Our Amazing Spider-Man Party!

With two small boys in the house, super-hero merchandise is more than just common-place.  We have costumes, backpacks, lunch boxes, apparel, and don’t even get me started on the toys.  Reece and Bryce are constantly role-playing and Spider-Man is definitely one of their favorites.  We’ve caught Reece literally climbing up walls he is so into his character – the kid has quite the imagination :)  My boys are web-slinging, crime-fighting,  heroes-in-training!

Yesterday I surprised the boys with an Amazing Spider-Man themed party and movie night.  My boys are big fans of Spider-Man and they were thrilled when I told them.  We headed to Walmart to pick up some Spider-Man themed party supplies and a pizza.  What I didn’t tell the boys was that I had downloaded the Web Slinger Spider-Man app!  The app can be downloaded via iTunes and also at the Google Play Store. This app is so fun!  I first took a picture of Reece with the app and then created a custom comic starring Reece.  He couldn’t stop looking at it!  He kept telling Bryce “Look Bryce!  This is really me, I’m in the comic!”  Then of course Bryce wanted to get in on the action so we took a picture of him as well.  This kept them entertained all the way to the party supplies….
We picked up some party supplies including plates, napkins, cups, cutlery, and some red balloons for a fun activity later. We checked out all The Amazing Spider-Man toys and I let the boys each pick out something special.  Bryce added the Spider-Man mask to his every-growing mask collection and Reece picked out Spider-Man on a motorcycle.
Next we browsed through the clothes and what do you think we found??  Spider-Man pajamas!  The boys each picked out a pair and of course I had to wash them as soon as we got home so they could wear them for dinner and the movie.  Here they are posing…Oh, excuse me, here they are slinging webs…
We finally made it over to the grocery area and started picking up dinner supplies.  I saved the best for last – pizza!  This really got the boys excited and then I shared another little secret…the Augmented Reality app brings Spider-Man to life.
This kept them busy through checkout and all the way home :)  It’s so easy too!  Just hold your phone above the pizza box and it comes to life!  Check out these cool screenshots that I got while using the app…You can see Spider-Man and those red circles you can tap with your finger.  Move your phone around to check out the different angles.  It’s really very interactive and super fun!
You can activate the augment reality by hovering your phone over the movie cover or pizza box. There are different scenes depending on what pizza box you are scanning or if you’re scanning the Blu-ray or DVD or both at the same time.
I got to work setting up the party and making up a few special treats.  To keep the boys occupied I had them make Spider-Man balloons.  I blew up a whole bunch of red balloons and gave them each a permanent marker.  I made up an example and then let them have at it.  I kid you not, this kept both of them occupied for a good 30 minutes.  Yes, I had to blow up a few more balloons but wow – they had fun!
It’s really important to me that when we have a “Family” night – the whole family is involved.  Letting the boys help with decorations and prepping the meal is a great way to really make it quality family time :) I also taped up some butcher paper to the wall behind the table and let Reece draw to his heart’s content.  Check out his Spider-Man creation:
So first up are my Spidey Treats.  I made Rice Krispie treats and dyed them red. {Reece asked me why I made pink Rice Krispy Treats and I indignantly told him that they were RED.}  Just add the food color when you are mixing up the marshmallows and butter and make sure to coat the Rice Krispies evenly.  I added blue and black spiders to the tops with sparkle gel and finally Reece got the connection :)
I also made up jello cups with alternating red and blue Jell-O – my boys LOVE Jell-O!
For the movie, I made up little cups of caramel popcorn with red and blue M&Ms – yum!  Totally simple but really colorful and fun.
Now you all know how I love a good play on words.  For those of you who didn’t get a chance to watch The Amazing Spider-Man in  the theater  you will not get the egg reference.  Yet another reason you need to pick up this movie ;)  So here we have Aunt May’s A-MAY-ZING Eggs.  Yes folks.  You can chuckle.  I just can’t help myself.
I also served up the star of the show, Peter Parker’s Pepperoni Pizza.  This pizza is sooo delicious!  We picked up a combination too for the game tomorrow :)
Here’s the entire spread – lots of great stuff!
There’s one thing I love about pizza for dinner…everyone’s happy!
Now that I’ve got you all pumped up for the release of The Amazing Spider-Man {November 9th!} – how excited would you be to find out that you can watch it before it’s official release date at Vudu.com?  Pre-purchase the movie and Walmart will mail you a hard copy – easy!
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What super-heroes are your little ones into right now?  
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  1. So cute! We had a fun party, too, but it looks like I need to connect with you beforehand next time! :-)

  2. Awesome job! I just love all the spidey-treats you made, and so cute that your kids made some of the decorations!

  3. You are so creative!

  4. This is so fun! I didn’t get the egg reference until you said ther WAS one and now i understand. Quite clever! And I do love some good deviled eggs. I love that you made a family night everyone can get involved in.

    Lauren from http://www.allgrownupparties.blogspot.com

  5. Oh my gosh, those snacks are SO cute!!

  6. Love the Spidey treats, thanks for sharing the idea!

  7. What a cool party! I love the rice krispies treats. :-)

    Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

  8. What a super cool spiderman party!! We’d love for you to link this up at our party! http://housewivesofriverton.blogspot.com/2012/11/riverton-housewives-round-up-42.html

  9. Amazing is right!!
    Diana Rambles recently posted..Introducing the NEW Custom Blog Designs

  10. So many fun ideas. We are learning ABCs with superheroes. This week was C is for Captain America.

  11. Brandee Lewis says:

    How did you make the Spider-Man jello cups

    • Make up both blue and red jello adding one packet of unflavored gelatin to each. Pour about 1/2 cup of Jello into each cup and let set up before spooning on the next layer. Keep the unused jello warm by setting the bowl in a bowl of hot water until you need. Make sure to spoon on the top layers or otherwise it will mix with the first layer. Have fun!

  12. How cute is that party! Love it! :)

  13. Wow Trish you did an amazing (excuse the pun) job! I particularly like the marshmallow treats — They provide a Gluten free option when needed :) And in the future to avoid pink instead of red I have use the Wilton gel food color, it works much better. than standard liquid food color.

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