NFL Kickoff Party and Football Field Cake

A Football Field Cake is the perfect way to celebrate football all season long!  | #recipe #football #cake

Oh yeah!  Football season has arrived and to kick it all off we had an awesome party yesterday.  We are big-time 49er fans and have some seriously high hopes for their season this year :)  My husband just bought tickets this past week for one of their games and is BEYOND excited.  While we can’t make it to everyone game we can certainly party for each and every one!You can’t have a football party without delicious food and that’s where I come in.  We are pretty much always the ones hosting parties {of all sorts} and football parties are one of my very favorite types.  You wanna know why?  Because there is just no limit to the different food and fun you can have at a football party!

I headed to Walmart to pick up some food for the party with Bryce.  We found all sorts of delicious items and I was pleased-as-punch to see this fabulous display of football-themed Snickers Minis!  How perfect for the party!  I also found the specially marked bags in the bagged candy aisle.  Can’t have a football party without some chocolate :)  I grabbed two bags and headed home to plan the menu.  Later that day I was on the phone with my Dad {gabbing about the party of course!} and told him that I had picked up these Snickers Minis for the party.  He suggested I make a football field cake and that was how this creation was born :) Thanks Dad!

A Football Field Cake is the perfect way to celebrate football all season long!  | #recipe #football #cake

I picked up an undecodrated 1/2 sheet cake to give myself a head start. This year I made a pledge to myself to enjoy my parties more and one of the ways I’ve done that is by taking short cuts when I can.  I think parties are supposed to be enjoyed by everyone – including the hostess!  I had never done this before and I was suprised at how easy it was.  I simply scraped off all the frosting from the cake and put it in a bowl.  I added in the food color {and of course I couldn’t find my green so I used blue and yellow…} and mixed it up.

After getting the frosting the green that I wanted, I spread it on the cake.  I used green sugar sprinkles for the center of the cake to make it look like grass and used whole snickers bars for the benches.

I used white frosting to outline the field and the yard lines.  I used red and blue sparkly gel to create the end zones.  Red for the the 49ers and blue for the Lions.  {Go 49ers!!!}  Finally, I used Snickers Minis to create football offensive and defensive formations on the field.  I used the red and blue gel again for the x’s and o’s.  I love it!

A Football Field Cake is the perfect way to celebrate football all season long!  | #recipe #football #cake

I added a few more finishing touches including goal posts made from straws and pipe cleaner and the boys located the correct teams from the Snickers Minis bags to put in the end zones.

A Football Field Cake is the perfect way to celebrate football all season long!  | #recipe #football #cake

You  might be wondering how they found those two particular candies…here’s how:

They collected every cup they could find and proceeded to sort the Snickers NFL minis by team.  We were surprised to hear that the Dolphins are Reece’s favorite team and also that there are “kid” teams and “grown-up” teams.  Didn’t know that did you?  Let me explain how that works {according to Reece} – if the mascot appears kid-friendly, i.e. Dolphins, Lions, or if the packaging contained recognizable letters – it went to the kid pile.  The grown-ups got basically everything else ;)

A Football Field Cake is the perfect way to celebrate football all season long!  | #recipe #football #cake


This cake was definitely the centerpiece of the table and got lots of oohs and aahs as people walked in.   Here’s an aerial shot :)

A Football Field Cake is the perfect way to celebrate football all season long!  | #recipe #football #cake

I made up the football and field containers using cans and construction paper.  I was glad I had out lots of Snickers Minis because everyone was snacking on them throughout the party.

We had lots of other great food at the party including 7-Layer Dip, Loaded Mashed Potato Balls, Fruit Platter and Dip, Snickers Cheesecakes, Chili, Mac & Cheese Bites, and sausages.  And of course I had to get this super fun table cover as well as football plates and napkins!


Everyone had a great time at the party and the food was amazing!  Reece settled down in front of the seven layer lip and the fruit platter and everyone else headed for the couch.


The weather was great so we all headed outside for half time to throw the ball around and the kids jumped on their bikes.

When I got back inside I noticed a slight change to the cake…

Now why didn’t I think of that????

So to end a perfectly awesome party – the 49ers won!  Yay!

Do you host football parties at your house?  What’s your favorite treat to serve up to your guests?  I know that my family would have a fit if I didn’t make up a seven layer dip :)

A Football Field Cake is the perfect way to celebrate football all season long!  | #recipe #football #cake

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  1. This is way too cute! What a great idea!!

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  3. That cake is so fun! What a great idea!

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  6. ohhhhh i LOVE that cake! such an amazing idea (and love that you started with a pre-made cake, genius!)…i’ll have to keep that in mind for our next football party! xo, Kimberly

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  8. What a fun cake! I love the idea you came up with and how you used the store cake to make it simple and easier for you as well.

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  15. That cake looks great.
    Also as a fellow 49er fan the 49ers theme makes it perfect.

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    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

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  18. Well this is really awesome AND I love that you are a 49ers fan. We are too!!!

  19. My finance’s birthday often falls on Super Bowl. This cake will be perfect. You did awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Very cute. I’m not very good at the frosting…always manage to see crumbs! Great idea to buy a ready-made plain frosted cake. Fool-proof!

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  22. Love this cake idea! My son is celebrating his 7th birthday with a football theme. I showed him a few ideas for cakes and he chose this one. So, I guess I will try to re-create this! Wish me luck! Thanks for the inspiration!

  23. THIS is AWESOME!! I love this! We have a superbowl party every year and we go all out. This idea will save so much time and those snicker bars are so great. Thank you for inspiring me!

  24. Wow, that little Snicker-Stadium is awesome! I’m not sure I’m crafty enough to make it myself, but my wife loves this kind of stuff. This will be a perfect touch for the football party we’re hosting for all my friends and coworkers from DISH this weekend. We’re also getting a couple pony kegs, a massive veggie/dip platter, and a six-foot sub. We’ve turned our giant basement game-room into the perfect football headquarters. With my Hopper, I have three TVs hooked up, one to each tuner, that will allow us to watch three different games at the same time in full HD! Our guests support a wide variety of teams: Broncos, Patriots, Bears, Raiders, even a Cowboys fan. This will give everyone a chance to root for their favorite team! Thanks again for the Snicker-Stadium idea; construction will begin shortly!

  25. I love all these great ideas! My wife and I are throwing a football party for some friends and co-workers of mine here at DISH, and these tips are perfect! Should be pretty rocking; we’re getting a couple pony kegs and a nacho sombrero, plus a five-foot sandwich. We’re going to turn our giant basement room into the ultimate football headquarters. With my DISH Hopper, I have three TVs hooked up. Its three tuners will let us watch three different games at the same time in full HD! This will give everyone a chance to root for their favorite team! Thanks again!

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