How To Create a Custom Watermark in PicMonkey

An easy-to-follow tutorial on how to create custom watermarks using PicMonkey.


For the longest time I have been searching for ways to create a watermark {a transparent overlay} for my images here on Mom On Timeout.  Every tutorial I could find referenced Photo Shop which I don’t have.  I felt for sure there had to be a way to do it on PicMonkey and sure enough, there is!  The trick to a watermark is that it has to have a transparent background and the way to do this in PicMonkey is with a collage.  PicMonkey is my go-to source for all my photo-editing needs and I am so excited to be able to make custom watermarks now as well – so awesome!  Okay, let’s do it!

Step 1.  Go to and select “Create a collage“.


Step 2. The Collage editing screen opens up.  Select the background tab on the far left all the way at the bottom.  Click on “transparent background“.  You’ll notice that the entire collage is now transparent because we haven’t added any images to the collage.


Step 3.  Click the small “x” on any two cells to remove them.  You are now left with one single transparent cell.


Step 4.  Click on “Save” and save the transparent background as a .png file.  You can resize it now but we will be cropping it in the next step anyways.   You can see the file size is tiny :)


Step 5.  Okay now we’re going to close out this collage and open up the image we just saved.  Click on “Edit a photo” and open the transparent background image that you just saved {hopefully you remember where!}.  You won’t see anything because it’s transparent but trust me – it’s there :)


Step 6. Now it’s time to actually design your watermark.  Use the tools found on the far left to design your watermark.  Use the text tools {that is the “P”}, overlays and anything else that grabs your attention to create a watermark that people will recognize as your own.  You can see that I made mine very similar to my  header.  I also chose to make my watermark white – you can pick a different color of course!  Next, we’re going to crop the image.  You want to place the crop tool as snugly around your watermark as possible and then crop.  Don’t worry too much about the size of your watermark because you will be able to re-size it when placing it on an image.


Step 7.  Now we have the watermark nice and tightly cropped and we’re ready to save.  Make sure to save it as .png file again and name it something awesome, like, I don’t know… “Watermark”!


Step 8. That’s it!  You’re done!  Now to add it to a photo.  Open up PicMonkey and select “Edit a photo”.  Click on the Overlays tab and select “Your Own”.  Open the watermark and voila!  It’s now on your photo!  You can easily re-size the watermark and you can use the overlay tool to fade your watermark if you’d like.


Can you believe how easy that is?  Now anytime I want to edit or create a brand-spankin’ new watermark I don’t have to hire someone  :)  Thanks for being so awesome PicMonkey!


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    This was so helpful. Thank you!

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