20+ Non-Candy Easter Egg Stuffer Ideas

20 + Non-Candy Easter Egg Stuffers that will make this years egg hunt better than ever!

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20+ Non-Candy Easter Egg Stuffers - It's that time of year when we're filling eggs for the annual Easter Egg Hunt and we're TRYING to limit the amount of candy. Here are some great ideas for stuffing those Easter eggs with fun items that aren't candy! | Mom On Timeout 1y 1y Saved to Easter


We go overboard for our Easter Egg hunt every year.  It’s fun for me and fun for the boys.  We usually hide between 100-200 eggs!  If I were to put candy in every egg I would have some super hyper children and some expensive dentist bills so I’ve come up with some ideas that aren’t candy and are still fun.  Check out this list of Easter Egg stuffers that aren’t candy and see if some of these will work for you:

20+ Non-Candy Easter Egg Stuffers - It's that time of year when we're filling eggs for the annual Easter Egg Hunt and we're TRYING to limit the amount of candy. Here are some great ideas for stuffing those Easter eggs with fun items that aren't candy! | Mom On Timeout 1y 1y Saved to Easter

  1. Money – dollars are good but coins are better!  The coins make a fun sound inside those plastic eggs and my kids get so excited!
  2. Gift Certificates – maybe for McDonald’s or your local frozen yogurt shop
  3. Cheerios – Who doesn’t love cheerios?
  4. Trail Mix – healthy and filling!
  5. Stickers – get the kind that come on a roll and tear off – easy!
  6. Tattoos – my boys love these!
  7. Seed packets – it is Spring after all!
  8. Socks – cute Easter socks fit in the larger eggs and are fun for the kids.
  9. Raisins, craisins– sweet and don’t require any sort of refrigeration.
  10. Finger Puppets – make your own or buy some.
  11. Party size play doh – You can find these in the party section or near the rest of the Play-doh.
  12. Fish crackers – one of my boys’ all-time favorite snacks.
  13. LEGOs – buy a larger pack and split it up
  14. Tattoos – gives the kids something to do.
  15. Erasers – I picked up some cute Easter erasers at Dollar Tree.
  16. Magnets – letters for the fridge or other small magnets
  17. Grapes – cool, sweet, and yummy!
  18. Bouncy Balls – sure to get a smile!
  19. Silly Putty or Gak! – always a crowd pleaser.
  20. Gum (make sure age appropriate) – a treat for the older kids.
  21. Race cars – Matchbox or Hot Wheels fit inside eggs.
  22. Clips/rubber bands for girls – some pretty clips and/or rubber bands are a perfect Easter surprise.
  23. Marbles – (make sure age appropriate) – just don’t lose these on your lawn.  Your lawn mower will NOT thank you!
  24. Chapsticks/lip gloss – for that perfect Easter smile!
  25. Nail Polish – again, make sure age appropriate
  26. Pencil toppers
  27. Rubber bugs, reptiles, and spiders
  28. Bath fizzles or bombs – change the color of the water in the tub
  29. Jewelry – necklaces, earrings, bracelets. etc.
  30. Hair ties, bows, rubber bands – perfect for little girls!
  31. What else can you think of?


You get the idea!  There are tons of options besides candy that are lots of fun for the kids!  What do you put in your Easter eggs?

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  1. Great ideas!

  2. Oh my word, I really needed these ideas, I am having a 2nd birthday party for my daughter and I am going to hide eggs, but all i thought of were candy and coins, now you gave me so many more ideas,thanks so much for this. I am a follower now. Found you at The Taylor House link party.

  3. Trish – so simple, but brilliant. Been wondering about an Easter basket for my daughter, but at 15 months old, candy and small toys are of course not an option. How did I not think of Cheerios or even puffs?? Thanks for the push in the right direction! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Those are some great ideas! My little one is currently obsessed with chapstick, so I think the Easter bunny might leave some of that in her eggs ;-)

  5. Great ideas. I’m trying to always look for ways to cut down on the sugar. Thanks.

  6. What great ideas! When my kids were little I used to fill their eggs with fruit snacks and cheerios and toys but somehow it’s turned into an overload of candy! I think I need to get back to nonfood goodness. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Warm wishes, Brittany

  7. Great idea!! My son has Type 1 Diabetes. Easter and Halloween are VERY difficult holidays for us. I’m ALWAYS looking for new and creative ideas. Thank you!!!!

  8. Great list – I love your ideas!!

  9. Great ideas! We stuff a ton of eggs with quarters. Visiting from Jen’s @ TT&J! Have a great weekend!
    ~ KIM @ Sand & Sisal

  10. Lots of great ideas, my kids have fun even just hunting for empty eggs.

  11. What a great list. My granddaughter doesn’t like candy so this list will come in handy.

  12. Completely adorable!

    Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  13. Anonymous says:

    I have a basket filled with items , such as little gifts from the dollar store, I wrap each gift and then put a number on it. each egg has a number inside that matches the gift in the basket. this year I added a gift card from the dollar store. every little one likes to go to the dollar store.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I have used fun bandaids for little kids – it was a big hit

  15. Coming from tatertots and jello. Love these ideas. My kids are still little and I’ve been trying to think of good ideas of different things. We used to just do matchbox cars for my son, but he has enough of those now. Thanks for the list!

  16. Anonymous says:

    We’re putting an empty puzzle box in the basket this year, with the pieces in the plastic eggs. Kiddo has to hunt for all the eggs to get the pieces to complete the puzzle!

