First Day of School Photo Frame Craft

We are only a week away from Reece’s first day of kindergarten (oh my gosh!) and I have been thinking about different ways to capture that memorable first day.  I wanted to make a photo frame that would be special to Reece and came up with the following project.  I made this up as I went along but I think it turned out really cute.

Materials Needed:

Crayons (I bought the 24 packs from Target for 20 cents each)
Cardboard (any old box will do)
Glue and Glue Stick
Acrylic Paints (any paints will work)
Scissors or Xacto Knife
Ribbon (optional)
Foam for backing (you can use cardboard if you don’t have any)
Glitter Foam Stickers (you can always just write the letters, use stamps or anything else you have on hand)

Cut a piece of cardboard into a rectangle with dimensions of 6.5″x8.5″.  I will be using a 4×6 photo so I cut the opening to 3.5″x5.5″.  You can customize this project to the size of photo that you want to use. Cut out 4 pieces of cardboard that are 1.5″x6.5″.  (This is for a portrait picture.  For landscape, cut those pieces to 1.5″x8.5″.)

Lay out crayons on the two vertical sides of the frame to determine the approximate number of crayons needed and where to break the crayons.  This is supposed to be very organic looking so don’t stress over making the crayons all the same length – there should be variances.  Since my frame width is 1.5″ – the crayons all need to be approximately that length.  (I painted the cardboard because I thought it might show through – which it didn’t – so you can skip this step if you want.)

If you aren’t having small children help with this project, you can create a really clean edge using the Xacto knife. I used a total of 32 crayons and only used the tip ends of the crayons.  Lay out the crayons first to make sure they will fit on the frame edge.  Put glue onto the cardboard and then stick the crayons into place.  Repeat on the opposite side of the frame.
Glue the four 1.5″ strips of cardboard to the top and bottom of the frame – two at each end.  This brings the crayons and the rest of the frame to the same depth.

Next I painted the exposed cardboard with acrylic paints.  I painted all sides of the frame – anywhere that is visible that is just plain old cardboard – paint it! (If you don’t have acrylics, use what you do have!)

Finally wrap the ribbon around the frame and glue the ribbon to the back of the frame.  Make sure to pull the ribbon tight, and tape it while the glue dries.  You can remove the tape later or leave it there – it doesn’t matter because it will be covered.

I added the words “1st Day of School” to the front of the frame using glitter foam letters and glitter glue.  So cute and colorful!  If you don’t have foam letters, you can paint the words on or even use stamps.  You could also put the year on the frame.

Glue a piece of foam that has been cut to fit the frame to the back of the frame.  Use a glue stick so that the glue won’t spread when pressure is applied to the foam backing.  (I learned this the hard way!)  Make sure that you allot the proper space for a 4×6 photo (or whatever size you are using) to slide into the frame.  I found it easiest to just put a picture on the foam and glue around it.

Now to hang it.  There are a lot of different ways to do this but I chose to use two picture hangings hooks and screw them into the back of the frame.  Thread a piece of ribbon through the hooks, tie and bow and voila! If you don’t have the hardware, you can punch a hole into the foam and thread you ribbon through the foam.  Don’t want to hang it?  Using a knife, make an angled incision into the back of the frame and making sure to use a really stiff piece of cardboard, slide the cardboard into the incision creating a stand.

Slide a picture in between the foam and the cardboard frame and you are all done!

Find a place to hang your picture that will make you smile each time you pass it :)  Reece was my expert crayon breaker and loved the result!

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  1. What a cute idea! Definitely will be trying this one out!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Let me know how it looks when you’re done :)

  3. How great! What a neat idea.

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  4. Cute idea!! Thanks so much for linking to Thrifty Thursday! :)

  5. Kristy LaVella says:

    What a GREAT idea!!! :)

  6. Cute and lovely!

  7. MomOnTimeout says:

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  8. Mhilton05 says:

    Thanks for linking up at Bacon Time. Love your frame, and I am going to feature it and you on Friday morning :)

  9. MomOnTimeout says:

    Thank you! Today is Reece’s first day of school so I am going to be able to use it soon :)

  10. Really cute idea! Stopping by from {blue cricket dedign}

  11. how cute is this frame!!! LOVE it & I sure want one for my girls!!!!

    Thanks for sharing this on the Sunday Showcase & I am sharing on FB & Twitter as well!


  12. MomOnTimeout says:

    That’s wonderful! Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Great idea!!!Love it!!!

  14. Cute! Thanks for sharing this! :)

  15. how super cute love it come over and see us at

  16. Really cool. It might work as a teacher gift too. Thanks for sharing at Mom’s Library!

  17. Aww super cute! Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

  18. Adorable! I can’t wait to make one for my daughter

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