Grilled Shrimp Quesadillas

Grilled Shrimp Quesadillas |

As you know we have been doing oodles of grilling lately and reaping the yummy rewards I might add ;)  Last week I whipped up these Grilled Shrimp Quesadillas and my oh my – party in my mouth people!  Hubby said if he closed his eyes it was like eating at some great little Mexican restaurant in San Diego.  Let’s all close our eyes for a moment and go there….
…aaand we’re back.  
Now onto this recipe.  Super simple and full of great grilled flavor because not only are the shrimp grilled but the QUESADILLAS are too!  A fantastic way to keep the mess outside too :)

1 lb shrimp ( I used 31-40 ct, raw, peeled, tail-on)
fresh limes (4-6)
Mexican blend or Monterey Jack cheese
grilled peppers and onions (optional)
flour or corn tortillas
pico de gallo
fresh guacomole


Okay so the first thing you want to do is devein your shrimp if they aren’t already.  I had my helpers do this ;)  Reece and Bryce totally thought they could use their little plastic knives to devein the shrimp and they were sooo focused.  Lost a few shrimp this way but they had fun!

Now we’re going to double-skewer the shrimp.  You can use metal of wood skewers – whatever you have is fine.  The double skewer keeps the shrimp from flopping all over the place when you’re placing them on the grill.  Thread the shrimp onto the skewers, piercing once near the tail and once near the head. Keep the shrimp facing all the same direction and with a little space in between.

Squeeze about 2-3 tablespoons fresh lime juice over the shrimp.  Brush with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.  Let the shrimp marinate for 15 minutes.  Any longer are we’re going to be making ceviche instead :) Not a bad option!

Preheat your grill to medium-high heat and oil the grates.   Place shrimp skewers on preheated grill and cook shrimp until they are bright pink on the outside and the meat is no longer transparent in the center.  About 6 to 8 minutes.

Pull the shrimp off and chop coarsely.  You are going to want to sample a few to make sure the seasoning is okay.  And then maybe just one or two more for good measure.  Gather up the shredded cheese, chopped cilantro, and tortillas and head out to the grill.  I had some left over grilled peppers and onions that hubby wanted on his so those came out too.

Place a tortilla on the grill (do only one your first time so you can figure out the timing) and sprinkle on the cheese.  I used a Mexican blend but Monterey Jack of even Pepper Jack would be great for a little kick.  Add the shrimp, cilantro and whatever else you want onto one half.  You want to do this quickly so the grill doesn’t cool down too much.

Once the cheese is all nice and melted (takes just a couple minutes) flip one half over the other.  Now you can see all your pretty grill marks!

Cut into thirds and serve with fresh pico de gallo, lime wedges, and guacamole!  Yum!

Grilled Shrimp Quesadillas |

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  1. Quesadillas are always popular at our house. Such a quick, flavourful meal! Thanks for sharing this one.

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  4. Sound Delicious!!

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