Designing My Mom Cave with La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

Let me introduce you to my living room.  My cozy, compact,  little living room.   Space is a definite issue in our home.  It’s roughly 1360 sq ft – that’s small.  This living room has been many things to this house; an office, a game room, and then I married my dear husband and I insisted we buy some furniture.   Any furniture really.  I guess the blame is mine :)  We were at a store and I saw some furniture.  It was a great price and we thought it would go great in our living room.  Had we measured the space?  No.  Did we measure the furniture?  No.  Was this a mistake on our part?  YES.

We could only get the first two pieces home in the truck on the first trip.  We got them inside and realized “uh-oh” – this furniture is BIG!  The pieces that looked so comfy in the store looked like over sized beasts of furniture in our small space.   And we still had to go pick up the remaining piece of furniture.

You can see how it’s placed in our room  here.  It is literally wall-to-wall and because the arm rests are so large it takes up even more space than it should.  You can see Pit #1 and Pit #2 in the room.  These are the pits of despair in our house.  Things get dropped behind there and are forgotten for months at a time because I literally can’t get back there.  I don’t have access to the bookcase so it’s a wreck and NEVER dusted {gasp!} The kids lose toys back there because they’re the only ones that use that space {mostly to hide from one another}.

I am so excited to tell you that I am losing the pits and gaining a space that is designed just for ME!  My new Mom Cave won’t look like a cave anymore!  La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries is helping me claim a space in my home that is just for me and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am!   Chris, back before we were married, purchased his first recliner and sofa from La-Z-Boy after receiving his first ever tax return.  Straight out of college and in a new home, he was currently living with his old apartment furniture that had been purchased at a Goodwill.  Yeah.  Kind of a little gross.  I still remember going with him to La-Z-Boy and poring over all the fabric selections and what a thrill it was for him to be able to customize his furniture.  That’s what I wanted to experience again.  This time for the living room.  MY living room.  My Mom Cave :)

La-Z-Boy Catalog #MomCave

Oh boy did I have fun!  I started with  La-Z-Boy’s Online Catalog to get some ideas for the room.  There were some really great pieces and it gave me a feel for the fabric choices that were available.  It also helped me decide that I wanted a fun piece.  My husband looked at me a little strangely when I told him that.  Let me explain.  I always play it safe – especially with furniture.  You know how you walk into a model home and there is beautiful custom-designed furniture with bold prints and they look so cool?  That’s what I want.  I would never have picked something like that out in the past but I really want this to be my space.  My timeout space where I can rejuvenate and relax.   I want to walk in the room and smile.

After getting some good ideas from the catalog, I jumped onto their website and started to get serious.  There are so many pieces to choose from: sectionals, sofas, recliners, chairs, loveseats – everything I needed to design a new space that would work for our home.  I actually measured my space {it was even smaller than I thought} and started noting dimensions of what La-Z-Boy had to offer.  La-Z-Boy makes it super easy to see how pieces will look with different fabrics.  Their online design tools are exactly what I needed to see how different fabrics look on different frames.  It really helped me to narrow down what I wanted before I headed to the store.  {I’ve been busy pinning lots of my favorites onto my La-Z-Boy Furniture Pinterest Board!}  It is so exciting to customize a piece just for me!

I had a few requirements that I needed to consider.  One, I host.  A LOT.  Even though I have a small space, I still require a lot of seating.  I immediately started looking at the sectionals.  The Laurel Sectional immediately caught my eye.  It was traditional with a modern twist and a small enough to fit in our space but still provide ample seating.

One of the pieces of the Laurel group is the Laurel Chair & A Half.  When I got over to the store the following day, I was really surprised at how big and comfortable it was.  The boys immediately both jumped in the chair and felt at home.  I was sold.  Oh yes.  I took the boys AND my husband with me to La-Z-Boy.  I wanted the salesperson to see what I was living with.  Oh, I mean, who I was living with.  Two, small, but very rambunctious little boys.  I knew my fabric choice would need to reflect that ;)

Laurel Chair and a Half Marine #MomCave

Here are a couple more fabrics that I was looking at for this chair…I know!  Bold AND beautiful!

Laurel Chair and a Half other fabrics

Chris and the boys stayed just long enough to walk around and look at all the beautiful furniture and then he took them home and let me get to work.  I’d just like to say that I have never experienced the level of service that I received that night.  I had Karen’s ‘s undivided attention for TWO HOURS while I roamed the store, taking pictures, and browsing through fabrics.  I changed my mind over and over and OVER again and she just smiled and said I was the one living with it and I need to be happy with MY choice. We’re totally BFFs now.  No, seriously, she emailed me after I left with a sweet message.  She was the best.  I would say that I hope you have a Karen at your store too but I know you will.  That’s what La-Z-Boy is all about – service.  They’ve been around for 85 years and their reputation of comfort, style and quality is what makes them so successful.  

If I had to describe La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries it would take me only two words: Selection and Service.  The selection is unparalleled.  There are so many options that you can’t help but find the perfect piece of furniture for your space.  The fabric selection is ENORMOUS!  I had so much fun getting lost in all that fabric and picturing it in my home.  With over 250 frames to choose from and over 900 covers in both fabric and leather – you WILL find exactly what you’re looking for at La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries.

La-Z-Boy stores offers services that set them apart including FREE In-Home Design Assistance form professionals that will help you find a style that fits into your home and budget.  I am thrilled to begin working on my Mom Cave transformation over the holidays and I will be sharing all of that with you in January.  There is also going to be a super awesome La-Z-Boy Pinterest Challenge kicking off in January as well – so excited!  I encourage you to check out their Online Catalog to really get inspired!

What’s your favorite piece of furniture in your home?

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  11. Loving the fun patterns… how fun is this project!?! I can’t wait to see it all come together! :)

  12. I like to go classic with my choice of my La-Z Boy fabric. If I want to be more adventurous I just buy new throw pillow cases. This way I can change depending on my mood.

    • I totally get that :) I’m really excited to see how it looks together and hopefully it won’t all look out of place. I’m a little bit of a pillow junkie so that’s how I’m planning on adding some color to the sectional. Thanks so much for stopping by! Merry Christmas!

  13. That looks like a cozy space. I keep telling my husband I want to trade in our matching (but uncomfortable) living room furniture for an ugly chair. You know the kind that is ridiculously ugly but super cozy … looks like you got that (minus the ugly).

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  15. We are so happy to hear about your La-Z-Boy experience. We aim to make the same impression on our clients in Arizona. Great choices! It will be a beautiful room. – Jennifer Putnam, Design meets Comfort, La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries Design Services of Arizona.

  16. I can’t wait to see your furniture in place!!! have fun!!!

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