Baking Bacon: A How-To Guide to Making Perfect Bacon Every Time

Baking your bacon results in perfect bacon every time!

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Everybody loves bacon, right? Let me show you how to make PERFECT bacon every time - you'll never make it another way again!

Making perfect bacon is easier than you might think.  I used to forgo making bacon because the gigantic mess it made just wasn’t worth the amazing taste.  A few years ago I learned about baking bacon and it has changed my life forever.

Why should you bake your bacon?
  1. Baked bacon does not curl – you get nice straight bacon pieces every time.
  2. Cooks evenly – no white fatty pieces on one end and burnt bacon on the other.
  3. No splattering of bacon grease all over the place.
  4. No need to babysit the bacon.  You don’t even have to turn it over! 
  5. Tastes delicious.

What you will need:

– Shallow baking sheet

– Foil (heavy-duty preferable)

– Metal Cooling Rack (optional)

– Non-stick cooking spray (optional)

– Paper towels


1. Line the  baking sheet with foil.  (You will want to use a baking sheet that has enough of a rim that it contains the bacon drippings.)

2. If using a metal cooling rack, spray the rack with non-stick cooking spray, and place the rack inside the baking sheet.   

3. Place the bacon slices in a single layer either directly on the foil or on a rack  Make sure not to overlap slices.  
4. Turn the oven on and set to 400 degrees.  Do not wait for the oven to preheat.  Go ahead and place the pan in the oven.
5. Cook the bacon for 12-17 minutes.  Cooking time depends on the thickness of your bacon, and how long it takes for you oven to come to temperature.  Start checking your bacon around 10 minutes to ensure your bacon doesn’t burn.  (Nothing worse than burnt bacon!)
7. When the bacon is golden brown, the bacon is done.  

8. Once the bacon has reached your desired level of crispiness, remove immediately and place on paper towels to soak up the bacon grease.  
9. Eat and enjoy!   

Here are some tips:

  • The oven should be cold when you put the bacon in – do not preheat.
  • Make sure you are watching the bacon closely during the last few minutes of baking to ensure that the bacon doesn’t burn.
  • Remove the bacon from the rack or baking sheet right after removing from oven.   The bacon will continue cooking as long as it is left in the pan or bacon fat.
  • It is easy to flavor up the bacon.  Try black pepper or brown sugar sprinkled on the top before baking – it will give your bacon a whole new flavor.
  • Want to freeze your bacon?  Under-cook your bacon by a couple of minutes , let it cool and then place it in Ziploc bag.  To reheat, pull out a couple of slices and cook in the microwave on medium power for 30 seconds.

Baking Bacon: A How-To Guide to Making Perfect Bacon Every Time
  • Bacon
  • Shallow baking sheet
  • Foil (heavy-duty preferable)
  • Metal Cooling Rack (optional)
  • Non-stick cooking spray (optional)
  • Paper towels
  1. Line the baking sheet with foil. (You will want to use a baking sheet that has enough of a rim that it contains the bacon drippings.)
  2. If using a metal cooling rack, spray the rack with non-stick cooking spray, and place the rack inside the baking sheet.
  3. Place the bacon slices in a single layer either directly on the foil or on a rack Make sure not to overlap slices.
  4. Turn the oven on and set to 400 degrees. Do not wait for the oven to preheat. Go ahead and place the pan in the oven.
  5. Cook the bacon for 12-17 minutes. Cooking time depends on the thickness of your bacon, and how long it takes for you oven to come to temperature. Start checking your bacon around 10 minutes to ensure your bacon doesn’t burn. (Nothing worse than burnt bacon!)
  6. When the bacon is golden brown, the bacon is done.
  7. Once the bacon has reached your desired level of crispiness, remove immediately and place on paper towels to soak up the bacon grease.
  8. Eat and enjoy!


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  1. Thanks for posting. Many people don’t know you can bake bacon. I have been baking my bacon for years now. But didn’t know it could be frozen, I will definitely try that!

    Thanks for visiting Humble Pie, I am now a new GFC follower too.

  2. Similar to your comment about an oven not being pre-heated if the bacon is COLD when you start, it works better. I’ve found although it may take a little longer to cook, cold bacon results in a better finished product.

    And as you mentioned with flavoring, it’s a great addition… but you need to press it into the uncooked bacon, so ‘season’ it, return it to the fridge, then after it has setup again cook it.

  3. @Larry Medina, Human Being
    Thank you so much for the advice Larry – I couldn’t agree more!

  4. I have been using this method for years, I never was able to cook bacon on the stove (always burned it and made a smokey mess). I cook up several pounds of bacon at a time and store it in the fridge, my kids can quickly make a scrambled egg in the morning along with toast and a few pieces of bacon for a hearty breakfast. Also great to have in the fridge for BLT’s!

