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This past week was pretty miserable at our house.  Reece got sick first and ended up only going to school one day last week {oh my!}, next was Bryce, and after all that additional loving and snuggling time the boys required, I finally succumbed near the end of the week.  Needless to say, we didn’t have all that much fun last week.  Reece is feeling much better now but Bryce and I are taking a bit longer to heal up.

I hardly ever get sick {like really, hardly EVER} and this past week really took me by surprise.  I totally thought I was going to be fine and was really unprepared when I quite literally couldn’t get out of bed.  I think this picture of Bryce and Reece sums up how we were all feeling…


Getting out to the stores to go shopping last week was laughable at best.  I couldn’t get out of the bed for days.  There were so many little things that I needed and my husband was getting overwhelmed with all the additional requests I was making.  The last thing I wanted to do was load up my two sickos and drag them to a store.  Normally I complain about taking them shopping because they’re so rambunctious but it was the opposite this week.  I tried imagining getting them to the store…no way!    I turned to the Walgreens Mobile App for help.


Oh my goodness!  Seriously!  What a lifesaver!   I had heard about this app and had been meaning to try it.  I mean, who wants to drag their kids {healthy OR sick} shopping with them?  My boys much prefer riding bikes or going to the park over going shopping.  Who can blame them?  I figured now was the perfect time to try it out and I was right!  The Walgreens App makes it so simple to order a refill or even transfer a prescription.  You can order prints or create photo products in a snap, check the weekly ads, and do your shopping all from the couch {or bed as the case may be…} It was so incredibly easy to use and I could do it right from the convenience of my home!  The app also make it easy to earn rewards on qualifying purchases through the Balance Rewards program – nice!


The menu was super simple to navigate and the search feature worked perfectly.  You can even order the results based on your preferences.  There were certain things that I knew I needed so I just did a search for those items and added them to my cart.  Walgreens made it easy for me to order some essentials like peanut butter and jelly so my hubby could make himself a gourmet PB & J {that’s the extent of his culinary expertise} since I wasn’t even able to step into the kitchen.   I also ordered some essentials for the sickos in the house :)  I was really excited to see that I got some awesome prices on items that I really needed – I love a good sale!


Now you don’t have to be a gas price guru to know that gas is no longer cheap ;)  I didn’t even have to start my engine much less load up the car with the boys, shopping bag, shopping list and everything else that is required to just leave our house AND I got my entire order shipped for FREE!!  Woohoo!  Orders over $25 ship for free and that my friends is AWESOME!  I also earned 1,000 points on this order and am well on my way towards my $5 reward through the Balance Rewards program – sweet!


Not having to run to the store allowed me to stay home and keep resting with my little ones so that we can get back to being happy and healthy sooner! #HappyHealthy I’m looking forward to getting back to our “normal” routine :)  What’s your favorite feature of the app?  When do  you think you’d use the Walgreens Mobile App?


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  1. Trish, that photo of your boys is adorable! I love Walgreen’s, what a great option they have for times like this!! Hope you are all doing better!

  2. I hope you all feel better now! It is so hard when the whole family is sick. It’s those kind of days you wish your own mother would come and take care of everything:)

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