Funfetti Oreo Cheesecake Bars

These Funfetti Oreo Cheesecake Bars prove that cheesecake CAN be fun!  I’m pretty much the biggest cheesecake fan EVER and I’m so excited to be sharing these super yummy bars with you! These bites of creamy bliss are made with Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese – exactly how it should be!

These Funfetti Oreo Cheesecake Bars prove that cheesecake CAN be fun! | #CookUpCozy #spon

Everything is better with sprinkles. Agreed? This holds true especially with cheesecake.  Cheesecake can be so serious.  It’s all sophisticated and rich and it’s something I am kind of in love with.

Cheesecake has looong been my favorite dessert. So rich. So decadent. So creamy. Pretty much all things amazing.  But here’s a little secret…cheesecake can be fun!  Like funfetti and OREO type fun!

These Funfetti Oreo Cheesecake Bars prove that cheesecake CAN be fun! | #CookUpCozy #spon

These little bites are pure bliss! Creamy cheesecake is broken up by the crunchy Oreos (Birthday Cake Oreos – my new fave) and is studded throughout with bright, colorful sprinkles.  I mean, really.  What birthday cake could come close to this???

While I am totally down with making a classic cheesecake, I have to say bars are so much easier and LOTS more fun.  Bars are easier to serve which makes you (and me) happy.  Plus, you can totally make them as big or little as you like.  I cut mine up into little bite-sized pieces which is great for parties and little kids.

And mommies.  Who have no self-control.

These Funfetti Oreo Cheesecake Bars prove that cheesecake CAN be fun! | #CookUpCozy #spon

I’m always, ALWAYS, looking for new recipe ideas.  I don’t know about you, but we get bored easily :) Kraft is helping us all with inspiring recipes and amazing coupons for Kraft products.  Head on over to the Kraft Foods Hub and play the Spin To Win game to download your coupons.  You’ll also find some KILLER recipes like these top-pinned Kraft recipes!

And since we all know I have a soft spot for desserts…check out these yummy desserts made in 5 steps or less! I just LOVE easy :)


Funfetti Oreo Cheesecake Bars + Giveaway!
  • 36 Birthday Cake OREO Cookies, divided
  • ½ cup butter, divided
  • 4 (8 oz. packages) PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, softened
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • 1 tsp. vanilla
  • 4 eggs, room temperature
  • ⅓ cup + 2 Tbls sprinkles
  • 1 (4 oz. package) BAKER'S White Chocolate
  1. Preheat oven to 325°F.
  2. Line a 13x9-inch baking pan with foil, making sure to extend foil over sides for easy removal later.
  3. Crush 24 Oreo cookies and combine with ¼ cup melted butter.
  4. Press onto bottom of prepared baking pan.
  5. Beat cream cheese until light and fluffy.
  6. Add sugar and beat until blended.
  7. Add sour cream and vanilla. Mix until well combined.
  8. Add eggs, 1 at a time, beating after each just until blended.
  9. Roughly chop remaining cookies and gently fold into batter.
  10. Fold in ⅓ cup sprinkles and gently pour batter over prepared crust.
  11. Bake for 45 minutes or until center is almost set. Let cool.
  12. Microwave white chocolate and remaining butter in microwaveable bowl on high for 1 minute, stir until smooth.
  13. Let chocolate cool slightly before stirring in 2 Tbls sprinkles.
  14. Use an offset spatula to spread over top of cheesecake.
  15. Refrigerate 4 hours. Use foil handles to lift cheesecake from pan before cutting to serve.
  16. Keep refrigerated.

These Funfetti Oreo Cheesecake Bars prove that cheesecake CAN be fun! | #CookUpCozy #spon

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  1. LOVE!!! Sprinkles rock. So do Golden Oreos.
    Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust recently posted..Cookies ‘n Cream Brownie Bites

  2. These look amazing! Anything with Oreos and/or rainbow sprinkles is an automatic hit with my boys!

  3. So fun!! I love the Funfetti Oreo’s!!
    Elizabeth @ Confessions of a Baking Queen recently posted..Cookie Butter Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars

  4. Your sprinkles make the cheesecake look so bright and colorful! With how irresistibly cute they are, it’s no wonder you didn’t have quite as much self-control as normal… I’d probably eat half the pan in a single afternoon by myself. Being the only dessert-lover in my house is deadly!
    Amy recently posted..Fudgy Dark Chocolate Raspberry Brownies

  5. I’m all for making cheesecake bars over making a traditional cheesecake! These are so fun Trish! Love all the sprinkles!
    Jessica @ A Kitchen Addiction recently posted..Easy Garlic Knots

  6. These ARE fun!!! And I always forget about those golden Oreos. You make a great use for them here! :)
    [email protected] in the Kitchen recently posted..No Bake Grasshopper Pudding Pie

  7. sprinkles + golden oreos + cheesecake = genius! So fun and festive too! Love!
    Lindsay @ Life, Love and Sugar recently posted..Strawberry Cream Pie {#piday}

  8. OMG YUM!! I should NOT be looking at this during Lent–these look divine! Thanks for sharing!
    Annie recently posted..Burger Saturday: 5280 Burger Bar & a St. Paddy’s Day Recap!

  9. I didn’t think I was a cheesecake fan, but I am turning into one! These look CRAZY good Trish – please make these for our next blog get together :)
    Heather @ French Press recently posted..Wake Up Wednesdays

  10. Sprinkles DO make everything better…although your recipe sounds delicious even without!! Can’t wait to try this one! Pinning this and adding to the grocery list ASAP. Thanks for sharing, Trish!!

  11. OMG, Trish these look amazing too!! I like the golden oreos better than the regular :D Cheesecake anything is always a home run. Thank you :)
    Kelly – LEFT SIDE OF THE TABLE recently posted..My new FAVORITE yogurt – Siggi’s

  12. stephanie says:

    Do u leave the cream in the cookies.?

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