Egg Peeps {Easter Craft}

Egg Peeps are a super fun kids Easter craft!


If you’re anything like me, you  may have compiled hundreds of plastic Easter eggs over the years.  And yet for some crazy reason, each year I buy more – go figure!  Egg Peeps are the perfect Easter craft to help utilize some of those extra plastic eggs you have lying around and a great way to spend the afternoon with your kids.  My boys treated these almost like Mr. Potato Heads – adding appendages and hair and various noses to make each one wonderfully unique.  I hope you’ll give these a try because they are so fun, inexpensive, and make wonderful Easter decorations.

Materials Needed:
Plastic Eggs
coins (quarters, nickels)
hot glue
pom poms
googly eyes
fuzzy sticks
(basically whatever you have on hand)

Start by hot gluing a coin to the bottom of the egg so it has a flat surface to rest on.  (The hot glue will peel off easily whenever you need your quarter back :) )

Glue on any hair you might want.  As you can see, green hair is totally okay.  I even did braids on one of my Egg Peeps.

Reece thought that since this purple egg was the biggest that she would be a queen so we made her a crown out of some foam and beads.

Glue on some eyes and a nose. I think the size of the eyes and the nose makes the biggest impact on the personality of your Egg Peeps.

We evened added some pink foam ears, and some earrings.

The mouth is always tricky for me.  I let Reece make the tough decisions and we used pipe cleaner, glitter glue, and foam on our various Egg  Peeps. Just make sure that when you glue the mouth on that you are not gluing over the opening – you want to be able to still open the egg and fill it with treats!

We had a lot of fun going crazy with the hair and Reece though the one with the black hair had so much attitude that we had him sticking his tongue out ;)

Check out the braids and bangs on this Egg Peep!

Such a fun craft project and it really gets the imagination going!  As you can see, each Egg Peep is totally different and has it’s own personality – so fun!

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  1. What fun!!!

  2. These are super cute – we are definitely getting into Spring projects around here, too! You always have such fun ideas, and thank you for all you bring to the blogging world ;) I am nominating you as a Versatile Blogger – if you’ve been nominated before, just consider yourself extremely multifaceted :)

  3. These are so great. What a fun idea!

  4. Oh my gosh – hilarious!
    You should link these up too!
    Yarn it all! Link Party

  5. These are so cute! Your son is really getting into it and having so much fun! I pinned them.

  6. What an adorable Idea – Love the hair.

  7. Those are the cutest eggs ever. I have to show my kids. Thanks for sharing at DIYbyDesign.

  8. Ha ha. These eggs are beyond darling. You deserve an award for the coolest mom ever!! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  9. These are brilliant, my three year old is going to love making these.

  10. Trish, these are adorable!! I will have to do this with my kids, they would lOVE IT!! :) Will you share them at my linky party?
    I’d love for you to link it up there!

  11. Haha! How cute! Glad to have you at Things I’ve Done Thursday!

  12. These are so adorable! What a cute, original idea! Thanks so much for linking up to Simply Sensational Tuesday. :)

  13. You always do such fun things with your kids! Those eggs look super fun to make.
    Thanks for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays.

  14. Jennifer says:

    This is such a great idea! I have a little boy with severe food allergies and egg is one of them. We usually just decorate plastic eggs with stickers, but I am doing this this year! Thanks for the great idea!

  15. Is there another type of glue you can use instead of hot glue

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