  5. @tmonrose
    That is an excellent idea! I will definitely be doing this in the future. How long does it store in the refrigerator?

  6. Following you with GFC!
    Going to feature this on Bacon Time on Friday morning (how could I not ;)
    Thanks for linking up, hope to see you each week.

  7. This is the only way I will make bacon, now! A while back, I was making bacon on the stove and the grease popped up and literally hit me in the eye. It hit my eye ball, it was the WORSE pain ever! Well, almost ever. :) I also microwave it in a crunch.

  8. I love baking my bacon but my results weren’t always the best. I hope that’ll change now! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Yep! Been doing it for years! ( I do mine at 350. And this made a bacon cooker out of my sister in law (who, like me, is no great shakes in the kitchen!)- and I *HAVE* to set my timer of I forget about the bacon- always!

  10. Mmmmmm Bacon! This is a great way to make a lotta bacon all at once! And it will keep me from eating the first batch while the second batch is cooking. :)

  11. Great idea!!

  12. I love baking my bacon. Boy doesn’t that sound weird? I’ve always preheated the oven, I’ll have to try it without preheating today – BLT’s are on my mind today.
    I love the tip to underbake some and freeze it – I’ve never heard of that and will try it today.

  13. Misskopykat says:

    Deanna…thanks for reminding me to set the timer. I am bad about saying/thinking “Oh, I won’t forget about it (whatever might be cooking in the oven at the time)”… and I usually DO forget.

  14. Misskopykat says:

    I avoid cooking bacon because of the popping grease and uneven cooking. Thanks for posting this idea for baking it instead.

  15. MomOnTimeout says:

    Hehe! I can’t tell you how many times when I was writing up this post that the phrase “baking my bacon” popped up and made me laugh. It is weird! I’m glad you are going to give not preheating your oven a try and thanks for stopping by – hope to see you back!

  16. MomOnTimeout says:

    Thanks Nicole and thanks for stopping by!

  17. MomOnTimeout says:

    EXACTLY! I don’t know how many pieces were snatched by myself and my family before I got to the pictures :) Thanks for stopping by!

  18. MomOnTimeout says:

    Good tip on the timer Deanna because it can quickly go from beautiful to burnt there at the end. Thanks for stopping by.

  19. MomOnTimeout says:

    Definitely give it a try Jordan! It really comes out beautifully!

  20. MomOnTimeout says:

    Ouch! So sorry that happened. I just can’t stand the mess on the stove – too much grease everywhere and definitely dangerous with two little ones wandering into the kitchen to check on the progress. Thanks for stopping by!

  21. MomOnTimeout says:

    Thank you so much for featuring me Mindie – I really enjoy your blog. You are SO funny! Thanks for stopping by.

  22. This is my favorite way to cook bacon! I have been doing it ever since I saw a tutorial on Our Best Bites. I always bake up a ton and freeze it for future use. Such an awesome time saver!!

  23. craft whatever says:

    My friend taught me this a couple years ago and I have eaten more bacon in the past two years than I have in my whole life! I swear, after baking it there just isn’t really any other way to make it! I am with you on the clean up- not worth it. I even converted my (old-fashioned) mom to baking bacon! Thanks for sharing. I also have tried turkey bacon…it works but i can’t figure out the right time yet. I just babysit it. O well, still better than in the skillet, right?!

  24. Found you via link up party at Creation Corner. I am so trying this next time I cook bacon!!

  25. Erin of says:

    Great bacon tips! Who doesn’t love bacon!?! Thank you so much for linking up at Savvy HomeMade Monday. The party will start again shortly! :)

  26. I like baking the bacon on parchment paper. Easy clean up!

  27. MomOnTimeout says:

    I am all for easy clean up! Thanks for the suggestion.

  28. Patriciabrightdesigns says:

    Thanks for the tips, luv your easy cooking ways!

  29. Tonia Larson says:

    Great idea! I love bacon but don’t like making it! This sounds like an easy way to do it!

  30. Love this! Thanks so much for linking it.

  31. Tweeted it, fab tutorial!

  32. Oooh, I want to see if using parchment paper will help with the mess! Thanks for the idea to give baking bacon another try!

  33. Thanks for sharing this–I have never heard of baking bacon but am excited to give it a try since I am not a fan of cooking it on the stove or in the microwave. Thanks again!

  34. Good idea! I bake mine too, but I use our broiler pan instead of a cookie sheet and rack.

  35. This is the only way I like to make bacon now, it’s not as messy! I bet a lot of people will love this post and thank you!

