Busy Bag Activities for the Little Ones

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Last week I shared my Disney Tote bags that I made for our trip to Disneyland.  I wanted to show you some of the Busy Bag Activities that I came up with to put in the bags.  In case you’re not familiar with Busy Bags – they are just bags filled with simple activities that you can pull out to entertain the kids with.  Most busy bags have an educational component as well.  I made our Disney Totes one large Busy Bag filled with a variety of activities and it worked like a dream for our 8 hour drive to Disneyland.

I made each boy a roll up felt board.  These are super easy and really allow for creativity that isn’t messy at all!  All you need is felt in different colors.  Use one felt sheet for your “board”.  This is what all the other felt will “stick” to.  Next cut out a variety of shapes.  Some ideas are flowers, houses, cupcakes, snowflakes, trees, faces (lips, eyes, nose, etc.), and any other shapes that your child can put together to make a picture.

 When they are done with their picture, simply  roll the felt up and put back in the busy bag.  I did two totally different boards so the boys were able to trade shapes back and forth to create new pictures.

Next I added some pipe cleaners and a dowel so the boys could make their own wands.  This may not be a typical “boy” craft but they had a lot of fun making theirs in the car.  Bryce even added some foam stickers to his and it looked really cool.  So the idea is you take a pipe cleaner and wrap it around the wood dowel.  You will need more than one so have a variety of colors available for your child.  Don’t have a wood dowel – a chopstick will also work!

I also picked up some beads and lacing cord at the Dollar Tree.  I pre-laced one bead and tied it off so it would be easier for the boys to make their bracelets and necklaces.  I also cut the cord into a couple different lengths.  I put the beads and the pre-cut cord inside a baggie to keep everything together.   You could use a variety of beads and alphabet beads would be a lot of fun too.

I also put together  “create-your-own-book” kits.  I got this idea from my mother-in-law.  Every time Reece goes for a visit he comes back with all these “books” that he has written and illustrated.  It’s a really fun idea and she makes up a whole bunch of blank ones so he can just have at it!  All you need is some computer paper and construction paper.  Fold the construction paper into fourths.  Fold the computer paper into fourths and cut so there are at least 8 pages per book.  Insert the white pages into the center of the folded construction paper.  Punch holes and tie off with yarn.  Now you have a little book that your little one can fill with their imagination.  Now Bryce is three and his books get filled with drawings and stickers.  Reece is 6 and he writes full blown stories and illustrates as well.  I included these little containers filled with foam stickers for the boys to use in their books as well as a bag of crayons.

I also included Disney workbooks and coloring books (also purchased at the Dollar Tree), a LeapFrog Dry Erase Activity Book (from Barnes & Noble), and snacks.

If you don’t have a lap desk to use in the car, consider buying or using a scrapbook paper container.  They hold a lot and can also act as a lap desk.

Have you ever made busy bags for your children?  What are your busy bag ideas?

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  1. Those look cute and I’m sure were a lot of fun. :) Megan

  2. What a smart idea to have a bag of stuff for them to play with. And the felt is a great idea too! Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

  3. Love the ideas you had in your bags. I do something like this, but on long drives, I wrap them up and give them something every hour or two. It makes it fun to open a present and entertains them for a while.

  4. I’m always looking for busy bag ideas! Thanks for sharing, I found your post from the Do Something Crafty Linky party.

    Anna @ Bean Bug Crafts

  5. Yay! I needed some more ideas for our road trip to Disneyland coming up in October. I’m going to try some of these!

  6. Those are so much fun, love them!

  7. So cool! I LOVE the idea of busy bags.

  8. Oh those are great, loved the bag before but now I love it more!

  9. Very cool! I love the felt boards and make your own books. Thanks for sharing at Mom’s Library!

  10. Great ideas! I need to make a bag like this for my little guy. Thanks!

  11. These are some great ideas, I’ve pinned this on my board. Thanks for sharing. ; )


  12. You asked what our busy bag ideas are, well we are a military family and travel/move a lot so we love busy bags. I like to print off free coloring pages online. You can google your kids favorite character in google images or click on one of the free sites that has many, many different coloring pages. My kids love being surprised with the turn of each new page bc I put them together but I also know what they like. Another one we have is similar to your making necklaces and bracelets one. I tie a thread or string or shoelace to a page made of fabric or felt. Then attach a simple bag to the page with either hand thread or simple stitch sewing machine so I can keep all the beads together. You can buy beads at a craft store or those small shaped foam beads. My kids love making a pattern on the string, then taking everything off and making a new pattern. All the beads go back in the bag on the page and there’s no mess! That one also encourages hand eye coordination motor skills. My kids also really really love taking silly pictures of themselves and the world around them as they see it. They also like seeing the pic after they take it so I bought them cheap digital cameras. The cameras are ones I don’t mind if they get lost or damaged. It helps them relate to one another bc they’ll take pics for each other, and often they’ll take good enough pictures that I’ll print them myself to use in our scrapbook. They can take as many pics as will fit on the memory card. Then erase and do it again. Thanks for your fabulous site. I can’t tell you how many of your recipes I’ve made bc I’ve lost count! :)

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