B-Witchin’ Pumpkins – A Fun Halloween Craft Idea!

B-Witchin Pumpkins are the perfect Halloween craft project for you OR the kids!  Easy to make and just too adorable!! | MomOnTimeout.com #Halloween #witch #craft

Reece and I had a lot of fun yesterday making these adorable witch pumpkins. He picked out the yarn and was decidedly impressed with the end result. I have to say, this was the most fun I have had doing a craft project in awhile. Once you have the bodies built it’s just like playing dress-up and you can accessorize to your hearts content.  Reece was finished as soon as the hats were in place but not me!  These are so simple to make and as long as you have a couple mini pumpkins lying around you’re good to go.


2 pumpkins of different sizes
black material (felt, paper, foam)
yarn (or raffia, ribbon, anything for the hair)
glue, hot glue
beads, fuzzy sticks,pom-pom, ribbons, glitter, paint


You will need two pumpkins of different sizes.  Remove the stems off your two pumpkins using a sharp knife (adults only!)  Scroll to the bottom to find out how to use the stem of the smaller pumpkin for the witch’s nose.
Make the witch hair using yarn or any other material you may have lying around.  I made large loops and then used a rubber band (or a twisty tie) to secure the yarn in the middle.


I cut the loops at the end and then hot glued the “hair” onto the top of the smaller pumpkin.  Reece said to me, and I quote, “Mommy, do you know that the witch’s hair is the same color as yours?”  So I guess I have yellow hair.  Anyways…


Time to make this witch a hat.  I used the template here.  I shrunk the size until it worked for my little witch.  Cut out the templates and then trace onto black paper (or foam) and cut out.  Roll into a cone shape and glue.  Cut out the circle (the brim of the hat) and hot glue it onto the cone.  I cut the center out of my circle to make room for my hair.  Hot glue the witch’s hat onto the hair.


In order to secure the top pumpkin, I inserted three toothpicks into the bottom pumpkin and then pushed the top pumpkin into place.  This worked best.  Hot gluing the top pumpkin to the bottom did not work.


Oh my gosh this little witch is so darling already!


I made this witch a cape out of black felt.  I cut the felt approximately 1 inch longer than the large bottom pumpkin. I folded the felt over and hot glued it down to make a collar for the cape.


Wrap the cape around the “shoulders” of the witch.  You can easily glue this onto the witch but I just secured it in place using a metallic fuzzy stick to give this witch some bling.  I added some facial features, some pretty accessories to her hat and have to say, I love this B-Witchin’ Pumpkin!

B-Witchin Pumpkins are the perfect Halloween craft project for you OR the kids!  Easy to make and just too adorable!! | MomOnTimeout.com #Halloween #witch #craft

Here is another witch featuring some pretty braids.  Her hat is made of foam so you can see the difference.  I used the stem for the witch’s nose.  I painted it green and then sprinkled on some green glitter while the paint was still wet. Her mouth is red sparkly foam.  I used 2 plastic pumpkins on her hat and securing her cape.

B-Witchin Pumpkins are the perfect Halloween craft project for you OR the kids!  Easy to make and just too adorable!! | MomOnTimeout.com #Halloween #witch #craft

This is how I made the braids.  I cut nine strands of yarn – mine was super thick so if you are using regular yarn, you will want to cut more (in multiples of 3).  I cut two pieces of ribbon and then secured the yarn and ribbon in the middle with a tie.  Finally, I braided the yarn and tied a ribbon at the ends.


I ended up with three witches and I just love them all!

B-Witchin Pumpkins are the perfect Halloween craft project for you OR the kids!  Easy to make and just too adorable!! | MomOnTimeout.com #Halloween #witch #craft

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  17. LOVE this! Very cute idea!

  18. What a great tutorial for a really cute project! Thank you for such detailed directions!

  19. Love your little pumpkin peeps! They have a lot of character, and I bet the kiddos looove them!!! I made a pumpkin totem too, mine is somewhat different than yours, but the same idea… I had a blast making it! Have a wonderful Halloween! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  20. Super creative of you, and these look adorable !!

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