1 cup. Carrot cake soup? I am notorious for rushing and trying to do too many things at once so I goof up a lot of recipes. Thought someone might get a chuckle out of this so I decided to share. One of these days I’ll learn to slow down… Maybe

  143. This cake is AMAZING! I made it a couple months and everyone loved it so much that it was requested for thanksgiving so I’m making it again. No changes needed to this great cake.

  144. Hi Trish i made this recipe and the taste was fab..!
    My only question is i baked in a heart shape pan..
    And the centre portion was sunk..
    I used a 8″ pan..
    Any idea what could go wrong..?


  146. Stephanie says:

    This was a winner! I used 1 c. applesauce and 1/4 c. oil. Since the applesauce was naturally sweetened with apple juice concentrate, I reduced the sugar to 1 3/4 cup. I included the nuts, but probably only 2/3 c. I baked in 2 9″ pans… I think 8″ would be too small. I greased the bottom of the pans, lined with parchment, then greased and floured the entire pan. Do not be tempted to use spray. Mine needed closer to 40 minutes to bake through. This will be my new go-to carrot cake recipe. Thanks!

    • Stephanie says:

      Also, I used 2 of the pineapple snack packs instead of a can. Each pack is 4 oz. so worked perfectly.

    • 8″ cake pans worked fine because the cake does not rise very much. I used parchments paper and sprayed Bakers Joy on the sides. I also had to bake for 40 minutes.

  147. Hi, does the butter for the frosting have to be salted or unsalted

  148. Yay for Team No Raisins. Pineapple sounds like a MUCH better addition! I need to try this out.

  149. I don’t have applesauce… can I use apple puree we buy in bottles for kids? I don’t have time to go out to buy but I soooo wish to do this cake NOW!! :) Thanks. Looks divine! Can’t wait to try it out :)

  150. I just tried To Die for Carrot Cake and I can confirm that it is really good. The cake came out moist and with just the right balance of flavours. However I am not too sure about my Frosting. I only get Philadelphia and President Cream cheese around and I don’t really like the taste. If anyone could suggest an alternative frosting, am all ears.

    Thank you very much Trish for this recipe, I’ve been looking online for a carrot cake recipe for ages!

  151. I almost never comment on recipes that I try online, because there are so many good ones with good feedback. But I wanted to comment on this carrot cake by saying that it is by far one of the best cakes I’ve ever made! I made it for a family dinner with my parents and my sister’s family, and all 13 of us loved it! Even the pickiest eaters!
    I left the nuts out of the cake, since my youngest is allergic to them. I made his own tiny cake anyway, and when I frosted, I put pecans on the large cake and left his without. The frosting was amazing also!
    This is definitely a keeper. I’ll probably make it again next week! :)

  152. Hi Trish. Can you please tell me what is the 1 lb powered sugar mean.

    • Kristin says:

      Hi Olivia, I just made this earlier today. I looked up 1lb of sugar and it’s equivalent to about 3 3/4 cups. Hope that helps!

  153. I made this cake for Easter and while it was tasty, I wouldn’t say it is your traditional carrot cake. So if you are looking for traditional carrot cake, this isn’t it! I couldn’t even taste the carrots? I followed it exactly except I did forget the cinnamon…..thanks for the recipe!

  154. Made this for Easter and my family LOVED it! Thank you for sharing the recipe — it’s a keeper! God Bless you!

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  156. I made this on the weekend and honestly I have never had so many compliments! Thank you :)

  157. Michelle says:

    I made this cake for the first time on Easter and LOVED it. Should I be embarrassed to admit that since Easter I’ve made it again and plan to make it once more this weekend? And not for any occasions, either, it’s become a just because cake now. Anyway, do you think this recipe would work well in a bundt cake pan? If yes, would you change anything about the baking instructions? Thanks for any help you can provide!

  158. Marissa says:

    Would using melted butter or buttermilk in place of applesauce or oil (I’m out of both) be ok?

