Cherry Brownie Dream Bars

These Cherry Brownie Dream Bars are sure to become your new favorite thing. From the fudgy brownie base to the crunchy topping – every bite of these bars is like a dream come true! PIN FOR LATER!! There is nothing I love more than a maraschino cherry. It’s basically the most delicious thing ever which is […]

Chocolate Cherry Marshmallow Crunch Bars

Chocolate Cherry Marshmallow Crunch Bars combine all my favorite flavors into one satisfying bite! Right now I need to be consoled.  That Super Bowl game was brutal.  I mean, the 49ers were down big time and then the huge come back and then … nothing.  I’m sad.  I need chocolate.  Lots of chocolate.  It could […]

Valentine’s Day Popcorn Balls

Looking for an inexpensive and sweet way to show someone you care?  Why not make up some festive Valentine’s Day Popcorn Balls to share!  I love sprinkling M&Ms in with my popcorn and adding them to a popcorn ball is even better!  I added some red food color and Valentine’s M&Ms to make these popcorn balls really […]