My EnLIGHTened Morning Routine

My Enlightened Morning Routine International Delight #LightIcedCoffee

Well, Christmas is over.  Time to start dealing with the aftermath.  Yup.  I stepped on the scale.  I know!  I know!  I should have waited for a few more days {or maybe weeks!} to see the results of my indulgence but I knew I had been a bad, bad girl and needed to get with the program again.  {Just in case you’re wondering, I am SO NOT sorry for enjoying all the yummy treats :)}

ID #LightIcedCoffee

I naturally worked out before hitting the scale to make myself feel a little better {cheater, cheater} and then got down to the business of finding ways to cut calories and incorporate more exercise into my weekly routine to get back on track.  One of the easiest ways to cut calories is via liquids.   You’d be surprised at how many calories are in each serving of soda, juice, and my favorite treat – iced mochas!

International Delight #LightIcedCoffee

Back in May I shared how I discovered International Delight Iced Coffee at Walmart.  It truly has saved me SO much money and I am not missing a thing!  I’ve told all of my friends and now we’re ALL drinking International Delight – it really is THAT good! Now the truth of the matter is that the regular verison is quite an indulgence, both in flavor and calories!  You can imagine my excitement when I found out that International Delight was releasing a new LIGHT version!  I heard angels sing at that announcement!

International Delight #LightIcedCoffee jar

I was absolutely thrilled the day my shipment arrived with my favorite Mocha and also the Vanilla flavor.  I immediately cracked open the Mocha and poured myself a glass over ice.  {Hold the whipped cream…}  You can imagine my anticipation at trying the light version…would it still have the rich, creamy flavor of the original?  You betcha!  It’s just as delicious and really makes my day just a little bit easier.

International Delight #LightIcedCoffee close up

With only 100 calories per serving, I can feel like I’m indulging while still staying on track.  The new International Delight Light Iced Coffee has 1/3 fewer calories and 39% less sugar that the regular version – that adds up quick!  Just like the regular, the light version is made with 100% premium Arabica coffee and comes ready to drink in half gallon containers.

ID #LightIcedCoffee Box

With 8 generous servings per container, I’m spending less on one half gallon of International Delight Light Iced Coffee than I would on ONE drink at the coffee shop.  You do the math…that’s a lot of savings!

International Delight #LightIcedCoffee Minnie

Bonus!  I get to rock my new Minnie travel cup I got for Christmas!  I love taking my iced coffee on the go with me.  Whether I’m out shopping or meeting up with some friends, I feel just like I would if I had indulged in a coffee shop drink but I saved a lot of dough AND calories {I’m such a smart cookie!} I’ve got some great news for all of you who are watching your wallet – there’s a coupon to save you even more dough!  International Delight Light Iced Coffee will be available at Walmart beginning on January 21st so head to your stores with your coupon in hand and pick up both flavors.  I am so glad that I was sent both flavors because I only ever buy the Mocha and now I’ve discovered that I also LOVE the Vanilla flavor – yay!  It’ll be fun to mix it up!

I’d love to know how do you take your morning coffee?

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  1. that is very exciting! I love their stuff and used it constantly this summer after I first heard about it!
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  2. So glad that you enjoyed the new lighter version. AND, definitely give yourself a least a week or so after the holidays before getting on the scale!! ;)
    Sara @ The Football Wife recently posted..Holiday Sleepover Success Begins with GoodNites #HuggiesWalmart

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