  159. Hi I make the Cake last night and taste wonderful! We love it,the only thing is when I cut the cake it falls apart (like crumbs)and I baked it in a mini loaf pan and didn’t rise ,what can I do? Less oil? please thanks!

  160. Do you think the frosting would freeze okay? I want to make some sweets ahead of time to take on vacation with us. I was thinking of making it in a 9×12 pan and frosting it before freezing. It doesn’t have to look pretty – just still taste good!!

  161. Just made this and it’s currently in the oven now. I dud make a few adaptations as I’m using this for my son’s first birthday cake. I replace the 2 C sugar for 1 C coconut sugar and 1/4 C maples syrup. I also omitted the coconut and added extra carrot. I left out the pineapple but now I realized I didn’t sub anything in place worried it might be to dry without pineapple…. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Oh also ran out of cinnamon and used pumpkin pie spice instead.

  162. Thanks for sharing the recipe, it looks moist and delicious!

  163. I made this carrot cake last night and my friends and family still can’t stop talking about it. I thought the cake batter was a little light once mixed so I added more cinnamon and pumpkin spice. I left out the coconut. This cake truly is to die for! I read on here someone’s carrots disappeared. I bought shredded carrots and just pulsed them in the food processor. They were perfect. This recipe is so easy with the 1,2,3 steps. Thank you for giving me a recipe that will now become a family tradition!

  164. You forgot the yellow raisins, I don’t like carrot cake without them

  165. This looks amazing, but I was hoping to use it for cupcakes… any suggestions on baking directions? Im afraid that they will come out not as fluffy as I would like them to because of all the heavy ingredients. Thoughts?

    • I made cupcakes from this recipe with great success! Just fill up the liners 3/4 of the way and reduce the baking time to 18-20 minutes! They are slightly dense but who wants fluffy, light carrot cake anyway?! This is the best carrot cake I have ever had…hands down!

  166. This looks delicious! I don’t have a few items on hand, however. Would it be possible to use yogurt instead of applesauce? And perhaps shredded apples instead of pineapple?

  167. Jennifer C says:

    Hi! I love your carrot cake recipe. I’ve made it three times over the last year. A tradition in our house is I make a “donut” cake for the birthday person. I just make their favorite cake in a bundt pan. My daughter wants me to make this cake again this year for her birthday. My question is do you think this recipe will be OK in a bundt pan? Thank you!

  168. Hi!
    I loved this cake I made it and it didn’t last long at my house. I was wondering could this recipe be used to make cupcakes as well?

  169. Liza Michell says:

    Hi, may i know what does the “c” mean in your measurements? Thank you

  170. I made mine in 3 layers and used wax paper lined then sprayed veg spray and a light coating of flour and came out perfect. I haven’t tried it yet but the cake mix tasted good after I mixed it lol

  171. Hi, just stumbled on this recipe today. I’m looking for a recipe for my sister’s birthday. Any idea if this can be made into cupcakes.

  172. I’m planning on making the cakes the day before my event have you done this before? Just want to know if it will hold up well over night in the frig.

  173. Hi,
    Love the cake!
    Just wondering, what do you mean by crumb coat? Do you use frosting?

    • Hi Bev! A crumb coat is just a thin layer of frosting that goes on the cake. Let it set up in the fridge for 30 minutes and then finish frosting. It keeps the crumbs from the cake out of the frosting :)

  174. How did you get your cakes so flat/even on the top? Mine always dome up in the middle. I’m making this for my husbands birthday tomorrow. Looks so great!

  175. When you say Coconut, do you mean coconut flakes?

  176. September says:

    Would this recipe work for a 1st birthday smash cake? Have you ever made cupcakes with this recipe?

  177. Hi Trish. Looks very yum! What type of coconut did u use? will it be less of a To Die For carrot cake if I skip the coconut? I don’t have it in stock. I got coconut milk, haha. Baking it now with my 14 yr old son.