  17. Awesome ideas! Love that I am not the only one looking for alternatives to candy and chocolate!

    Found you through The Shabby Nest Link up!
    New follower too!

  18. Love all your ideas – though my ‘Snacks’ will be so distracted by his first goldfish egg that he might just stop there!

    Would love for you to link up at my Sunday Blog Hop – you might win a sweet surprise too!


    Cheers – Jen

  19. thanks for linking up to make it monday! I’ve shared your post on the Brassy Apple FB page!

  20. FANTASTIC! Found you through Pinterest, and am now following…Thanks very much for some inspiring ideas :)

  21. Thanks for the great ideas! I may do a little candy but was looking for some other ideas too. :-)


  22. Thanks for the great ideas. Thanks for joining us for “Strut Your Stuff Saturday.” Come and join us again next week! -The Sisters

  23. Perfect timing on this one! Thanks for sharing! :)

  24. Oooh I love these ideas! My daughter still has candy leftover from her birthday and certainly doesn’t need more!

  25. I just have boys, so my ideas are boy-oriented. I found some Star Wars pencil tops (not erasers) at the store. My boys also liked Hot Wheels and rubber bugs, spiders, and reptiles when they were younger.

  26. Great ideas! Sharing on Vintage Gwen’s Facebook page!

  27. Anonymous says:

    My 15 month old is OBSESSED with rubber ducks and worldmarket cost plus has some really cute ones that I’m going to put in his basket and they are small enough I can put them in eggs too :)

  28. Just wanted to let you know that I mentioned your post here: http://takingtimetocreate.blogspot.com/2012/04/paper-animal-finger-puppets.html

    Thanks again for the great ideas!

  29. Bath fizzies! For the little ones I know Target has individual packets that make their water turn colors… :)

  30. Great ideas! We already had our big egg hunt with our playgroup. I filled our eggs with stickers and fruit snacks. The moms were very grateful! Wish I had seen this post last week, though! I filled 175 eggs. A little more variety would have been nice! Next year, right?!!

  31. Love the ideas! Your project made the top 5 most viewed this week! congrats!

  32. We do legos and puzzles. We color coordinate, so a certain kid gets the whole set. DD1 gets purple and DD2 gets pink, all other eggs are a free for all.

  33. We found mini bottles of bubbles which fit perfectly inside the eggs this year.

  34. What a wonderful idea, I think that I will use this for our Day Care children this Easter. Definitely will use this idea for my Grandchildren.

  35. Just found this post through Pinterest – thanks for the brilliant ideas, can’t wait to put an Easter egg hunt together for my various neices & nephews!

  36. We did puzzle pieces one year. A few pieces in each egg, couldn’t finish the puzzle until all the eggs were found.

  37. Enjoyingthejourney says:

    Rubber Stamps
    Glow Bracelets
    Wrist Slap Bands
    Coin Purse
    Small Note Pad
    Mini Bubbles
    Polished Rocks (aka jewels!)
    Tiny Doll Clothes
    Decorative Shoe Laces
    Beaded Safety Pins
    Chinese Handcuffs
    Cartoon Band-Aids

  38. I know some mamas out there are NOT play dough fans but I saw an idea I am going to use at my egg hunt…make Kool Aid scented play dough to put in the plastic eggs.

  39. Our kids don’t eat candy, so this list is an amazing resource!

    We’d love for you to share your posts at our Finished Friday blog party.

  40. We are going to Disney a few days after Easter so the baskets are centered around that this year. Disney water bottles, shirts, autograph book, books and a lanyard with some pins to trade. I then got bunch of extra pins and they are going in my oldest son’s eggs. The usual items in eggs are Hotwheels, fruit snacks, Lego minifigures, Chuck E Cheese tokens, socks from Target’s Dollar Bins, and Squinkees. I seem to walk the aisles to look for little things.

  41. Stacy Kinn says:

    Squinkies are so perfect for this and toys r us usually has special deals to look out for. I had to put all of my son’s Squinkies away for a bit until my daughter gets passed the “put everything in her mouth” stage but 2 years ago I got 3 sets of 12 for really cheap. They had them BOGO and I had a gift card for the difference.

  42. srvymaster says:

    BALLOONS! Especially the ones with a rubber band on them that you can punch! My kids adore them. Also, I pick up the Valentine clearance items and stick them in the eggs. I’ve got some kazoos, rubber bracelets, lots of stickers and tattoos as well.

  43. LOVE these ideas, Trish! I’ll definitely be using some of them for little man’s eggs :)
    [email protected] recently posted..Coconut Mocha Milkshake & #DunkinMugUp

  44. Kristie Heilers says:

    Now our daughter was a little older when I started this but I went and got a roll of Quarters. I only used about 1/2 plus the small toys, nail polish, eos, I did do SF gum. I also did 2 silver dollar ‘s those went into out gold eggs.

  45. Great ideas. Thanks!

  46. Kathryn Kelley says:

    Headbands and pony tail holders. Earrings and necklaces. Pencil led, EOS and gift cards. Nail polish, floss, small hand santizers for TEENS!

  47. Cynthia T. says:

    Thanks for the great list!! The Iwako Japanese erasers (on Amazon) are really wonderful little stuffers — so cute and interesting (they are miniature 3-D puzzles).. Also, we’ve bought semi-precious stones before ($5 for a little bag full) at a local store. thanks again!!

  48. Thanks for sharing! Great idea to keep the sugar rush down!

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