Beating the Cold and Flu Season!

This has been an absolutely brutal cold and flu season so far!  We missed getting our flu shots early and I have checked at least a dozen times in the past month and there haven’t been any vaccines available.  With Reece in first grade and Bryce in preschool, I consider it nothing short of a miracle that we haven’t all gotten sick yet.  All I know is that Reece is a big baby when he’s sick so it’s worth every effort on my part to keep him healthy and happy :)


We have been extra careful to keep colds and flu at bay and I want to share some tips with you.  First and foremost we keep Wet Ones® Antibacterial Hand Wipes within arms reach wherever we’re at – in the car, restaurants, at home – you can never use them too much!  Keeping germs at bay is the name of the game and to do that you need to keep those hands and faces washed and clean as much as possible. These tips come from Dr. Benjamin Tanner, a microbiologist who knows what he’s talking about!

  • Practice Good Hygiene for at Least a Week After a Cold. Cold viruses can be found in nasal secretions of children for two to three weeks after the onset of symptoms. That’s a long time for an unwanted guest to stick around!  {Wash those hands!}
  • Keep Your Immune System Healthy. Studies show that maintaining a healthy body weight with proper nutrition reduces risks of infection, and also may prevent inflammation (potentially damaging immune system hyperactivity).
  • Keep Up on Cold and Flu Germs. Colds are most infectious during the first two to four days people are infected. And you can’t outrun their germs: droplets from sneezes can travel at a velocity of 45 miles per hour and cover a distance of 10 feet. Wash your hands and face regularly; when soap and water is not available use Wet Ones® Antibacterial Hand Wipes to kill bacteria on your hands. {Wet Ones are a terrific alternative to soap and water when you’re on the go!}
  • Don’t Touch Your Face. Most cold viruses are spread by contact with surfaces through “self-inoculation” when hands pick up cold viruses, and then touch the nose or eyes to start an infection. In fact, a study of kids showed that a program to discourage touching the face reduced colds by nearly half. {My boys are so bad at this!  I’m always telling them to keep their hands away from their face and their fingers out of their mouth.}

Keeping a pack of Wet Ones in my purse makes staying healthier a whole lot easier.  They are perfect for wiping down shopping carts and little hands when we are out and about.  I prefer Wet Ones to hand sanitizers because they are gentler on skin since they are alcohol-free.  Wet Ones kill 99.9% of germs and don’t over-dry skin {yet another issues this winter!}.  Reece is old enough now that I can pack a Wet Ones singles in his lunch box so he can wipe his hands quickly before eating lunch – love that!


Wet Ones wipes are available in two fragrances, Fresh and Citrus Scent, and are also available in a Sensitive Skin formula.  Where do you take your Wet Ones?


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Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in an Ambassador Program for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Wet Ones® Antibacterial Hand Wipes and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


  1. You are on it! I tell people all the time, “wash your hands. Don’t touch your face!” When are people going to figure this out?

  2. Oh btw! I’m making your anniversary gift for my sweetie for Vday!

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