Peeps in a Basket

Peeps in a Basket | - Peeps are nestled in a coconut nest and placed in a cupcake liner basket.  So much fun for #Easter #peeps

I was so excited to see Peeps when I was out shopping earlier this week.  Of course, the boys were MUCH more excited than me…what could be better than brightly colored, deliciously flavored marshmallows??   Peeps scream Spring time and Easter to me with their bright, bold colors – so much fun!  I got the Peeps home and then Reece immediately wanted to know, “What are we going to do with them?”  ‘Cause, you know, we don’t EVER just eat anything like normal people.  We. Have. To. Do. Something.


I decided to make sweet coconut nests for our Peeps in their respective colors.  I used Wilton Gel Food Colors and loved how they turned out!  Of course sweet little nests are all well and good but we wanted something to carry the little nests in so we made miniature Easter baskets using cupcake liners and, possibly my favorite craft supply EVER, pipe cleaners!  Simply poke the pipe cleaner through one side of the “basket” and push through about 1.5 inches of pipe cleaner.  Twist it around the handle portion of the basket.  Repeat on the other side.


To make the nests:

Melt 16 oz of vanilla flavored candy coating {I used CandiQuik} according to package instructions.  If you are making multiple colors, divide the melted candy into an appropriate number of bowls.  Add food color to achieve your desired color before mixing in coconut.  I used a 14 oz bag of coconut for 16 oz of candy coating.  Stir the coconut in until fully coated.

Peep Baskets

Drop by rounded tablespoonfuls onto waxed paper and use a spoon or your thumb to make indentations.

Let nests harden before filling with jelly beans and topping with your favorite Peeps.


Peeps is celebrating their 60th Anniversary with this limited anniversary edition Peep – love it!


I have some super exciting news to share!  Right now, YOU can vote for the next Peeps marshmallow flavor be creating your own PEEPSonality avatar!    Check out all the awesome flavors that you can vote for:


I was torn between the sour apple and sour cherry but I’m pretty sure you can tell which I went with here… Check out my awesome avatar!


Peeps are so much fun and I love coming up with creative ways to showcase them each year!  Last year I made this Peeps-tastic Centerpiece and it was so fun to have out!  For more ideas and Peep-spiration check out the Peep Pinterest page and don’t forget to go vote for the next Peeps flavor {go sour cherry!}


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  1. So cute! I’d inhale those coconut bites. ALL of them!

  2. darn you! I was looking at link parties and thought OH I can pin this and then invite later :P Super cute none the less. LOL

  3. These are adorable!
    a homemaker’s journey

  4. I love me some Peeps. Especially once they go stale :) These are adorable Trish!!

  5. So cute!!

  6. so cute. and i love that you don’t just do anything like “normal” people.

  7. Hi! I just came across your blog over on Six Sisters Stuff, and I wanted to let you know how much I love this idea (and your blog in general). I have two little boys and I know that they would love to make something like this. Thanks for sharing!

  8. how fun! I am so hungry right now, and those peeps are just taunting me! Love the nests and the centerpiece. What’s NOT to love about peeps!


  9. VERY CUTE! I’d love for you to come linky up to my weekly party going on now!

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