  178. Marianne Lintner Oldham says:

    I lost all of my recipes in a house fire in May. So, I’ve been trying to remember and replace them. This was one of my recipes and I LOVE it , very moist…perfect !!

  179. Diana Cath says:

    Hi Trish, I’ve this cake twice this year and my friends love them soo much! Because the applesauce’s price is so expensive here in Malaysia, I did replace it with canola oil and it works! Thanks for sharing this recipe of yours.

  180. LOVE THIS! I have a severe gluten allergy and have found that “gluten free” desserts don’t quite do it for me. So I’ve began to experiment. Your recipe was my first trial run. I used the blender to grind GF oats into flour and substituted it in the recipe. My hope was that with the nuts and coconut, any graininess would be masked. IT WORKED! The moisture from the pineapple was enough to keep it moist. The first time I made it in a 9×13 pan, and didn’t have any trouble with it sticking. I also used oil as my husband’s tummy doesn’t like apples (apparently we’re a hot mess). Anyway – making them again today for my birthday and turning them into cupcakes. They are in the oven, and smell divine! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

    • Hello, I also have a gluten allergy. Did you use only ground GF oats as a flour substitute? Or did you use another type of all purpose flour as well as the oats? Thank you!

      • Sorry it took so long to respond. Yes. I ONLY used ground up GF oats. I ground them in the blender and then measured to make sure I had enough “flour” as specified in the recipe.
        I have made this a few times and, with the substitution, found it is best made in a 9×13 pan. It doesn’t really hold up the way regular flour does and was a hot mess as a stacked cake.
        I tried it with coconut flour and GF ground oats – it was too crumbly…
        Let me know which flour you use. I’m always up for trying new things :)

  181. Made it as the recipe is written. It’s way too wet and impossible to cook it all the way through without burning it. Also has too much sugar. Nice try though.

  182. Fantastic this carrot cake. I was impressed with this recipe

  183. JoAnn Fury says:

    Looks so moist. I’m going to start with a glutenfree yellow cake mix made with the applesauce and extra egg plus all the other goodies added in. Hope it works! Thank you.

  184. Question…… I am very interested in this recipe, but would love to do cupcakes instead….. what would the baking time be for cupcakes??

  185. Just wondering if anyone has tried this recipe without the coconut? I really do not like coconut, but this recipe looks so delicious that I really want to try it!

  186. Maureen Collins says:

    Would love to make this cake!
    Please email recipe conversions…..standard/metric.
    Cup equals = ?

  187. Can I use Presto Flour in this cake?

  188. Virginia Putnam says:

    If you want your cake to rise nicely take a 2″ wide terry towel and make it long enough to go around your pan plus a coupe of inches to over lap. Fold it in half, soak it in water and gently squeese out the water, over lap around the pan and use a large saftey pin and pin the over lap. You can also do this with a 13 x 9 and any round pan. It is a lot cheaper than buying the silver ones in the store. Good luck!

  189. My favorite cake and you make it right! But how long would you bake for making cupcake? Thank you!

  190. Hello. I’m allergic to pineapple, can I omit it?

  191. Regarding the cream cheese frosting- is it calling for 2 pounds of confectionary sugar or is that 2 Tablespoons?

  192. Can you leave out the coconut? My son in law is allergic. I’m wondering if that is just for extra flavor? Or does this add to the moisture and sweetness of the cake and should adjust recipe?

  193. Can I not add coconut & nuts? Should I add more carrots?
    Jill recently posted..Chocolate Peanut Butter Marshmallow Clouds

  194. I love carrot cake and I would love to make this one. However, am trying to go low carb and sugar free (stevia only) How can I tweek this recipe using coconut flour and stevia.

  195. Looks delicious! Could I use a whole wheat flour instead? Thank you.

  196. Could you please tell me what size cup you use or the weights please. Thankyou

  197. hi, the recipie sounds nice i have 2 queries how to make that apple sauce ?, and the grated coconut u used is the dried one or fresh ?still have to try the cake

  198. Are you sure that sugar and flower the same 2 cup§

  199. Christine says:

    Regarding the frosting. Does it call for 2 lbs. of powdered sugar? I assumed you meant 2 Tbs. and it didn’t taste good.