  36. This is amazing. I had no idea. Thank you!

    Shannon @ Imperfectly-Inspired

  37. I love baked bacon! I never would have thought to put bacon on a cooling rack. Must try this! Thanks for sharing!
    Stephanie @

  38. How have I cooked bacon before reading this?? I have learned so much! Thank you for linking up @ Show & Share! So happy that you did!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Been using this method for years also. Learned many moons ago when I worked in a restaurant. It’s also a great way to save your bacon grease for future cooking. Just remember to keep it stored in the fridge. Nothing better than using a little of it to fry your eggs, add to your pot of beans, etc..

  40. Anonymous says:

    Whenever I fry my bacon, I use the big griddle. No popping grease then because it doesnt pool up. Also, cooking at a lower temp helps prevent it as well. Nevertheless, this baking method looks wonderful and I cant wait to try it! Thanks for sharing :)

  41. Thanks for the tip! I will definetly be using this method from now on. I’m curious… What happens if I preheat the oven?

  42. Anonymous says:

    I’ve always been told to cook bacon starting with a cold pan because the bacon doesn’t curl like in a hot pan.

  43. I’ve baked bacon for some time myself, however, I quit because it makes my oven a complete mess! What about yours? I think I probably was preheating the oven before I put the bacon in. Does starting with a cold oven reduce the oven spatter?

  44. @pattyannsue I’ve not had a problem with spattering but maybe you could try loosely tenting foil over the bacon and see if it still cooks right.

  45. Well this goes into the “Why didn’t I think of that?” file! lol This is great, the bacon is way less greasy, the cleanup is much easier and everyone can sit down for breakfast at the same time…no more cooking a few peices at one! ❤ it!

  46. I have been saying I wanted to try this, now I will for sure!

  47. My bacon also splattered all over the inside of the over. I started with a cold over. I’m trying the foil tent next time.

  48. My kids (and my hubs & I) love bacon…but I hate the mess of back & forth with the microwave to cook enough for our family of five! I am trying this out this morning as I type!

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. I had no idea you could bake bacon. I usually microwave it, but it’s just not the same. I will have to try this way. Thanks for sharing at DIYbyDesign.

  51. I found you on the the Creative Spark on Clean & Scentsible. I just pinned your post to my Pinterst account. I’ve never done this to Bacon. Thanks for sharing! Renea.

  52. Thank you for the temp setting and not worrying to preheat! I have tried to bake bacon a few times and mine never works out. Hopefully my husband will be happy with his bacon if I try this.

  53. hmmmmm BACON!!!

  54. trying this tonight for BLTs with my family. I cant stand to fry bacon with my 16 month old and 4 1/2 year old coming into the kitchen.

  55. I tried this and it works! Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  56. Does this not make the mess in the oven!

  57. I keep trying to convince DH to do it this way and stop setting off the smoke alarm:)

  58. I don’t mind baking bacon now ! Left overs can be crumbled to make bacon bits ,store in fridge.

  59. I never knew about not preheating! Thanks.

  60. Anonymous says:

    i started fixing in oven about 35 years ago. had ulcers and doctor said was the only healthy was to eat bacon!! now everyone has yet another reason to eat their bacon!!

  61. yummers !

    I love bacon and do not eat it nearly enough… something about cooking it on a stove top (or in the microwave) weirds me out… This seems so much better!

  62. I could have used this earlier! I hate making bacon on the stove (so messy!). This is great!

  63. Thank you for reminding me about baking bacon! When I was an apprentice chef we would brush pancetta (italian bacon) with melted honey and then bake it. We lined the trays with baking paper which made clean up a breeze (I find stuff always seems to stick to foil).

    I generally freeze bacon when I buy it but had never considered pre-cooking it first! Great tip!!!!

    Found you through Thriving on Thursday over at Domesblissity!

  64. Thanks for this past! DH has tried to bake bacon in the past using the directions on the package but it hasn’t really worked. Def. gonna try this!

  65. Maybe I am doing something wrong but my bacon isn’t getting crispy. Well not MY definition of crispy anyway. I love not getting grease splattered all over me though.

  66. I have wanted to try this since my friend told me she does it – but I haven’t tried it yet. I was so afraid the grease would splatter all over the oven. Thanks for the detailed instructions! I saw this over on Oopsey Daisy. I’d love for you to link it up to Simply Sensational Tuesday, too! :)

  67. Wow. I should really try this. I hate all of the bacon splatters. I am curious to see if it really turns out crispy!! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  68. I have also been baking my bacon for years. My current favorite way to cook it (if I don’t have too large a group to cook for) is to cook it in my cast iron pan. It turns out crispier than in a foil lined dish for me…..Although I have been cooking it at 350. I will have to try it at 400. Thanks!

  69. Anonymous says:

    I tried this. I does not begin to taste like bacon fried in the pan. It has a different slightly chewy texture and I like my bacon crisp.

  70. Why have I not heard of this?! I never make bacon because it’s such a mess- but I LOVE having BLT’s in the summer and eating it with breakfast on Saturday mornings. :) Hope you’ll stop by and say Hi!

