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A couple of weeks ago I shared about LeapFrog Summer Camp {HERE}. We are now in the third week of LeapFrog Summer Camp and the boys are having the best time!  I have been so impressed with the fantastically creative and engaging resources and activities that we have been able to enjoy thus far.  

 We’re currently doing between 30-45 minutes of summer school and then we have one or two activities that we do during the day as well.  Last night Reece requested working on summer school stuff instead of reading books after bath – I thought that was too cute!  Even though Bryce is only three I have found that a lot of the provided material is age-appropriate for him and so he’s been able to join in on the fun. 

I set them up at their desk and give them each their daily packet.  I let them work through the pages at their own pace offering occasional suggestions or guidance.  I usually have one or two coloring pages, a couple worksheets and then an activity or craft.  So far Reece’s favorite activity has been Monster Math.  I printed out the math worksheet for Reece.  He solved the math equations and then designed a monster based on his answers.  So fun!  Bryce has really enjoyed the coloring page and gets so excited when it’s time for school :)

The first week’s theme was Out and About and it was all about getting kids to learn about their immediate surroundings.  The second week’s them was Caring For Animals and was designed to inspire new experiences with animals and to learn about responsibility and compassion.  This last week’s theme was Puzzle Time and focused on logic and reasoning skills.  

Here’s a quick look at how their site is laid out.  You can see the weekly themes, find daily tasks and below there are a whole slew of additional fun activities for your kids to enjoy.  There is definitely plenty to choose from!
We have a pretty good LeapFrog library at our house and so when the boys finish with school I let them watch one of their favorite LeapFrog movies or play with their Tags or Leapster as a reward.  I’ve let the boys be involved in deciding which worksheets they want printed and I usually print a couple days worth of activities at a time.  I’ve discovered some keys to successful learning that I wanted to share with you…

Keys to Successful Summer Learning:

Consistency – If your kids know when and where they will have summer school each day it becomes part of the routine and is accepted and can be something they look forward to.
Creativity – Make summer learning exciting and fun by incorporating activity and crafts into your schedule.
Preparation – Plan ahead.  Know what each child is doing each day and have the appropriate worksheets and/or supplies ready to go.
Flexibility – You have to be flexible!  It is summer after all :)  We’ve had to skip days due to activities or other obligations and that’s okay!   We just get back on schedule the following day!
Variety – Mix it up!  Doing only worksheets or only crafts can get boring.  LeapFrog Summer School has a such a variety of activities and projects that it’s easy to keep things fun.
If you haven’t signed up yet – no worries!  Camp runs through July 28th AND you have access to all of the previous weeks activities so you can pull from each session when planning your summer school session.  
Have you signed up for LeapFrog Summer Camp yet?  I’d love to hear what you think.  If you haven’t – sign up today!  It’s FREE and FUN!

This post is sponsored by LeapFrog. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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