  200. Hi there, it states in the Cream Cheese Frosting the following:

    2 lbs powdered sugar

    Is that correct? Or it supposed to read 2 Tbsp powdered sugar?

  201. Just an FYI: Waxed paper cannot go into an oven!

    • I have used waxed paper in my cake pans since I was a child, over 60 years ago, as did my mother, my grandmother, and relatives on both sides of the family before me. We lightly greased bottom & sides of pan before adding the circle of waxed paper. Never, ever, did any of us have a problem with waxed paper in the oven.

  202. Hi, I as wondering can you bake this cake in a tube pan,,,,,thanks

  203. Can you recommend a baking time for cupcakes using your recipe. Want to make it for a church bake sale and cupcakes would be perfect. Also, do you think I can sub GF flour?

    • The baking time for cupcakes I think would be around 20 minutes. Check a few minutes before to be safe but it’s a very “wet” batter so I think 20 would be safe. GF flour can be substituted but the texture will be a little different, of course :) Enjoy!

  204. Hi, what if I didn’t want to layer it (trying to avoid eating to many calories lol) is it possible to make a single layer? How do I figure out the ingredients so that it’s only for 1 bottom layer?

  205. margaret Lynn says:

    What are the calories? I would love to try this

  206. It says 2 lbs of powdered sugar? That can’t be right.

  207. Could I add raisins and if so would I have to adjust any other ingredients

  208. Very delicious and moist. However if I was to make again I’d double the cinnamon amount and cut the pineapple amount in half. It’s nice but the pineapple flavor overpowers the carrot. Going to have to tell people it’s a carrot/pineapple cake! :)

  209. I just put the cake in the oven. I used home canned applesauce that has cinnamon added. Hope it turns out tasty! I love carrot cake so when I saw this recipe, I just had to try it!

  210. Has anyone ever tried to make this cake in muffin pans or a jelly roll pan & roll it up??? I really don’t think it would work b/c of how moist it is but thought I would ask.

  211. Nothing is worth dying for…. it’s worth LIVING for. Then you can have it over and over again!!!
    Can’t wait to try your recipe!!

  212. Anne Blount says:

    I made this cake….delicious!!! Have a question…..does the cake have to be refrigerated after it is made???

  213. I made this cake ant it turned out perfect. It didn’t fall apart on me. I followed the directions… I did have to cook it longer because it wasn’t done. It was in the over at 350′ for 70 min…I was using a bunt cake pan so I just kept an eye on the sides to pull from the pan. Perfect every time I do this. The cake was very moist, distribute small slices to guests because it is very dense (heavy) looked beautiful. Very Sweet… I did reduce the frosting to 1/2 the amount of sugar and it was still too sweet, but delicious. Freezing leftover slices for that day when you need something sweet. I wish I could post a picture because I took a few during the making. After I read the comments above of how people had problems with it coming off their pans. I didn’t have any issues. and I just greased my pan with butter. I guess it depends on if your cake was done or not. Because mine was done and it worked out fine.

  214. This looks so good! I’m wondering if I can make this recipe into cupcakes for Easter? What are your thoughts?

  215. Hi Trish! This recipe looks wonderful. I’m making it for Easter but I have a question: I’m using 9X13 inch pans. I plan on making 2 cakes, one for us and one for some neighbors that are very good to us. If I make one recipe of frosting will that be enough to cover the 2 pans well? Thanks!

  216. I had been looking everywhere for this recipe. I made it last year and it was amazing. Everyone loved it. Best carrot cake i have had.