  71. I know you posted this recipe forever ago, but thanks! I’m a teacher prepping for the new school year and those first couple of weeks it’s impossible to cook for yourself. If I don’t have homemade food in the freezer, I end up eating out, or not eating.

    I’m substituting turkey bacon and turkey kielbasa sausage for the bacon and breakfast sausage, and doing half whole eggs and half egg whites. Plus I’m adding sauteed veggies.

    According to a website that analyzed the modified recipe, it should end up only 340 calories a burrito! And they sound so tasty–I think I’ll actually remember to eat breakfast that first week of school. :)

  72. Genius! Definitely trying this this weekend =)

    Visiting from Tip Junkie

  73. I love baked bacon. Oh, who am I kidding.. I just love ANY bacon.

  74. Thank you so much for this post!! I’m scared of getting popped by grease, so I avoid making bacon at any cost…the problem is that I love bacon and so do my boys and my husband. This morning I will be making bacon for my boys for the first time in a while, so again Thank you!

  75. I love your idea for precooking bacon then freezing it! So often I have recipes that call for cooked bacon but only a bit, so this will be wonderful! Thank you! Also, have you ever drizzled with maple syrup before baking? It’s really delicious!
    Nicole of What Matters Most Now recently posted..{Best Christmas Desserts} Cherry Eggnog Bread

  76. I always use a broiler pan so the grease drips off. After it cools the grease scrapes out easily, but the foil would make it even easier. I always use the low broil setting and it comes out crispy. I did know about starting out with a cold oven; I will have to try it. Thanks.

  77. Tammy Zeller says:

    My daughter is scared to death of making bacon, This is awesome. I am giving this to her so she can finally make bacon at the age of 25. She can cook like a pro but will not add bacon to anything! Thanks.

  78. Trish,
    I’m a little behind times here! Came across your perfect bacon recipe last night and tried it out tonite!
    Oh my gosh, never will I fry bacon again. Mine took a little longer to bake but it was picture perfect.
    Thanks so much for sharing this method. No more mess, splatter, burns, & no more burned bacon.
    Just love this!

  79. Jennifer says:

    Note: Burnt bacon is still bacon. :)

  80. How Cute…the idea of left over bacon…haha!

  81. Where have you been all my life with this advice? I’ve been frying bacon with mixed results for longer than I care to admit (longer than you’ve been cooking, I’m sure). I tried this tonight, and even though I forgot about it and left it in a little too long, it wasn’t burned- just crunchy. Still, perfect for the bacon cheeseburger pizza I used it on! Thanks so much!

  82. I made bacon in the oven for the first time yesterday and cooked it at 350 as someone suggested for 20 mins. Unless you like your bacon real limpy this will not work. I ended up cooking it another 10 mins. Still not done, another 10 mins still not done. Turned the oven up to 375 and let it cook for another 5 mins and then turned off the oven and let it set for another 10 mins with oven off. Finally is was done. We like our bacon crispy so if you are wanting crispy bacon plan on cooking it much longer than suggested. Just my opinion and experience. Once it was done it was great and I will make it in the oven again and just plan on double the time suggested..

  83. This is the only way I cook bacon. The foil is unnecessary as clean up is fairly easy. Also, if you do not preheat the oven, more fat will be rendered out of the bacon. Preheat if you prefer fatty bacon. I usually cook at 400 degrees, but 350 has also worked, just takes a little longer.

  84. Any tips for cooking bacon in a toaster/convection oven? I don’t like using my large oven in summer.

  85. Often I do not read through content in weblogs, however I would like to state that this particular write-up pretty urged me personally to take a peek on as well as do so! Ones way of writing continues to be astonished me personally.. bảo trìmáy tính giá rẻ Appreciate it, pretty good post.

  86. Not only did this not work (I’ve got a pan full of semi-cooked bacon), but somehow a bit of fat must have splashed from the pan onto the oven because I’m now having to air out my apartment in 30 degree weather so the smoke alarm doesn’t go off.

  87. I have always baked my bacon because I am terrified of hot popping oil.. but I have to look up cooking time and temperature each time because I am terribly forgetful! This is how I stumbled upon your wonderful blog and can tell you how glorious my bacon turned out under your instructions!! I used plain foil because I wasn’t sure if my black coated cooling rack could withstand 400 degrees but I bet that would have made it even crispier!

    I must have a slow heating oven, though, because it took 17 minutes for it to look fully cooked and another 8 minutes before it was crispy.

    Now excuse me while I go eat 8 pounds of bacon…

  88. I just tried this and it’s amazing! A whole package of bacon in only 17 minutes in a regular oven, perfectly crisp and flat, evenly cooked, and now I not only have bacon for breakfast, I have leftover bacon to chop up for dishes during the week. I will NEVER pan-fry my bacon again! Thank you so much!

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