Preparing for School: A Parent’s Guide for a Successful Start to the School Year

Summer will soon be coming to an end and we all know what that means…time for school!  Here is a list that you can use to help make that end of summer and beginning of school time a little easier for everyone.

  1. Talk about school starting as a positive event – not a negative.
  2. Have your child help pick out their own school supplies (backpacks, lunch box, pens, pencils, etc.)
  3. Visit or revisit the school grounds so that your child feels comfortable in their school environment.
  4. Start tailoring your schedule now so that it matches your school schedule.  Earlier bed times and earlier rise times.
  5. Engage your child in discussion about the upcoming school year – what are they looking forward to, what are they scared of?
  6. Make sure your child knows emergency contact information.  This will help your child and you both feel more secure.
  7. Take advantage of any back to school open houses, tours, or parent-teacher meetings that the school offers.
  8. Familiarize yourself and your child with their teacher’s name, school room location, school office, and locker location.
  9. Discuss your child’s school schedule.  When do they start, when is lunch, when does school get out?
  10. If your child takes the bus, visit the bus stop and make sure your child knows what time the bus picks up.
  11. If you have any specific concerns regarding your child, contact the appropriate party and make your concerns known.  This could be the teacher, school nurse, school counselor, etc.
  12. Start building up their confidence by revisiting topics that they were learning last year.
  13. Encourage your child to work hard this school year by setting up a study schedule and quiet area for them to work in.
  14. Label your child’s belongings.  Many kids will have the same backpacks, lunch boxes, etc.  Print your child’s name, use stickers, or even use a luggage tag to help them identify their stuff.
  15. Have your child’s backpack and lunch prepared the night before to help the first day of school go as smoothly as possible.  Enclose a special note with their lunch so they know you are thinking of them.
  16. Make sure you enjoy these last days of summer!!!

My little sweetie is starting kindergarten this year so stay tuned for a special post on Preparing for Kindergarten.



  1. Great ideas for starting school. We are going to pre-k this year and we are very excited. These are great ideas for getting ready. Thanks.

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  2. Those are some great tips. Thanks for following my blog in the hop today, following back now!

  3. Stumbled :)

    Great check list

  4. Nice list! We’ve got another year, but we already talk about school frequently.

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  5. These are great tips. Thanks for sharing.

  6. MomOnTimeout says:

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  7. This was a great post. Now my kids are in middle and high school now, and they have the same backpack, we figured out the best way to tell them apart is patches, they knew in July what we were going to do, so we had two months to choose patches. The youngest one, chose one from when she was vacationing with the grandparents and the other choose hers carefully to reflect her tastes. We sewed them on the week before school started. Now their backpacks are really their own. I wish I would of thought of that years ago.

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