  217. This cake was amazing! It’s everything the description said it would be. I finally understand what you meant by ‘moist’ – I had concerns that it would be soggy, but instead the consistency was more like a banana bread cake. I omitted the nuts and only used apple sauce. I sprayed two 9-inch rounds with cooking spray, put a circle of parchment on the bottom, and sprayed the parchment again before pouring in the batter. The cake didn’t stick at all, and was fully cooked after 35 minutes. My favorite thing about this cake was that it was perfectly level when I pulled it out of the oven – what a plus! I am absolutely making this again and am so happy to finally have a carrot cake in my baking arsenal.

  218. Looks amazing! Would it be ok to cut the recipe in half? It’s just me and my fiancé and I’m afraid we wouldn’t (and shouldn’t ;) ) eat all of it.

  219. 2 lbs of powdered sugar is listed as an ingredient for the cream cheese frosting. Is the correct measurement 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar?

  220. NoBettyCrocker says:

    I’m about to try this cake… am I seeing correctly, 2lbs icing sugar for the frosting…? Also, can I use a glass dish to bake this cake. Thanks…

  221. What adjustments would you make for baking this cake in High Altitude, above 5600 feet?

    • I’m not sure Becky. What adjustments do you normally make when baking? I would just do what you normally do. Sorry, that wasn’t very helpful :(

      • Becky Newman says:

        Thanks, making it now…increase flour, decrease leavening! I’ll let you know how it turns out…can’t wait!!!

        • Becky Newman says:

          Ok…this cake turned out amazing…came out of pans just fine! For High Altitude adjustments I increased baking temp to 365 degrees and baked for 30 minutes. I added an additional 1/4 c. flour,
          I decreased baking soda to 2/3 tsp, decreased baking powder to 1 tsp, decreased salt to 2/3 tsp.
          I used 1/2 c. toasted pecans and used 1/2 applesauce 1/2 oil! Thank you for the recipe!

  222. I am going to try to make this for Easter this weekend. Fingers crossed that it works out!! I hate carrots and coconut, but for some reason…. I love carrot cake with coconut!!! Crazy, I know! If this works out well, I think I may try making them in my Pampered Chef brownie pan so I can have a bunch of individual cakes to freeze and use later. I think that would be a delicious easy treat with some whipped topping on them. I will let you all know how it works out!

  223. I wonder if the people complaining of the cake being too heavy and too wet, used a large can of pineapple and juice, instead of the one cup can. Really, the cake is amazing, and I had no problems.

  224. I’m thinking about making this for Easter this weekend but maybe in cupcake form. Anyone ever tried it in cupcakes? Think it would turn out moist and amazing still?

  225. Would it be ok to use a 9 inch pan instead of 8? Would the three layers still turn out ok? Also would using cinnamon applesauce instead of regular alter the taste to much.

    • If you’re making them with a 9 inch pan I would go with two layers. If you really want the three layers and only have 9-inch pans, go for it, but cut the cooking time down a bit. The layers will be thinner but not too thin. Cinnamon applesauce would be delicious!

  226. I’m going to make this in 9×13 because I’m traveling and it’s much easier to transport- do I need to adjust the cooking time more or less? Thanks!

  227. How about making this as cupcakes?

  228. Cake is great! Buuuut, my icing is very “liquidy”. What can I do to fix that?

  229. Made this cake tonight minus the coconut and it was absolutely delicious! Perfectly moist…no issue taking out of the pans. Thank you for posting this recipe it’s going to be my go to carrot cake from here on out. Yum. Yum. Yum!

  230. Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that I made this lovely cake for Easter this year. It was a huge hit!! Turned out so, so, so good! I made it without the coconut, only because I simply forgot to add it until it was too late! Wonderful recipe!

  231. The cake was fantastic. My neighbour and I have made and definitely one of the best we have had. Really divine!!! Everyone who ate raved about the cake!!!

