Simple Ways to Celebrate Earth Day With Your Family

Fun Earth Day Activities the whole family will enjoy!

Fun Earth Day Activities the whole family will enjoy!

I’ve come up with the following ideas for ways that your family can celebrate Earth Day together:
  • Make a game out of timing water usage – ie. baths, showers, brushing teeth, etc. Try to beat it the following day.
  • Grow a garden – Earth Day (or any day really) is a great time to get started on your garden.  Help your children choose seeds and plants that will flourish in your garden.
  • Make an effort to catch unused water in a pitcher and use it to water your garden.

  • Take a walk and find some leaves, twigs, rocks and start a collection.
  • Walk instead of drive.  Somewhere.  Anywhere.
  • Make a bird feeder out of  a can.
  • Decorate a canvas re-usable grocery bag and then use it!
  • Make a play-doh earth (you could even make your own play-doh!)
  • Make bottle cap magnets.

  • Gather up recyclables in your house and take your children to the recycle center.  Let them ask questions and learn about the process.
  • Take a walk and help clean up your neighborhood – bring a bag (and gloves!) and see what a difference your family can make.
  • Gather up the family and head to your nearest garden center (preferably on bike).  Let your kids pick out a plant or seeds that they can plant when you get home.
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