Layered Peppermint Mocha Cheesecake Dip

This easy Layered Peppermint Mocha Cheesecake Dip will be the STAR of all your holiday parties! With it’s fun, colorful layers, and 5 minute prep time, everyone wins! Works beautifully as a holiday appetizer or dessert! Every year about this time I have this uncontrollable urge to decorate for Christmas. I don’t know whether it’s that […]

Printable Valentine’s Day Coupon Book for Kids!

Treat your little sweetheart to a Printable Valentine’s Day Coupon Book for Kids! Printable coupons for family movie night, no chores, pizza for dinner and so much more! I love surprising my boys with Valentine’s Day treats. My mom used to spoil me rotten on Valentine’s Day and I LOVED it. I would get something […]

Cherry Coconut Magic Bars

Today I’m sharing an amazing recipe for Cherry Coconut Magic Bars! If you love cherries, chocolate, and coconut together like I do – prepare for true bliss! Cherries, chocolate and coconut. I don’t know that there are three other ingredients that go together quite so well and in magic bars – forgetaboutit! I have been wanting […]

Strawberry Lime White Chocolate Gooey Bars

These Strawberry Lime White Chocolate Gooey Bars will make the perfect spring or summer time treat! Last week I totally caved and made gooey bars again. It had been several weeks since I made up the Key Lime Gooey Bars for the blogger party over at Dorothy’s and the kids were ready for some more. […]

Cherry Oatmeal Crumble Bars

You’re just four ingredients away from these delicious Cherry Oatmeal Crumble Bars! So simple to make and so much better than cherry pie, these bars are sure to become a family favorite. Crumble bars are one of my very favorite desserts to make. And to eat :) They are super simple and take just minutes […]

DIY Valentine’s Mailbox #ScotchEXP

 Collect and hand out Valentine’s Day cards in style with this DIY Valentine’s Mailbox! This post is sponsored by Scotch Brand.  All opinions are, as always, 100% my own! We are so excited for Valentine’s Day! The boys came home last week with their class lists and we have been busy getting their Valentine’s Day cards […]

56 Red Velvet Recipes!

56 Red Velvet Recipes from your favorite bloggers! Cookies, cakes, bars, cupcakes and so much more! I have been SO into red velvet this holiday season and guess what? I’m not alone! I’ve been drooling over amazing recipes from some of my favorite bloggers for weeks and I’ve decided to gather them all up into […]

Red Velvet Cheesecake Cookie Cups

Thanks to Pillsbury for sponsoring this fun Valentine’s Day Party and inspiring me to create these delicious Red Velvet Cheesecake Cookie Cups! These Red Velvet Cheesecake Cookie Cups take just minutes to prepare and are so fabulously festive! Sugar cookie cups are filled with a creamy no-bake red velvet cheesecake filling! Every day after school I am […]

Red Velvet White Chocolate Cookies

These time-saving, soft and chewy Red Velvet White Chocolate Cookies are made from a cake mix!  I am fully aware that I promised you more Red Velvet recipes and so today I bring you these Red Velvet White Chocolate Cookies.  Last year after I made the Strawberry and White Chocolate Cookies it occurred to me that since this […]

16 Sweet Treats for Your Sweetheart

16 Sweet Treats for Your Sweetheart! Fudge, candy, cookies, and more! February has arrived and with it the influx of red, white, and pink sweets.  I think Valentine’s may just be the prettiest holiday to celebrate :)  I love seeing all of the amazing red velvet, cherry, strawberry, raspberry, and chocolate recipes that come together […]

Cherry Fluff

Cherry Fluff dessert salad is one of my favorite cherry recipes!  This easy dump and go salad is perfectly sweet, pretty and pink! Sometimes it’s a relief to make up a dessert that takes about five minutes and some time in the fridge.  This is definitely one of those desserts.  Those five minutes of prep will […]

Chewy Chocolate Cherry Cookies

Chewy Chocolate Cherry Cookies are studded with maraschino cherries and mini chocolate chips! A match made in heaven! When I think of Valentine’s Day I gravitate towards two things – red velvet and cherries. Especially this year. Maraschino cherries are pretty much my most favorite thing EVER. I keep my pantry stocked with at least […]

Red Velvet White Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Soft and chewy Red Velvet White Chocolate Crinkle Cookies made with cake mix! Woohoo! First Valentine’s Day post of the season!  Who else is totally pumped to see all kinds of red, pink, and white desserts that TOTALLY give us an excuse to throw caution to the wind and indulge like crazy??? I kinda went […]

13 Valentine’s Day Recipes and Crafts

A collection of delicious recipes and fun crafts for Valentine’s Day! I think we are just about ready for Valentine’s Day this year and I thought it would be fun to do a round-up of  Valentine’s day crafts and recipes that I’ve shared the past two years.  So here we go!   Hershey’s Kisses Roses […]

White Chocolate Valentine’s Day Spoonfuls of Love

Plastic spoons are filled to the brim with white chocolate and sweet candies forValentine’s Day – perfect for eating or stirring in hot chocolate! We are having too much with Valentine’s Day this year!  Yesterday Reece came home with his class list for Valentine’s Day and said we needed to get started on them.  I […]

Cupid’s Arrows {with Homemade Gumdrops}

Cupid’s Arrows made with gumdrops and pretzels are perfect for Valentine’s Day! A couple of weeks ago I shared my delicious homemade gumdrops with you.  We had such a great time making them that the boys and I decided to make some of them into Cupid’s Arrows for Valentine’s Day!  All you need is pretzels […]

Strawberry and White Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies

Super moist and delicious Strawberry and White Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies! An easy and delicious recipe that’s super quick to make! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner {eek!} I’ve been trying to come up with some fun Valentine’s Day cookies.  We make and decorate sugar cookies every year but I wanted to try something […]

Valentine’s Day Homemade Gumdrops

Homemade Valentine’s Day Gumdrops are made with applesauce and JELL-O – super easy and super yummy! I love making holiday-specific treats and we had so much fun making our Christmas Gum Drops that I knew we were going to make some for Valentine’s Day.  I let the boys pick out the Jell-O and they chose […]

Valentine’s Day Popcorn Balls

Looking for an inexpensive and sweet way to show someone you care?  Why not make up some festive Valentine’s Day Popcorn Balls to share!  I love sprinkling M&Ms in with my popcorn and adding them to a popcorn ball is even better!  I added some red food color and Valentine’s M&Ms to make these popcorn balls really […]

Valentine’s Day Critters {Craft}

Do you remember those pom poms I showed you how to make back in December?  Well I’m bringing them back to make these absolutely adorable Valentine’s Day Critters.  Three pom poms, some googly eyes, pipe cleaner, and another pom pom for the nose is all it takes to make these little critters! You’re going to […]

Valentine’s Day Bracelets {Craft}

Well now that we all have our fabulous Valentine’s Day Bling Rings on I was thinking we needed a few more accessories.  Enter Valentine’s Day Bracelets!   We have a few play dates coming up before Valentine’s Dayand most of the kiddos involved are girls.  I want to have a fun, simple craft, that everyone can […]