  232. I have tried this cake for Easter and unfortunately was disappointing; total failure.
    Yours looks lovely in the pictures but mine didn’t look like that at all, it was too wet and not fluffy at all. I am wondering if is the measuring of the ingredients, maybe put too much and weighed down the cake.
    I used a UK cup measurement which i suppose is different than an american cup size. Had a google and it came up that there are a few american cups like U.S. customary cup, U.S. legal cup. Was wondering if you could tell me which one did you use or if you could post the ingredients in grams next time you make the cake would be much appreciated as it looks amazing and would love if it would come out like yours next time i try.

    Thanks a lot

    • I’m not sure about the legal and customary cup sizes. I just a measuring cup that you can find in any store. This cake is very moist and denser than an average cake. Sounds like this isn’t the cake recipe for you Simona :)

  233. Made this cake and it was fabulous! I did cut the sugar back by 25% in batter and by 50% on frosting and used unsweetened coconut, next time will cut back even more as even that was a little sweeter than I like! I think you can taste more complexity with less sweetener l!

    • I’m going to try that next time Natalya. I was planning on making up some cupcakes this next week for my niece’s birthday and really wanted to cut back on the sugar myself. Thanks for the feedback!

  234. Vinniecat says:

    I made this cake following the cake recipe exactly, added 3-4T milk to the frosting to make it more manageable. I took it to my in-laws for Easter dinner and it was a huge hit. I love how moist it was. I greased and floured the pans really well and had no issue with sticking.

  235. Jean Lloyd says:

    This is the most incredible cake I’ve ever had! I made it exactly as written for Easter and it turned out fabulous. I gave my friend a piece, and she said even her aunt’s carrot cake isn’t this good, and her aunt is a professional baker. I’m making another one for a potluck at work later this week, and I know it’ll turn out perfect again. Thanks so much for a recipe that will be in my favorites cookbook forever!

  236. Carmela Talento says:

    This is the best carrot cake I ever made! It’s so moist
    and taste really good. Got lots of compliments from
    friends and relatives . Thanks for sharing!

  237. Marion Quint says:

    I have a question about the icing. Did I misread the receipt, but I thought it says 2 lbs of powdered sugar?
    I used 2 cups and thought the icing tasted great.

  238. If you use raisins, soak them in warm water then blot dry. So yummy. Also, if you make a 9×12 or cupcakes, take a pastry bag and tip and put a bit frosting IN the cupcakes or cake before frosting the top. A fun surprise!

  239. Brent Futrell says:

    Could banana be added to the recipe? Just a thought.

  240. Does anyone know how much icing sugar for the icing you actually need to use?!?! As in cups? It says 2lbs but I need to know cups. I googled but can’t find a consistent answer. Thanks.

  241. hi does this hold fondant?


  243. Wow, this looks great!!!
    Top 10 Aarti recently posted..Ganpati Aarti: Top 10 Ganpati Aarti, Songs to celebrate this Ganesh Festival 2017

  244. I made this last night for my husband’s birthday today – daydreamed about it all day at work. We decided to try it BEFORE dinner. “To die for” is accurate! Sooo delicious!! I followed the recipe, using pecans. I used half the frosting recipe, and found it a little to sweet – my husband loved it! Thanks for the great recipe!

  245. Andrew Carbajg says:

    This cake, looks extremely delicious, I will pass on to my sister to bake it for me

  246. Hi Trish.
    This recipe looks amazing. I will be making it for ny handball team for our beach tournament this saturday. However…. in Denmark we can’t get crushed pineapple , only cans with pineapple rings and juice. Could i maybe blend it together, maybe taking some of the juice away first and try to hit the same consistency as what you are using?

  247. Hi Trish.
    This recipe looks amazing. I will be making it for ny handball team for our beach tournament this saturday. However…. in Denmark we can’t get crushed pineapple , only cans with pineapple rings and juice. Could i maybe blend it together, maybe taking some of the juice away first and try to hit the same consistency as what you are using?

    And can i make this in a big oven pan and do two layers that way?

  248. Please let me know how much baking time for 24 cupcakes.

  249. I’m allergic to pecans, can I substitute chopped almonds? Thank you.

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