The Super Salad Showdown!

The Super Salad Showdown #BYOL

Lunch.  It’s kind of the forgotten meal for me.  Most days I try to eat lunch after I get Bryce down for his “quiet time”. This is when I hope that he will actually fall asleep and take a nap so I can get some stuff done. {Man, I miss the days when he was guaranteed to sleep for a good two hours every day!} Once I get Bryce down I go raid the fridge and freezer hoping to find something that appeals to me. I don’t have a lot of time so if I don’t see something immediately, I frequently will just grab whatever I see and take it to the computer with me. Not good. I know.

I’ve been trying to eat healthier lunches that are still tasty. To some, this might seem like a contradiction of terms BUT I tell you , it can be done! Salads are a great go-to lunch for me and if I’m really on top of my game I can prep a whole bunch of ingredients over the weekend and pull them out as the week goes on. Unfortunately, me being on top of my game doesn’t happen very often {if ever}. Like a lot of busy moms, I can use some help in the kitchen now and again.

Lean Cuisine Salad Additions in store #BYOL

Last week I headed to the store to do some last minute Christmas shopping and find some healthy lunch options for this week.  I was checking out the freezer section for some quick meal options and stumbled across Lean Cuisine’s New Salad Additions – yes, SALAD in the freezer. Actually, it’s everything BUT the lettuce. Hence, #BYOL {Bring Your Own Lettuce}. Not having tried it before I picked up one of each kind and some lettuce. Then I had a thought. I wonder how much time this is saving me? You know, NOT having to prep all the ingredients for a salad that actually sounds appetizing? So I went back into the store and bought all the ingredients needed to imitate the Lean Cusine’s Salad Additions so I could compare an at-home salad with the new Salad Additions.

Two Salad Additions #BYOL

In order to compare my at-home version of the Lean Cuisine Salad Additions I made both of them at the same time, noting the time it took to prep, cook, and assemble.  Finally, I got to taste the yummy results of my hard labor.  You, my dear friends, are about to witness

The Super Salad Showdown!

Step 1. Gather all the ingredients for the at-home salad.

Home Salad Ingredients

Gather ingredients for Lean Cusine Salad Additions salad.

Salad Additions Ingredients

Step 2. Prep ingredients for at-home salad. Peel the carrot, slice the onion, grill the chicken, chop the lettuce, etc.

Home Salad Prep

Prep ingredients for Lean Cuisine Salad Additions salad. Chop lettuce. Defrost dressing in warm water. Throw Salad Additions in the microwave fro 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Salad Additions Prep

Step 3: Assemble at-home salad.  Assemble Lean Cuisine Salad Additions salad.

Salad Assembly #BYOL

Step 4: Time to compare!

At-home salad:

At home salad #BYOL

Lean Cuisine Salad Additions salad:

Lean Cuisine Salad Additions Salad #BYOL

Finally it’s time to taste the salads!  Both were actually very delicious and fresh tasting.  The Lean Cuisine Salad Additions salad definitely had more of an upscale flavor and was very unique due to the warm ingredients.  The at-home salad was crunchy through and through since the produce components were all raw.  The chicken was nicely grilled but the Lean Cuisine chicken had  A LOT more flavor.

#BYOL Salad Additions from Lean Cuisine

Now let’s compare!  First up – time.  The at-home salad took 17 minutes to prepare including grilling the chicken.  The Lean Cuisines Salad Additions Salad took less than FIVE minutes!! That’s a HUGE difference!  The cost of the at-home salad was roughly $3.40 {not including the lettuce}.  The cost of the Lean Cuisines Salad Additions was $3.17 – a difference of 23 cents.  The biggest differences are definitely the amount of time saved and the richer flavor.  More time for my timeouts!!  Yay!

I have to admit that saving time during my precious timeouts is VERY appealing to me.  I really enjoyed the flavor of the Cranberry and Chicken Salad Additions and will be giving the Bistro Chicken a try this week.  I really hope that Lean Cuisine comes out with more flavors because this is an excellent lunch option for me and probably for a lot of other busy mamas out there.  Let’s take a closer look at the box so you can see what is included:

Closer Look #BYOL

On January 6th, there will be a nationwide magazine ad with a coupon going out.  You can find in-store demos (in select stores) with coupons on January 13th.  Ooh!  I get so excited when I hear the word “coupon”!  Find out more about Lean Cuisine and their new Salad Additions by visiting them online and following along on Twitter and Facebook.

I’d love to know what your go-to lunch is during the week?  If it’s a salad – what toppings do you put on your salad to make it especially enticing?

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  1. I LOVE the showdown! You rocked it! I can’t wait to try the cranberry and chicken now!

  2. Looks delicious!! :)
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  3. I haven’t seen these before! It looks amazing and I will have to get some next time I am out! I love a fresh salad esp. during winter!

  4. Joan Cook says:

    Great post! I found it on Lean Cuisine FB page! Thanks!

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