Punched Up Business Cards

Most of you know that I attended my very first conference this past weekend in Las Vegas.  Bloggy Boot Camp was WAY more than I expected and I’m still working on processing all the fantastic information I received there.  In preparation for the conference I got myself some business cards.  I didn’t want to be the only one there without them!  So my business cards arrived and although I liked them, I thought they could use a little pizzazz…

So I pulled out some of my scrapbooking punches {for those of you who don’t know, I used to be a scrapbooking QUEEN – back when I had time!} and got to work.  I used a variety of punches; one was a simple round corner punch and I thought that alone did wonders.  Then I tried some of my fancier corner punches with embossing and really loved the look.

A couple of minutes later I had some handy-dandy, super-cool looking business cards that I was proud to hand out to all of those wonderful bloggers I met at the conference.

Here’s a bunch of variations that I like:

I must admit that I got a really fantastic response to my business cards at Bloggy Boot Camp.  In fact, I think I may see some business cards with this fun technique applied at my next conference!

Do you have business cards?  Where did you order yours from?
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  1. That embossing is ADORABLE!!! Where did you get that little thing?

  2. Loved your cards when I met you at BBC LV! Now I know why! Thanks for sharing your great idea!

  3. I don’t have them but yours look adorable – I think you’ll find they will be copied often next bot camp you go to

  4. Awesome! I love the ones with embossing, in fact, I love it so much I’m going to shamelessly copy you :)

    Thanks for linking up to Finished Friday.

  5. I have got to do this to mine! I’m the same as you…ho hum, but I’ve spent the money on them and they have all the info I need but with your tips they can be awesome!

  6. They look great! I really need to order some cards…haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  7. Where did you order your cards from? I love them! Especially the colors.

  8. OMG! You are saving my life here! I can totally do this!

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