Bewitching Apples – A Fun Halloween Treat!

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Bewitching Apples - A fun Halloween treat from

Wow!  Halloween is ALMOST here!  We usually host on Halloween because we’re the only family with little ones and let’s face it – Halloween is more fun when you’re enjoying it as a family :)  I love making up special treats to surprise our guests and this year is no exception.

Bewitching Apples - A fun Halloween treat from

This year I plan on wowing my guests with these super adorable and quite yummy Witch Treats.   I was browsing through some fun Halloween recipes and was inspired by these Witch caps – too cute!

 I printed out a $1 coupon for Mars Halloween candy and headed to Walmart.  I picked up lots of candy, tons of party supplies as well as some apples.  I love to set up a Caramel Apple Station for Harvest-themed or Halloween parties.  It’s so fun for guests of all ages to roll their own caramel apples in the candy of their choosing.  I like to provide several options such as M&Ms, gummy worms, chopped up Snickers bars, etc.

Anyways, I was setting out all of the ingredients to start building the hats when I had a thought…

Yup!  I could make witches with the apples as the heads!  So fun!  Now after the the With Hats are enjoyed, the apples can be a refreshing snack :)    So let’s get started!  Here’s what you’ll need:

Ingredients {for 8 Witch Treats}:

40 pieces STARBURST® Fruit Chews FUN SIZE®
1 cup M&M’S® Brand Chocolate Candies for Halloween
1 can of prepared chocolate frosting
8 (3 1/2-inch) packaged chocolate cookies
8  ice cream cones
8 Green apples


Cover the cookies with chocolate frosting and place one ice cream cone on top of each one. Frost the cones.

For the fringe: I used 4 STARBURST® Fruit Chews for each hat.  Cut each STARBURST® in half and then use scissors or a knife to cut the fringe.  Arrange the fringe around the base of the cone and arrange M&M’S® Brand Chocolate Candies in random patterns.  Cover the cone with candies of your choice.  I used M&Ms White Chocolate Candy Corn and plain M&Ms.

This next step is completely optional.  The fringe from the previous step could be the witch’s hair OR it could be a cute accessory for her hat :)  I have a thing for braids.  It may be because I don’t have any little girls but I used braids on my B-Witchin’ Pumpkins too :)

Choose STARBURST® Fruit Chews in the color of your choice.  Flatten, roll, and stretch until they are nice and long.  Cut in half and braid.  I used another STARBURST® to make ribbons for the braids cause I’m cool like that.

Press the top of the braids firmly onto the apple and cover with more chocolate frosting.  Carefully place the hat on top of the apple and press down gently.  I was going to leave it just like that – but then I thought my little witch need a nose so out came another STARBURST® that I shaped into a nose. 


Bewitching Apples - A fun Halloween treat from

I remember coming home as a child after Trick-or-Treating and my parents insisting on going through my candy.  I always thought it was so they could pick out the good stuff {and maybe that was part of it…} but now as a parent, I know that it was to make sure that none of the candy was tampered with.  I recommend Trick-or-Treating in neighborhoods that you are familiar with and ideally with neighbors you actually know.  If your neighborhood or community offers a Trick-or-Treat night in a safe environment you might want to give that a try.  It can be just as fun and a great way to eliminate some of the worry.  We have a lot of Trick-or-Treaters in our neighborhood and we always stock up on individually wrapped candy that parents can feel good about.

I think I just got even more excited for Halloween!  Do you have your family’s costumes picked out yet?  Our family is going to be going as Avengers characters this year so if you live in our area you can rest easy – Thor and Captain America will be around to protect the ones you love!  Have a very safe and Happy Halloween!

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