MEGA Inspiration Monday Party + GIVEAWAY!

The prize pack has been provided completely by Wilton Armetale at no cost to hostesses.    Welcome to the MEGA Inspiration Monday party! We are live on over a dozen blogs…you only have to link up on one to be seen on ALL of them! Crazy FUN!  Links will be featured all day Sunday and […]

Why Your Creative Timeout Party is Taking a Timeout

I’ll just start by saying that this post is super difficult for me to write and share BUT I feel like this is MY blog and I want to be open with you in the good times and the bad.  I realize that the majority of my posts are painted with the rainbows and butterflies […]

Your Creative Timeout Party {No.93}

It is SO good to be back home!  While my boys don’t agree with me, vacationing at Disneyland can be incredibly exhausting.  I guess they slept the whole way home so they recovered more quickly :)  I don’t want to bore you (too much!) but I thought I’d share some of my favorite pics from […]

Your Creative Timeout Party {No.92}

Hey everyone!  I am at Disneyland right now so this is going to be quick…Chris has the kids in the pool while I write this up ;)  I plan on totally boring you next week with lots of pics! Here’s what I’ve been up to… Easy No-Knead Cheddar Rolls| Blueberry Cake Bars ********************************************* I’m giving […]

Your Creative Timeout Party {No.91}

I can’t believe we are coming up on the last week of July!!  We leave for our Disneyland/Universal Studios vacation on Sunday and the boys are so excited!!  My little sister flew out on Monday and it’s been pretty quiet around here the last few days.  We’ve definitely needed the rest.  She. Wore. Us. Out. […]

Your Creative Timeout Party {No.90}

The boys finished up British Soccer Camp last Friday.  Longest.  Week.  Ever. I have been having so much fun with my little sister this past week!  We went to the California State Fair yesterday and the kids had so much fun!  Probably our best state fair ever.  It helped that it never hit 80 degrees […]

Your Creative Timeout Party {No.89}

 How is your summer going so far?  Can you believe we’re about halfway through already?  I heard someone mention at swim practice last night that school starts on August 17th and I was like whhaaaat????  It’s going by so FAST! The boys are in British Soccer Camp this week from 9-12 every morning.  Of course […]

Your Creative Timeout Party {No.88}

Reece’s party was this Sunday.  It was 107.  Nice, right?   The kids survived by getting completing drenched… That’s Reece taking a shot at my little brother Cliff – no quarter given here.  I let the kids help decorate the cake… I think it turned out great! Here’s what I’ve been up to… Pineapple Punch […]

Your Creative Timeout Party {No.87}

Just got back from a trip to Apple Hill with my sister and the boys.  We went berry picking today!  So much fun!  Boysenberries, marionberries, olallieberries, black and gold raspberries, oh my goodness gracious!  The berries were deliciously sweet and juice and fabulously huge!  The boys left that berry farm with every single finger stained […]

Your Creative Timeout Party {No.86}

Well summer is off to a fast start and I mean FAST!  VBS started at church this week and so we haven’t even been getting home until the early afternoon each day. The boys are having a blast and I’m working in Faith Skills so I’m keeping busy myself.  My brother’s birthday was yesterday.  He […]

Your Creative Timeout Party {No.85}

Got back home from BlogHer Food early Monday morning after a slight delay at the airport.  You have no idea how awesome my own bed felt!  I peeked in on the boys and gave them each a dozen kisses or so and then crashed in my own bed.  I’ve taken a nap every day since […]

Your Creative Timeout Party {No.84}

Tomorrow is Reece’s last day of school!  I am dealing with tremendous Mommy guilt right now because tomorrow morning I’ll be leaving my house around 3:30 AM and heading to the airport.  I won’t be there to take him to his last day of school OR pick him up and take him to lunch.  I’m […]

Your Creative Timeout Party {No.83}

So I guess school really finished up last week.  It’s just parties now.  Yesterday was the first grade awards ceremony where Reece took home an award for Language Arts – go Reece!  He was totally bummed though because students with perfect attendance got a trophy.  A trophy!  Suddenly his piece of paper with the gold […]

Your Creative Timeout Party {No.80}

So excited that the party is back this week! I moved to a new server last week after four months of H-E-L-L on my old server and I am loving it!  Guess what?  My site doesn’t just randomly go offline anymore, I’m not being throttled, it’s all good!  I feel like a huge weight has […]

Your Creative Timeout Party {No.79}

Welcome to this week’s party!  I don’t know about you but it’s been like summer around here lately – like high 80s!  Now I’m left wondering what happened to Spring? We’ve been staying busy – as always – and eating all kinds of yummy stuff: Coconut Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars | Homemade Flour Tortillas […]

Your Creative Timeout Party {No.78}

Well I am still recovering from a weekend away but oh my goodness was it ever worth it!  I had SO much fun at Bloggy Boot Camp – Phoenix and I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with all of you!  I’m almost done working through my notes so I’m hoping to have something […]

Your Creative Timeout Party {No.77}

I am so excited right now!  Friday {way early} I hop on a plane to Phoenix to attend Bloggy Boot Camp!  I’m meeting up with several other fun bloggers and my gal pal Dorothy – gonna be awesome!  {I even got a pedicure today – woohoo!} Swim lessons continue…daily.  At least there’s shade!  We’ve got […]

Your Creative Timeout Party {No.76}

We went from a fairly leisurely Spring break to jumping right into the busiest week of my life… Reece started swim practice every.single.night. The boys are both in soccer – that starts today. Bryce is sick with a cold – poor baby! AND I’m sharing all kinds of goodness on the blog as a Chief […]

Your Creative Timeout Party {No.75}

It’s Spring Break for us this week and we’ve been soaking up the sunshine and enjoying our backyard.  I just had to take a picture of these flowers to show you guys – aren’t they gorgeous???  I could stare at these beauties all day!  Bryce has been spending LOTS of time in the sand box […]

Your Creative Timeout Party {No.74}

I was so impressed with the party last week!  You all brought your A-game – that’s for sure!  I had so much fun looking through fabulous recipes and crafts – awesome!  I shared some exciting news on Facebook this week – Reece made the swim team!!  He was so nervous before tryouts but he did […]

Your Creative Timeout Party {No.73}

Oh my goodness it feels like Spring has sprung around here!  It’s supposed to hit 78 today and I’m just loving it!  We’ve had the doors and windows open all week and the boys are just exhausting themselves each day playing outside {yahoo!}  I did some gardening this weekend…and we’re in the middle of March!!  So my […]