Iron Chef Mom #2 – Chocolate Edition

I’m so excited to be hosting this week’s Iron Chef Mom linky party! When I was asked to select an ingredient there were many that popped into mind but chocolate really stood out to me.  My very favorite recipes all have chocolate in them :)  I can’t wait to see all the decadent chocolate recipes that get linked up this week!

Last week’s ingredient was apples and the turnout was amazing!  127 apple recipes were linked up and after the votes had been tallied we have our first Iron Chef Mom Winner…congratulations to Julie from Redhead Can Decorate!  You are an IRON CHEF MOM!  Check out Julie’s Easy {Dutch} Apple Pieand see why she’s our big winner!

Julie, please grab the button below so everyone can see you are an Iron Chef Mom!

iron chef mom

We’ve also got four runner-ups that submitted really amazing apple recipes too!  All winning recipes have been pinned to the Iron Chef Mom Pinterest board!

Apple Slaw – Everyday Mom’s Meals
Caramel Apple Pound Cake – Served Up With Love
Baked Apple Pie Tortilla Rolls – Sweet Little Bluebird
Apple Pie Oatmeal – Hungry Little Girl

Iron Chef Weekly Linkup Guidelines:
1. Follow the weekly host (Mom On Timeout) on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest.
2. Link up only recipes that include CHOCOLATE! Any chocolate recipes you have – past or present! (Chocolate does not have to be the main ingredient!)
3.  Vote! The link up will end Saturday morning and voting will run from Saturday-Sunday evening! Be sure to stop by this weekend to vote, vote, vote!
4. Grab a party button!
(Iron Chef Mom link party will be live from Monday evening until the following Saturday morning. Feel free to link up recipes all week long, then stop by and vote on the weekend. You are welcome to encourage your readers to vote for your recipes as well!)
Have more questions on how Iron Chef Mom-traveling link party works? Read more

Be sure to VOTE this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) for the Iron Chef Mom CHOCOLATE recipe! Stop by next week to see who will be named Iron Chef Mom as well as our top four runner-ups. All top recipes will be pinned on our Iron Chef Mom Pinboard on Pinterest!
Ready, Set, Cook!

We hope to see you back next week on Iron Chef Mom, be sure to add the hosts on your social media so you know where to find the party next week! We will announce the location when it is posted next Monday evening! 
Until then… start preparing your recipes, the ‘featured ingredient’ for next is PUMPKIN!


  1. Thanks for hosting, Trish :)

  2. Darn you for hosting! LOL!!! No chocolate in the house to tempt me anyway!

  3. Thanks for hosting!

  4. Now this is my kind of party!! I am a chocolate addict, so I have lots of recipes that include chocolate…I just linked up 5! Thanks, Trish! :0)

  5. Yeay! Thank you so much for the feature…that pie truly is so easy and tasty! Proud to be your first IRON CHEF MOM!! ~ Julie

  6. Congrats Julie, that pie looks amazing! Thanks for all the votes to be one of the four runner ups! I feel very honored to be in a group of such great recipes….now to post a chocolate recipe!

  7. I think this is the most fantastic idea ever: an ENTIRE link-up FULL OF CHOCOLATE! My pregnant self can’t wait to start salivating at some of these. :)

  8. Your speaking my language now Trish! LOL Great recipes!

    Anne xx

  9. Thanks for hosting Iron Chef Mom and for the feature! Great features and shares! Iron Chef Mom is such a fun idea and party. I am loving all the chocolate shares this for this week’s theme. I can’ t wait to try a few of these recipes out in my kitchen! Have a great week! Cheers ~ Mary

  10. Thanks for hosting!

  11. Congratulations Julie! Thanks for the invite, just linked my recipes. Following you via mail.

  12. Thanks for hosting! Hope you have a great week!

  13. This is a wonderful party and I’ve already seeing here GREAT recipes. I’m definitely saving a link to this page for future use :)

  14. 54, 59, 144

  15. 37, 47, 88

  16. 3, 144, 160

  17. 165, 110, 37

  18. 38, 83,152

  19. 44, 57, 86

  20. 47, 81, 83! There are sooo many awesome linkups though!

  21. 12, 143, 145

  22. Anonymous says:

    26, 52, 144

  23. 37, 86, 143

  24. 5, 41, 168

  25. 35,83, 109

  26. 143, 47, 30

  27. 21, 61, 69

  28. Samantha Wagner says:

    12, 144

  29. Anonymous says:


  30. 102 , 134 , 144
    Ist lecker

  31. These all look good. But what can be wrong with chocolate?
    I like 167, 168.


  32. 15, 140, 164

  33. 161, 152, 44

  34. Anonymous says:

    54,57, 101

  35. I luv chocolate! 54, 57, 101. Awesome

  36. 166 and 168! Who could really choose though?

  37. This is my picks 54, 57, 101 looks good.

  38. Papa Bear says:

    My vote goes to 54,57,101. I know they are good.

  39. 54, 57, 101 looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. 23, 109, 133

  41. Anonymous says:

    42, 51, 56

  42. 109, 51, 4

  43. #1…that tutorial is amazing…great photography- and mint w/ chocolate…a true chocolate lover’s classic combo!

  44. So hard to choose…..# 125, #52, and # 42

  45. 82, 91 ,143

  46. 143, 107 & 9

  47. 143, 9, 107

  48. Hi Trish! Wow! Just found out about Iron Chef Mom this morning. What a great party! Sorry I missed it prior to this week, but hopefully I’ll be able to link up at future parties. At least I made it in time to cast some votes today. #80, #86 and #153 Have an awesome week! ~Mary

    (now following you on GFC, Bloglovin’, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest ~ I already follow you on G+)

  49. 144

  50. 144

  51. Oh. I just saw 169. Fresh basil abounds so I should try this one!

  52. Anonymous says:

    1, 49, 144

  53. Anonymous says:

    9, 35, 143

  54. Anonymous says:

    101, 110, 144

  55. 22,83,98

  56. 29, 143, 152

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