Giving Back With Elmer’s #BagItForward

I recently had the opportunity to participate in the truly amazing #BagItForward campaign from Elmer’s.  The idea is simple – make a difference in your community by donating school supplies to a student, teacher, school, or organization in need (Buy Two, Give One).  I knew exactly who could use some new school supplies and was so excited to help out!  Having been a parent helper in Reece’s kindergarten class, I knew firsthand how many supplies those kids go through!  Reece absolutely adored his teacher and I thought it would be fun to suprise him with  some school supplies for this year’s students.

I headed over to Walmart to purchase the school supplies and was so excited to see aisles and aisles of pretty school supplies displayed! I also saw the display for the Elmer’s “1st Day” app and checked it out.  You can scan the QR code or download the app at

The app is free and is pretty cool!  The app is a way for us parents to document our children’s first days of school and to share it with friends and family.  You can even create keepsakes and personalize photos with quotes and captions – neat huh? Even better, for each photo uploaded to the app Elmer’s will donate one school supply product to the Kids In Need Foundation (KINF) – up to 200,000 products! 

I made my way down the aisles and was picking up products left and right focusing on those supplies that I remembered using in the classroom and supplies that they always seeemed to be running low on.  I hit the gluesticks HARD.  I don’t know how many gluesticks I went through in that kindergarten class!  I bought all different sizes for the teachers, helpers, and students.
I picked up all kinds of supplies including Elmer’s glue in every size and color imaginable, scissors, tissues, crayons, pencils, colored pencils, paper, markers, you name it – I bought it!  You can see me entire shopping experience here on Google+.
Once I got home I laid everything out to figure out how best to bag it up and take it over to the teacher.  I got A LOT of stuff!  Reece came in and claimed a few gluesticks because he said he always runs out – which is true :)  Reece is quite crafty and uses a lot of glue – love that kid!

We were able to stuff everything into two fun-filled bags:
By this point Reece was so excited that we headed out the door, each of us with one bag, and surprised his teacher.  

Make A Difference!  Bag It Forward!
It doesn’t take much to get involved and help.  I want to encourage each one of you to pick up a school supply the next time you’re in the store and #BagItForward by donating it to a school, teacher, organization, or student in need.  It can be a 10 cent glue stick or you could go bigger – it’s up to you!  Trust me, it feels amazing to help out and if we each do a small part in our individual communities…think of the difference we can make!  Another super simple way to help is to download the Elmer’s 1st Day app and upload a photo.  If we all help out we can reach the 200,000 product goal in no time!

You can stay connected with Elmer’s on Facebook and Twitter and make sure to check out #BagItForward on Pinterest.for some fun ways you can get involved!

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  1. I love this! You picked up a lot of great stuff for the students and I can bet the teacher will think of you every time he uses up another glue stick!

  2. I’m sure the teacher will be so happy! I remember how much my kids went through at that age.

  3. This is such a wonderful idea. As a retired teacher, I know how helpful this will be. Our church contributes school supplies to a community outreach program. I need to start picking up some as I saw the ads are already out for school supplies.

  4. What a wonderful time to make a helpful difference! The sales right now are fantastic. Thank you for sharing how easy it is to make a huge difference!

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